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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Azzah (غززاہ) Young; Female gazelle 8 Girl-E
Azza (غززا) Young; Female gazelle 9 Girl-E
Azraa (ازراا) Virgin; Maiden 2 Girl-E
Azra (عذرا) Virgin; Maiden 1 Girl-E
Azmina (ازمینا) Fortunate 1 Girl-E
Azmin (آذمین) A star 9 Girl-E
Azmi (عازمی) Extremly wise 22 Girl-E
Azma (آزما) The greatness; Blessing of Allah 5 Girl-E
Azka (ازکا) Pious 3 Girl-E
Aziza (آزیزا) Esteemed; Precious; Cherished; Good friend; Comrade 9 Girl-E
Azita (ازیتا) Princess 3 Girl-E
Azin (اجین) Brave 5 Girl-E
Aziman (ازیمان) Sky; Heaven 1 Girl-E
Azhaar (ازہآر) Flowers; Blossoms; The most shining; Luminous 1 Girl-E
Azeeza (ازییزا) Esteemed; Precious; Cherished; Good friend; Comrade 1 Girl-E
Azba () Sweet; Bright; Beautiful 3 Girl-E
Azar (آزر) Fire; 9th month of the Iranian calendar 1 Girl-E
Azalia (ازالیا) Flower 5 Girl-E
Azadeh (ازاڈعہ) Free; Princess 9 Girl-E
Aysha (عایشا) Love; Living; Prosperous; Life 9 Girl-E
Ayra () The beginning; The principle; The breathe of life 9 Girl-E
Aymen (ایمین) Sacred; Brave; Old name of Arabia 22 Girl-E
Ayesha (عائشہ) Alive or living; Prophet Mohammad's wife 5 Girl-E
Ayerah () Who makes others happy 4 Girl-E
Ayeh (اییہ) Sign; Distinct 3 Girl-E
Ayat (آیات:) Many signs & proofs; Verses in the Quran; Royal 11 Girl-E
Ayana () The mirror 6 Girl-E
Ayah (آیاہ) A verse from Quran; A sign from God 8 Girl-E
Ayaat (آیات) Many signs & proofs; Verses in the Quran; Royal 3 Girl-E
Ayaana () Pretty flower 7 Girl-E
Aya (آیا) A phrase from the holy Quran 9 Girl-E
Awni (اونی) The earth 2 Girl-E
Awatif (اواٹیف) Emotions 6 Girl-E
Avizeh (اویزیہ) Pendant 8 Girl-E
Aushah (اوسہاہ) Wife of prophet Muhammad 22 Girl-E
Atiqah (اٹایقاہ) Old; Beautiful; Charitable; Loving 11 Girl-E
Atika (عاتیكا) Flower; Good smell 6 Girl-E
Atifa (اٹیفا) Affection; Sympathy; Affectionate; Sympathetic 1 Girl-E
Atia (اٹیا) Gift 4 Girl-E
Athya (عٹہیا) Kind 1 Girl-E
Athmah (اٹحماہ) A narrator of Hadith 6 Girl-E
Ateefa (اٹییفا) Affection; Sympathy; Affectionate; Sympathetic 2 Girl-E
Asra (اسرا) River of paradise 3 Girl-E
Asna (اثنا) loved.aspx'>Beloved; Devoted to love; Friend; The one to be acknowledged or praised 8 Girl-E
Asmiya (اسمییا) Diamond 5 Girl-E
Asmat (عصمت) Pure; Clean 9 Girl-E
Asmara (اسمارا) Beautiful butterfly 8 Girl-E
Asmaa () Sky; Excellent; Precious; Prestige 8 Girl-E
Asma (اسما) Sky; Excellent; Precious; Prestige 7 Girl-E
Asli (اسلی) Pure; Original 5 Girl-E
Asleena (اسلینا) Star 3 Girl-E
Asiyah (اسییاہ) World Of Making 9 Girl-E
Asiya (آسیاہ) One who tends to the weak and heals; Hopeful 1 Girl-E
Asin (اسین) Beauty 7 Girl-E
Asima (اسیما) Limitless; Protector; Infinite; Boundless 7 Girl-E
Asili (اسیلی) Original 5 Girl-E
Asifa (آصیفا) Just; Equitable 9 Girl-E
Ashika () One without sorrow; Mercury; Sweet heart; Beloved 22 Girl-E
Ashbah (اشباہ) Pure as water; Pearl 3 Girl-E
Asfiya (اسفییا) Pure 7 Girl-E
Asfia (اسفیا) Great 9 Girl-E
Asfaq (اشفاق) Favors; Kindness; Compassion; Noble Prince 8 Girl-E
Aseey (اسیی) One who tends to the weak and heals 1 Girl-E
Aseen () 8 Girl-E
Asbah (اسباہ) Pure as water; Pearl 4 Girl-E
Asarat (اسارت) Remainder 6 Girl-E
Asalah (اسالہ) Purity 6 Girl-E
Asal (اصال) Evening time; Real; Pure 6 Girl-E
Asah (اسہ) The plant is known for its greenness 11 Girl-E
Asa (آسا) Like; Similar to; Hope 3 Girl-E
Arzu (ارزو) Desire; Wish 3 Girl-E
Arzoo (آرزوو) Desire; Wish 3 Girl-E
Arzo (ارزو) Hope 6 Girl-E
Arwa (عروہ) Female mountain goat 7 Girl-E
Arub (اروب) Loving to her husband woman 6 Girl-E
Arshin (ارشین) Almighty's place; Pious 6 Girl-E
Arsala (ارسالا) Lioness 7 Girl-E
Aroosh () Angel 4 Girl-E
Aroosa (اروس) Bride 6 Girl-E
Aroob (اروب) Loving to her husband woman 6 Girl-E
Arnaaz (آرنااز) Graceful; Pretty 7 Girl-E
Armin (آرمین) Dweller of the Garden of Eden 1 Girl-E
Arissa (آریسسا) Bright 22 Girl-E
Arisha (آریشا) Peace 11 Girl-E
Arij (اریج) Pleasant smell; Sweet smell; Fragrance 2 Girl-E
Arifa (عاریفا) Acquainted; Knowledgeable 8 Girl-E
Aribah (آریباہ) Witty; Smart; Wise 3 Girl-E
Ariana (آریانا) Full of life 8 Girl-E
Arfa (عرفا) Greatness 8 Girl-E
Aretha (اریتھا) Excellence 8 Girl-E
Aresha (اریشا) Under An umbrella 7 Girl-E
Arba () Eagle. 4 Girl-E
Araju (اراجو) Ichchha 6 Girl-E
Arafaa () Name of a mountain close to Mecca 1 Girl-E
Ara (آراء) Ornament; Decoration; Light bringer 11 Girl-E
Aqsa (اقصٰا) Soul; God's blessing; A mosque 11 Girl-E
Aqilah (اقیلا) A wise; Sensible; Intelligent woman 3 Girl-E
Aqeela (اقیلا) Wise; Sensible 5 Girl-E
Anwara (انوارا) Ray of light 22 Girl-E
Anum (آنوم) Blessing of God; God's gift 4 Girl-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 286
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Popular Muslim Girl names beginning with A

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Muslim Girl names beginning with A will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Muslim names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.