Sanskrit Baby Boy Names Starting With S

562 Sanskrit Boy Names Starting With 'S' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Swethakethu An ancient sage; Character in Chandogya Upanishad; King 6 Boy-E
Swastik Auspicious 3 Boy-E
Swarup Truth; Lover of beauty 8 Boy-E
Swaroop Truth; Lover of beauty 8 Boy-E
Swaraj Freedom 9 Boy-E
Swapnil Seen in a dream; Dreamy 4 Boy-E
Swapnesh King of dreams 6 Boy-E
Swaminathan The Lord Almighty; Lord Murugan 6 Boy-E
Swami Master 2 Boy-E
Swadhyay Study of vedic literature 7 Boy-E
Swadheen Dependent on the self; Independent and free 7 Boy-E
Swadharm One's prescribed duties 6 Boy-E
Swadesh Ones own country 7 Boy-E
Swabhav Characteristics 22 Boy-E
Svasthik Doing well 1 Boy-E
Svanik Handsome 22 Boy-E
Suyamun Lord Vishnu; Who is attended by the people dwelling on the banks of Yamuna 6 Boy-E
Suvan The Sun 5 Boy-E
Suthiksh Brave 7 Boy-E
Susukh Very Happy 9 Boy-E
Susmith Beautiful laugh; Having a good smile 1 Boy-E
Sushen Lord Vishnu; He who has a charming army 5 Boy-E
Susheel Good character man or well behaved; Good conduct 8 Boy-E
Sushanth Avatar of Lord Vishnu; Good peace 11 Boy-E
Susham Extremely smooth 9 Boy-E
Suryanshu Sunbeam 11 Boy-E
Suryakanth Effulgent like Sun; A kind of flower 3 Boy-E
Suryaj Child of the Sun, Saturn 22 Boy-E
Suryadev Sun God 7 Boy-E
Surya The Sun; One of the original Vedic triad with Agni and Indra 3 Boy-E
Suruch With refined tastes; Glorious; Taking great delight 9 Boy-E
Surojit God's favorite disciple 4 Boy-E
Surochan Amiable; Brilliant; Illuminating 9 Boy-E
Surin Wise 9 Boy-E
Suresh The Sun 9 Boy-E
Surendra Lord Indra; Chief of Gods; Indra 1 Boy-E
Surebh Fine voiced; With a good voice 1 Boy-E
Suran A pleasant sound; Cheery; Happy 1 Boy-E
Suputhru Good son 9 Boy-E
Supun Auspicious; Worthy; One who earns blessings 1 Boy-E
Supralap Good speech 5 Boy-E
Suposh Prosperous; Wealthy 8 Boy-E
Suparana Garuda (Eagle) 1 Boy-E
Sunray Wise 8 Boy-E
Sunjay Sunjay comes from the Indian word which means victorious 9 Boy-E
Sunith Good principles or prudent or righteous; Love; A kind hearted person 1 Boy-E
Sunishchith Definitely 3 Boy-E
Sundar Beautiful; Handsome 5 Boy-E
Sunar Happy 1 Boy-E
Sunand Pleasant 1 Boy-E
Sumukha Auspicious face 22 Boy-E
Sumukh Lord Shiva; A handsome face; Lovely; Pleasing; Epithet of Shiva & Ganesh; A learned man or teacher; Epithet of Vishnu 3 Boy-E
Summit Balanced 5 Boy-E
Sumithr Good friend 9 Boy-E
Sumiran In remembrance of God 5 Boy-E
Sumesh Lord of flowers 22 Boy-E
Sumeru Lord Shiva; A mythical mountain of gold; Name of Shiva; Very exalted; Excellent 7 Boy-E
Sumer Born during the Summer; A divine mountain; A region in modern day Iraq that was the home of the Sumerians 22 Boy-E
Sumedh Wise; Clever; Sensible 7 Boy-E
Sumed Wise; Clever; Sensible 8 Boy-E
Sumat One with wise intellect; Good natured 11 Boy-E
Sumanthran One of the ministers of Ayodhya 3 Boy-E
Sumant Wise or friendly 7 Boy-E
Sulochan One with beautiful eyes; Deer 3 Boy-E
Sulaksh Having auspicious marks; Distinguished; Fortunate 1 Boy-E
Sulagna Good time 3 Boy-E
Sulabh Easy to get; Natural 9 Boy-E
Sukumar Handsome; Very tender; Very delicate 5 Boy-E
Sukrith Good deed; Devout; Kind; Auspicious; Worthy; Wise 7 Boy-E
Sukhin Happy; Glad 1 Boy-E
Sukhdev God of happiness 9 Boy-E
Suket Having good intention; Kind; Well-meaning 4 Boy-E
Sukesh With beautiful hair; Lord of happiness 2 Boy-E
Sukeerthi Good fame 8 Boy-E
Sukam Much desired; Ambitious; Desired; Handsome 11 Boy-E
Sujay Victory 4 Boy-E
Sujath Belonging to a good clan; Good birth; Well-born; Handsome 7 Boy-E
Sujan Honest; Intelligent; Virtuous; Respectable; Kind; Good 11 Boy-E
Suhav Invoking well; Religious 8 Boy-E
Suhas Beautiful Smile 5 Boy-E
Sughosh One with a melodious voice 7 Boy-E
Sugat Fortunate 5 Boy-E
Sugandh Sweet smelling; Fragrance 11 Boy-E
Sudiv Shining brightly; Brilliant 3 Boy-E
Sudheer Symbol of smile; Resolute; Brave; Bright; Determined; Thoughtful; Wise 8 Boy-E
Sudharma Good law 4 Boy-E
Sudhar Home of the good 8 Boy-E
Sudhanvan Lord Vishnu; He who has a splendid bow 5 Boy-E
Sudhanshu The Moon 7 Boy-E
Sudhang The Moon 11 Boy-E
Sudhamshu The Moon 6 Boy-E
Sudhama Meek; Friend of Lord Krishna; Another name of Kuchela 22 Boy-E
Sudhakar Mine of nectar; Moon 11 Boy-E
Sudeva Name of Lord Shiva; Good Deva 9 Boy-E
Sudev Good deity 8 Boy-E
Sudesh A beautiful country; Elegant; Handsome 22 Boy-E
Sudeepth Shining bright 8 Boy-E
Sudeep Bright; Very bright; Happiness 7 Boy-E
Suddh Pure; White; True 2 Boy-E
Sudarshan Lord Perumal; Good looking; Lion; A weapon of Lord Vishnu 6 Boy-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 562
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Popular Sanskrit Boy names beginning with S

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Sanskrit Boy names beginning with S will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Sanskrit names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Boy child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.