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Cute Islamic/Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With A

46 Muslim Girl Names Starting With 'A' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Aala (عالا) Bounties 6 Girl
Aara () Ornament; Decoration; Light bringer 3 Girl
Aasma (عاصماہ) Sky; Excellent; Precious 8 Girl
Abda (عبدا) Worshipper 8 Girl
Abra (ابرا) Example; Lesson 4 Girl
Ada (ادا) Beauty 6 Girl
Adra () More knowledge 6 Girl
Aesha () Love; Living; Prosperous; Life 7 Girl
Afsha (افشا) Prophet Mohammed's (Pbuh) wife; Pretty 8 Girl
Afya (آفیا) Vigor; Good health; Shadows 6 Girl
Afza (افزا) Most excellent 7 Girl
Ahou (اہوو) Deer 9 Girl
Aida (عائدہ) Visiting; Returning 6 Girl
Aila (ایلا) Noble 5 Girl
Ain (عین) Eye; Thus precious 6 Girl
Aina () Beautiful Eyed Woman 7 Girl
Aini (اینی) Spring; Flower; Source; Choice 6 Girl
Aira (عیرا) The beginning; The principle; The breathe of life 2 Girl
Aisha (عائشا) Love; Living; Prosperous; Life 2 Girl
Aiya (آئیا) Miracle; Verses in the Quran 9 Girl
Aiyla (آئیلا) Moonlight 3 Girl
Aiza (ایزا) Noble 1 Girl
Alda (الدا) Rich 9 Girl
Aliah (الیاہ) Exalted; Noble; Highest social standing 22 Girl
Alma (الما) Apple 9 Girl
Alya (االیا) Excellent; Highest social standing; Tall; Towering 3 Girl
Ama (اما) Aspiration 6 Girl
Ana () Playful; Wanted 7 Girl
Anah (عؔناہ) Patience; Perseverance 6 Girl
Aqsa (اقصٰا) Soul; God's blessing; A mosque 11 Girl
Ara (آراء) Ornament; Decoration; Light bringer 11 Girl
Arba () Eagle. 4 Girl
Arzo (ارزو) Hope 6 Girl
Arzu (ارزو) Desire; Wish 3 Girl
Asa (آسا) Like; Similar to; Hope 3 Girl
Asfa (اسفا) Tanned; Sun burned 9 Unisex
Asma (اسما) Sky; Excellent; Precious; Prestige 7 Girl
Asmaa () Sky; Excellent; Precious; Prestige 8 Girl
Athya (عٹہیا) Kind 1 Girl
Aushah (اوسہاہ) Wife of prophet Muhammad 22 Girl
Aya (آیا) A phrase from the holy Quran 9 Girl
Ayeh (اییہ) Sign; Distinct 3 Girl
Aza () Shadows at high Noon 1 Girl
Azka (ازکا) Pious 3 Girl
Azma (آزما) The greatness; Blessing of Allah 5 Girl
Azza (غززا) Young; Female gazelle 9 Girl