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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Zaynab (زاینب) Name of prophet's daughter; Decorated tree 6 Girl
Zaynah (زایناہ، زاینا) Beautiful 9 Girl
Zaytoon (زایتون) Olive; Fiery; Sower of seeds 8 Unisex
Zaytoonah (زیتوناہ) A single olive 8 Girl
Zeb Ara (زیب آرا) Beauty 8 Girl
Zeba (زیبا) Pretty; Beautiful; Thankful 7 Girl
Zebara () Beauty 8 Girl
Zeb-Un-Nisa (زعب ون نیسا) Adornment of women 3 Girl
Zeena (زینا) Ornament; Something beautiful; A hospitable woman 6 Girl
Zeenat (زینت) Adornment; Ornament; Delicate or honor 8 Girl
Zeenath (زیناتح) Adornment; Ornament; Delicate or honor 7 Girl
Zehak (زیہاک) Smile 6 Girl
Zehba (زیہبا) Gold 6 Girl
Zehna (زیہنا) Beautiful 9 Girl
Zehra (زیہرا) Flower 4 Girl
Zeina () Beauty; Friend; Beloved; Beautiful 1 Girl
Zelam (زیلام) Name of a river 3 Girl
Zenia (زینیا) Flower 1 Girl
Zerada (زعرادا) Gold maker 1 Girl
Zerah (زؔیراح) Rising of light 4 Girl
Zerina (زیرینا) Princess; Smart; Intelligent 1 Girl
Zevah (زیواہ) Fruitful 8 Girl
Zhalai (زہالای) Dew; Hail 3 Girl
Zhalay (زالای) Dew; Hail 1 Girl
Zhaleh (زحالیہ) Dew 6 Girl
Zia (ضیاء) Light 9 Girl
Ziba (زیبا) Beautiful; Antelopes 2 Girl
Zidan () Abundance 9 Girl
Zilal (زیلال) Shade; Shadow 6 Girl
Zilay Urooj (زیلے عوروج) Zilay: shadow, Urooj: Rising, mounting; Rising Shadow 8 Girl
Zinaat (زینآٹ) Ornament 8 Girl
Zinah (زیناہ، زینات) Beautiful; Adornment; Ornamentation 11 Girl
Zinat-Un-Nisa (زینات ون نیسا) Ornament of women 4 Girl
Zineta (زینیتا) Beautiful ornament 3 Girl
Zinia (زینیا) Name of a flower 5 Girl
Zinneerah (زیننیراہ) Name of a sahabiyah ra 1 Girl
Ziram (زیرام) Glow 4 Girl
Ziva (زیوا) Brightness; Radiant; Splendor 22 Girl
Ziya () Splendor; Light; Glow 7 Girl
Ziyada (زییادا) The increase; Addition; Surplus 3 Unisex
Ziyan (زییان) Elegance 3 Girl
Zobia (زوبییا) God gifted 8 Girl
Zoeya (زوعیا) Life 9 Girl
Zoha (زوہا) Morning star; 93rd Sura of Quran 5 Unisex
Zohal (زوہال) Moon of another planet 8 Girl
Zoharin (زوحرین) Dawn, Light of day 1 Girl
Zohha (زوہہا) Hope; Shining light 4 Girl
Zohra (زوہرا) Sparkle; Blossom; Blooming 5 Girl
Zohreh (زوہریہ) Planet venus 8 Girl
Zohura (زوھورا) Beautiful; Innocent and caring 8 Girl
Zonira (زونیرا) A precious stone; Expensive Jewel 11 Girl
Zoona (زونا) Intelligent 8 Girl
Zorah (صورعہ) Dawn 5 Girl
Zoreed (زورید) One who meets 1 Girl
Zoufishan (ضوفیشاں) Moonlight 11 Girl
Zoya (زویا) Life; Rejoicing 22 Girl
Zubaah (زوباہ) Name of a Sahaabiyyah 5 Girl
Zubaida (زوبیدا) Pure; Beautiful 1 Girl
Zubaidah (زوبیداہ) Excellent 9 Girl
Zubaria (زوبآریا) Blooming flower 6 Girl
Zubash (زوباش) Silver 5 Girl
Zubaydah (زوبایداہ) Excellent 7 Girl
Zubdah (زوبداہ) Butter 8 Girl
Zuber (زوبیر) Brave warrior 9 Girl
Zubi (زوبی) Loving and understanding 22 Girl
Zueinah (زوینہ) Lucky Number; Stone; Metal; Color 3 Girl
Zuella () Peace 5 Girl
Zufash (زوفاش) When light spreads over the world 9 Girl
Zuha (زوہا) Morning star; 93rd Sura of Quran 2 Unisex
Zuhaira (زوہایرا) Courage 3 Girl
Zuharah (زوحراہ) Planet venus 11 Girl
Zuhayra (زوحایرا) Courage 1 Girl
Zuhera (زوہعرا) Name of a planet 7 Girl
Zuhra (زوہرا) A star's name; Brilliance 11 Girl
Zuhrah (زوہراہ) Brightness 1 Girl
Zuhur (زوہور) Appearance; Manifestation; Flowers 4 Girl
Zukhruf (زوخروف) Pure gold 3 Girl
Zulaika () Brilliant; Beautiful 9 Girl
Zulaikha (زولیخا) A narrator of Hadith 8 Girl
Zulaykha (زولایخا) A narrator of Hadith 6 Girl
Zulecia () Plump 5 Girl
Zuleika (زولیکا) Brilliant; Beautiful 4 Girl
Zuleima () Peaceful 6 Girl
Zulekha (زولیکہا) Brilliant; Beauty 3 Girl
Zulema (زولیما) Full of beauty 6 Girl
Zuleyka (زولییکا) Brilliant; Beautiful 11 Girl
Zulfa (زولفا) The first part of the night 3 Girl
Zulfah (زولفاہ) Nearness; Closeness 11 Girl
Zulima () Peaceful 1 Girl
Zuly () Healthy & vigorous 3 Girl
Zumurrud (زوموررود) Emerald 7 Girl
Zumurruda (زوموررودا) Emerald 8 Girl
Zumzum (زومزوم) Sweet water of paradise 3 Girl
Zunaira (زونایرا) Flower 9 Girl
Zunairah (زونایراہ) Flower found in paradise 8 Girl
Zurafa (زورافا) Elegant; Witty; Graceful 1 Girl
Zurisaday () Over the earth 7 Girl
Zuvi (زووی) Life 6 Girl
Zynah (زیناہ) Beautiful; Adornment; Ornamentation 11 Girl
Zyva (زیوا) Brightness; Radiant; Splendor 2 Girl
Showing 1 - 100 of 213
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Popular Muslim Girl names beginning with Z

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Muslim Girl names beginning with Z will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Muslim names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.