Modern Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With R

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Raabiyah Princess, Queen 11 Girl-E
Raagavi Sings with Raaga; God of Raghavendra 5 Girl-E
Raaghavi Raga 4 Girl-E
Raagini A melody; Music; Love; An Apsara or celestial nymph; A form of Indian classical musical; Another name for Lakshmi 5 Girl-E
Raagvi Godly 4 Girl-E
Raahi Traveler 1 Girl-E
Raaida Explorer; Guide; Leader 7 Girl-E
Raaina A beautiful princess; Night; Pure; Clean; Queen 8 Girl-E
Raakin Respectful 9 Girl-E
Raana Of elegant; Statue; Soft; Joy; Jewel; To gaze; Look 8 Girl-E
Raani Queen 7 Girl-E
Rabab White cloud; A musical instrument 6 Girl-E
Rabail Veil of flower 7 Girl-E
Rabeea Garden; Famous; Godly 5 Girl-E
Rabhya Worshipped 1 Girl-E
Rabia Garden; Famous; Godly 22 Girl-E
Rabiha Winner; Gainer 3 Girl-E
Rabita Band; Bond; Link; Nexus 6 Girl-E
Rabiya Spring; Springtime; Garden 11 Girl-E
Rabwa Hill 9 Girl-E
Rabya Garden; Famous; Godly 2 Girl-E
Rachana Creation; Construction; Arrangement 1 Girl-E
Rachi East; Morning 3 Girl-E
Rachita Created 6 Girl-E
Rachna Creation; Construction; Arrangement 9 Girl-E
Radha Wealth; Success; Lightning; Lord Krishna's Love; Intellectual energy; Prosperity; Inspiration 5 Girl-E
Radhana Speech 11 Girl-E
Radhani Worship 1 Girl-E
Radhia Pleasant; Satisfied; Content 5 Girl-E
Radhika Goddess Radha; Successful; The beloved of Lord Krishna; Wealthy 7 Girl-E
Radhini Prosperous; Worship; Wealthy; Goddess of Wealth 9 Girl-E
Radhwa Name of a mountain in Medina; Contentment 1 Girl-E
Radifa One who is full of shame 3 Girl-E
Radiya Veiled; Covered 4 Girl-E
Radnya Daughter of king 9 Girl-E
Radwa Name of a mountain in Medina; Contentment 2 Girl-E
Raeesa Leader; Chief; Princess; Flower 22 Girl-E
Raeha Fragrance; Perfume; Scent 6 Girl-E
Raesha Rose 7 Girl-E
Rafa Happiness; Prosperity 8 Girl-E
Rafal 2 Girl-E
Rafia High; Exalted; Sublime 8 Girl-E
Rafiah High; Sublime; Exquisite 7 Girl-E
Rafida Gift 3 Girl-E
Rafiqa An intimate friend; Companion 7 Girl-E
Rafraf Cushion; Eyeshade 5 Girl-E
Raga Belongs to music terms; Melody; Bringing to life; Emotion; Beauty; Passionate; Desire; A form of Indian classical music 9 Girl-E
Ragavardhini Name of a Raga 4 Girl-E
Raghad Pleasant 3 Girl-E
Raghavi God of Raghavendra 3 Girl-E
Raghd Pleasant 11 Girl-E
Raghi Loving personality 7 Girl-E
Raghupriya Name of a Raga 7 Girl-E
Ragi Loving; Very much attached 8 Girl-E
Ragini A melody; Music; Love; An Apsara or celestial nymph; A form of Indian classical music; Another name for Lakshmi 4 Girl-E
Raha Peaceful 1 Girl-E
Rahana Sweet Basil 7 Girl-E
Rahela One who shows the way 9 Girl-E
Rahifa Sharp; Fem of Rahif 7 Girl-E
Rahila One who travels 4 Girl-E
Rahima Merciful; Companionate; Kind 5 Girl-E
Rahini Goddess Saraswati 5 Girl-E
Rahiq Nectar 8 Girl-E
Rahitya Inviting Goddess Lakshmi 1 Girl-E
Rahla Happy; Mirth; Joyous 22 Girl-E
Rahma Merciful; Companionate; To have mercy upon 5 Girl-E
Rahmaa Merciful; Companionate; To have mercy upon 6 Girl-E
Rahmah Compassion; Mercy 4 Girl-E
Raida Explorer; Guide; Leader 6 Girl-E
Raidah Leader; Pioneer 5 Girl-E
Raiha Smell; Fragrance 1 Girl-E
Raihanna Sweet Basil; Sweet smelling plant 3 Girl-E
Raima Pleasing 6 Girl-E
Raiqa Pure; Clear; Tranquil; Serene; Beautiful 1 Girl-E
Raiqah Clear; Pure; Undisturbed 9 Girl-E
Raitah A narrator of Hadith 3 Girl-E
Raizel Rose 8 Girl-E
Rajabrata 9 Girl-E
Rajakanya Kind of flower 1 Girl-E
Rajam Goddess Lakshmi 7 Girl-E
Rajanna The king; South Indians add Anna as a mark of respect which means brother or an elder one 5 Girl-E
Rajannya The king, South Indians add Anna as a mark of respect which means brother or an elder one 3 Girl-E
Rajashree Royalty 4 Girl-E
Rajashri Royalty 3 Girl-E
Rajasi Worthy of a king 22 Girl-E
Rajasree King 5 Girl-E
Rajasri Royalty 4 Girl-E
Rajasuya Lotus flower 6 Girl-E
Rajata Silver 6 Girl-E
Rajbala Princess 9 Girl-E
Rajeevani Small lotus 4 Girl-E
Rajeshni Queen; Name of Goddess Parvati 3 Girl-E
Rajeshree Royality 8 Girl-E
Rajeshri Queen 7 Girl-E
Rajeshwari Goddess Parvati; Goddess of Kings; Princess 4 Girl-E
Rajeswari Goddess Parvati; Goddess of Kings; Princess 5 Girl-E
Raji Thankful for anybody; Satisfied; Content; Pleased 2 Girl-E
Rajia Content; Satisfied; Hopeful; Hoping 3 Girl-E
Rajiha Superior; Predominant 11 Girl-E
Rajika Lamp 5 Girl-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 563
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Popular Indian Girl names beginning with R

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Indian Girl names beginning with R will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Indian names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.