Cute Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With U

24 Indian Girl Names Starting With 'U' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Ugay Kind of necklace 9 Girl
Ula High rank; Prestige; Glory 7 Unisex
Ulka Meteorite; Meteor; Fire; Lamp; Brilliant 9 Girl
Ulya Higher; Highest 5 Girl
Uma Goddess Parvati; Eternal knowledge; Limitless space; Fame; Splendor; Light; Reputation; Tranquility 8 Girl
Unma Joy 4 Girl
Unni To lead; To promote; Wave; Light; To lift; To support; Help; Redeem 22 Unisex
Unsa Woman 1 Girl
Ura The heart 4 Girl
Urja Energy; Affectionate; Daughter; Nutrition; Breath 5 Girl
Urmi Wave 7 Girl
Urmie refers to desire, row, speed, becoming manifest or light. 3 Girl
Urna Cover 9 Girl
Urva Big 8 Girl
Urvi Earth; River; Both heaven and Earth; Substantial 7 Girl
Usha Dawn 4 Girl
Ushi Wish; Desire 3 Girl
Ushma Heat 8 Girl
Ushta Everlasting happiness; Illumination 6 Girl
Usra Dawn; The Earth; First light 5 Girl
Uswa Sunnah; Practice 1 Girl
Utsa Spring 7 Girl
Uzma Greatest 7 Girl
Uzza Strong 2 Girl