Cute Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With C

35 Indian Boy Names Starting With 'C' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Chaah Love; Pit; Fondness; Fancy; Wish; Longing; Desired 3 Boy
Chaand Sincere wish; The Moon; To shine 22 Boy
Chaaru Preety; Pleasant; Beautiful; Loved; Cherished 7 Unisex
Chaidya Wise; Ruler; King of Chedi 6 Boy
Chain Peace 8 Boy
Chaitya Place of worship; Of the mind; Spirit; A stupa 4 Boy
Chak Brilliant; Happy; Sated 5 Boy
Chakra A weapon of Lord Vishnu; Circular 6 Boy
Chakshu Eye 8 Boy
Chand Sincere wish; The Moon; To shine 3 Boy
Chandhu The Moon 5 Boy
Chandra The Moon 4 Boy
Chandru Moon 6 Boy
Chandu The Moon 6 Boy
Chane Name of a God; Dependability 22 Boy
Chant Famous 1 Boy
Charlie Darling 11 Boy
Charu Pretty; Pleasant; Beautiful; Loved; Cherished 6 Unisex
Cheana Lord of luck 5 Boy
Chedi Which cut and break; Leader; Charming; Wise; King and founder of the Chedi dynasty 11 Boy
Chetty Mind 9 Boy
Chetu Power of Intellect 3 Boy
Chiinnu Sweet name & Lovely world 6 Boy
Chiku 7 Boy
Chinni Cute; Sweet 3 Boy
Chinniah Lord 3 Boy
Chinnu Small girl 6 Boy
Chintu Sun; Small; Little, Sweet 3 Boy
Chintya Thought Provoking; Worthy of thought 8 Boy
Chir For a longer time; Brave; Victor 11 Boy
Chiru Little 5 Boy
Chitra Painting; Picture; A Nakshatra; Brilliant; Illustrious; Excellent; Worldly illusion; Attractive; Heaven 5 Unisex
Chitt Mind 6 Boy
Chitta Mind 7 Boy
Chotu Small 22 Boy