Cute Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With C

49 Indian Girl Names Starting With 'C' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Caara Friend; Dear 6 Girl-E
Cala Castle 8 Girl-E
Cammy Young girls who assisted at Pagan Religious Ceremonies 1 Girl-E
Chaarvi Beautiful girl; Beautiful woman 8 Girl-E
Chaaya Shadow; Shade; Reflection 3 Girl-E
Chaithra New bright light.aries sign 5 Girl-E
Chaitra New bright light; Aries sign 6 Girl-E
Chaitri Born in spring; Beautiful; Happy; Fresh 5 Girl-E
Chalsia Landing place or port; Seaport; Place name 8 Girl-E
Champa A flower 6 Girl-E
Chanda The Moon 22 Girl-E
Chandaa Moon female 5 Girl-E
Chandi Great Goddess 3 Girl-E
Chann Beauteous; Beloved 22 Girl-E
Chansy Knowledge, Leadership, Fairness 7 Girl-E
Chara Quiet and frisky 22 Girl-E
Chardy The meaning of Chardy is a burning fire that desires love and yet is always alone 5 Girl-E
Charly Beauty 4 Girl-E
Charmi Charming; Lovely 7 Girl-E
Charmy Charming; Lovely 5 Girl-E
Charvi Beautiful girl; Beautiful woman 7 Girl-E
Chaula A buck; Deer; Name of a well 1 Girl-E
Chavi Ray of light; Reflection 7 Girl-E
Chaya Shadow; Shade; Reflection 2 Girl-E
Cheena Pure white marble 9 Girl-E
Cheera Face; Warm expression 4 Girl-E
Chelsea Landing place or port; Seaport; Place name 8 Girl-E
Cherry Fruit 5 Girl-E
Cheshta To try; Desire 1 Girl-E
Cheshtaa To try; Desire 11 Girl-E
Chesta Desire 2 Girl-E
Chetsi 1 Girl-E
Chhaayaa Shadow 3 Girl-E
Chhab Beauty; Splendor; Brilliance; Fashion; Form; Figure 22 Girl-E
Chhabba Gold; Silver ornament 7 Girl-E
Chhail Beautiful; Handsome 5 Girl-E
Chhavi Reflection; Image; Radiance 6 Girl-E
Chhavii Reflection; Image; Radiance 6 Girl-E
Chhavvi Reflection; Image; Radiance 1 Girl-E
Chhaya Shadow 1 Girl-E
Chikku Sweet; Fruit 9 Girl-E
Chinta Tension 1 Girl-E
Chippi A Pearl and something very very special 7 Girl-E
Chistha River tributary 5 Girl-E
Chita Death-bed 5 Girl-E
Chithira Name of a star 4 Girl-E
Chithra Painting; Picture; A Nakshatra; Brilliant; Illustrious; Excellent; Worldly illusion; Attractive; Heaven 4 Girl-E
Chiti Love 4 Girl-E
Chunni A star 6 Girl-E