Modern Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With R

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Raahi Traveler 1 Girl-E
Rabhya Worshipped 1 Girl-E
Rachana Creation; Construction; Arrangement 1 Girl-E
Radhani Worship 1 Girl-E
Radhwa Name of a mountain in Medina; Contentment 1 Girl-E
Raha Peaceful 1 Girl-E
Rahitya Inviting Goddess Lakshmi 1 Girl-E
Raiha Smell; Fragrance 1 Girl-E
Raiqa Pure; Clear; Tranquil; Serene; Beautiful 1 Girl-E
Rajakanya Kind of flower 1 Girl-E
Rajiya Delighted; Satisfied; Hope; Expectation; Wish; The Sun; Expert or skilled; Fire 1 Girl-E
Rakshana The act of protecting; Watching over 1 Girl-E
Raktima Pleasing 1 Girl-E
Ramini Beautiful girl; Beautiful woman; Pretty; Affectionate; Pleasant; Happy 1 Girl-E
Rang Beautiful; Lovely 1 Girl-E
Ranjeetha Pleased; Adorned; Victorious; Coloured; Delighted 1 Girl-E
Ranjika Exciting; Plesant; Lovable 1 Girl-E
Ranjita Pleased; Adorned; Victorious; Coloured; Delighted 1 Girl-E
Ranvi Large settlement 1 Girl-E
Raphika 1 Girl-E
Raqia Superior; High ranking 1 Girl-E
Rashi The sign of the zodiac; Collection 1 Girl-E
Rasya With essence; Sentimental; Full of feelings; Juicy 1 Girl-E
Ratana Pearl; Precious stone or gem 1 Girl-E
Rawdha Garden 1 Girl-E
Rayann It's the door of heaven that opens in the month of Ramadhan 1 Girl-E
Raytah A narrator of Hadith 1 Girl-E
Razia Content; Satisfied; Hopeful; Hoping 1 Girl-E
Rehanshi Sweet Basil 1 Girl-E
Rehnugha 1 Girl-E
Rehwa An ancient name of river Narmada 1 Girl-E
Resham Silk 1 Girl-E
Reshma Silken 1 Girl-E
Resmi Ray of light or the sunrays; Silken; Full of light 1 Girl-E
Rethnya God's blessing 1 Girl-E
Reva River; A star; Agile; Quick; Another name for Kaali and the river Narmada 1 Girl-E
Revanthika Satisfaction 1 Girl-E
Ria Rich or from Hadria; Gem; Goddess Lakshmi; Graceful; Singer 1 Girl-E
Riansika 1 Girl-E
Riddhita Wealthy; Prosperity; Wife of Lord Ganesha; A Classical Melody 1 Girl-E
Rifaat Altitude; Height; High; Development 1 Girl-E
Rinesh Success; Love 1 Girl-E
Rinku Sweet nature; Well 1 Girl-E
Riqbah Name of the Wife of Prophet Ishaq 1 Girl-E
Risha Feather; Line; Saintly 1 Girl-E
Rith The persevering enemy; Somebody who gives shelter 1 Girl-E
Rituparna Leafy season 1 Girl-E
Ritwika Princess; Moon; Priest 1 Girl-E
Rohin Iron; Rising 1 Girl-E
Rohini A star; A cow; Ascending; Tall; Indian steel 1 Girl-E
Rolee Sindoor; The red powder used in Tika during a holy ceremony; Famous land 1 Girl-E
Roochie Light 1 Girl-E
Rookav Painting 1 Girl-E
Roop Goddess Durga; A kind of bird, commonly called Mainaa; A bow or stick used for playing any stringed instrument; Name of the Tutelary Goddess of Shaareetaka, same as Saarikaa 1 Girl-E
Roopshi Beautiful 1 Girl-E
Rouprita 1 Girl-E
Rubini Cute 1 Girl-E
Ruhiya Spiritual 1 Girl-E
Rujuta Honesty; Sincerity 1 Girl-E
Rukma Golden 1 Girl-E
Rupi Look; Blessed with beauty; Shape; Beauty 1 Girl-E
Rutuja Related with season 1 Girl-E
Rutva Speech 1 Girl-E
Ruwaa Beautiful; Countenance; Comely; Prettiness; Grace; Beauty 1 Girl-E
Rabya Garden; Famous; Godly 2 Girl-E
Radwa Name of a mountain in Medina; Contentment 2 Girl-E
Rafal 2 Girl-E
Raji Thankful for anybody; Satisfied; Content; Pleased 2 Girl-E
Randa Scented; Fragrant tree; Good 2 Girl-E
Rasha Expressive; A young deer 2 Girl-E
Rena Cute; Gem; Joyous song; Melted; Dissolved; Rebirth; Clear; Bright 2 Girl-E
Rewa River; A star; Agile; Quick; Another name for Kaali and the river Narmada 2 Girl-E
Rija Goddess Lakshmi; Good news; Desire; Hope 2 Girl-E
Roma Goddess Lakshmi; A woman having a hairy body 2 Girl-E
Ruban Bright 2 Girl-E
Rujula Who endows wealth; Goddess Lakshmi; Soft 2 Girl-E
Rukan Steady; Confident 2 Girl-E
Rupa Look; Blessed with beauty; Shape; Beauty; The Earth; Silver 2 Girl-E
Ruya Seeing; Viewing; Looking; Dream; Vision 2 Girl-E
Rabiha Winner; Gainer 3 Girl-E
Rachi East; Morning 3 Girl-E
Radifa One who is full of shame 3 Girl-E
Rafida Gift 3 Girl-E
Raghad Pleasant 3 Girl-E
Raghavi God of Raghavendra 3 Girl-E
Raihanna Sweet Basil; Sweet smelling plant 3 Girl-E
Raitah A narrator of Hadith 3 Girl-E
Rajannya The king, South Indians add Anna as a mark of respect which means brother or an elder one 3 Girl-E
Rajashri Royalty 3 Girl-E
Rajeshni Queen; Name of Goddess Parvati 3 Girl-E
Rajia Content; Satisfied; Hopeful; Hoping 3 Girl-E
Rajisha Moon 3 Girl-E
Rajshree Sage like king 3 Girl-E
Rajsi Proudly; King 3 Girl-E
Rakhee Thread of brother; Sister bonding 3 Girl-E
Ramana Enchanting 3 Girl-E
Ramapriya Name of a Raga 3 Girl-E
Ramnik Beautiful 3 Girl-E
Ranjini Delightful; One who entertains others; One who brings Joy to others; Fun; Pleasant and charming 3 Girl-E
Ranvitha Happy; Joyous 3 Girl-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 563
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Popular Indian Girl names beginning with R

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Indian Girl names beginning with R will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Indian names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.