Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With S

1348 Hindu Girl Names Starting With 'S' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Sachina Natural 1 Girl-E
Sagari Of the ocean 1 Girl-E
Sai Dhanya Flower 1 Girl-E
Saidhanya Flower 1 Girl-E
Saishya Obedient 1 Girl-E
Salini Bashful; Modest 1 Girl-E
Samali Bouquet 1 Girl-E
Samanvita One who possess all excellent qualities; Name of Goddess Durga 1 Girl-E
Samasti Achieving; The Universe 1 Girl-E
Samata Equality; Justice; Peace; Kindness 1 Girl-E
Samidha An offering for a sacred fire 1 Girl-E
Sampada Wealthy; Perfection; Achievement; Destiny; Blessing 1 Girl-E
Samprada Heard of God; Name of God 1 Girl-E
Samrata Provided by nector 1 Girl-E
Samridha Wealthy; Happy 1 Girl-E
Sandhaya Collection 1 Girl-E
Sangavi Goddess Lakshmi; Assembly; Group 1 Girl-E
Sanhata Conciseness 1 Girl-E
Sanika Good; Flute 1 Girl-E
Sanjeevani Immortality 1 Girl-E
Sanjena 1 Girl-E
Sanjitha Triumphant; Flute 1 Girl-E
Sankari Goddess Parvati, Consort of Shankar 1 Girl-E
Sanshrita 1 Girl-E
Santhamani Eternal 1 Girl-E
Saravati A river 1 Girl-E
Sarbani Goddess Durga, Name of Durga; Omnipresent; Perfect 1 Girl-E
Sarjana Creative; Creation 1 Girl-E
Saroja Lotus 1 Girl-E
Sarsvati Goddess of education 1 Girl-E
Sarvaka Complete; Universal 1 Girl-E
Sarvangi Name of a Raga 1 Girl-E
Sasmita Smiling; Cheerful 1 Girl-E
Sasvika Success 1 Girl-E
Satej Possessing of brilliance and intelligence; Soft 1 Girl-E
Sathmika Good heart; Goddess of rain 1 Girl-E
Sathvika Goddess Durga; Calm 1 Girl-E
Satviki Goddess Durga; True; Pure; Honest 1 Girl-E
Saudamini Lightning 1 Girl-E
Saukhyada Bestower of well being 1 Girl-E
Saya Shelter; Shade; Influence; Evening; Close of day 1 Girl-E
Sayanthika Evening 1 Girl-E
Sayantoni 1 Girl-E
Sayee Friend 1 Girl-E
Shafu Beautiful; Intelligent 1 Girl-E
Shalimathi 1 Girl-E
Shalinee Bashful; Modest 1 Girl-E
Shambhvi Goddess Durga; Derived from Shambhav; Shambhav - peacefully born 1 Girl-E
Shamini Name of Hindu Goddess Durga 1 Girl-E
Shansita Praise; Desired; Celebrated 1 Girl-E
Shanvi Goddess Parvati; Glowing; Attractive; Loveable; Goddess Lakshmi 1 Girl-E
Sharaya A Goddess; Princess; Singer; Delight 1 Girl-E
Shari Arrow 1 Girl-E
Sharmadha Making prosperous; Shy 1 Girl-E
Sharû Lord Vishnu 1 Girl-E
Shaswati Guarantee; Eternal 1 Girl-E
Shatabdi Hundred years, It means 100 years, Century 1 Girl-E
Shauna Gorgeous; Lovely; Sweet; Heat; Fiery; God's gift 1 Girl-E
Shehnai Musical instrument 1 Girl-E
Shejali A fruit 1 Girl-E
Shema Spice; Sweet smelling 1 Girl-E
Shifali Member of the orchid family; Princess of joy 1 Girl-E
Shilpi Artist 1 Girl-E
Shimna Scared 1 Girl-E
Shimran Meditation; Gift of God 1 Girl-E
Shirisha Flower; Shining Sun 1 Girl-E
Shivani Goddess Durga, The consort of Shiva, i.e., Durga, Parvati 1 Girl-E
Shivanshi A part of Shiv 1 Girl-E
Shobhita The one who shines; Splendid; Ornamental; Shining 1 Girl-E
Shradhani Ever wealthy 1 Girl-E
Shrayathi To reach 1 Girl-E
Shrejal Foremost; Best; First 1 Girl-E
Shrilekha Lustrous essay 1 Girl-E
Shrutakirti Renowned; Reputed; Famous; Whose fame is all over; The youngest sister of Goddess Sita and youngest daughter of Janaka 1 Girl-E
Shrutuja Auspicious 1 Girl-E
Shubhada Giver of luck; Auspicious; Fortunate 1 Girl-E
Shubhanshi Auspicious; Part of Goodly 1 Girl-E
Shuddhi Goddess Durga; Purity; Holiness; Acquittal; Accuracy; Truth; Certainty; Name of Durga, Name of one of the Shakti's of Vishnu 1 Girl-E
Shurpanakha 1 Girl-E
Shyamalika Dusky 1 Girl-E
Siladitya Sun of stone 1 Girl-E
Siri Goddess Lakshmi; Wealth; God's gift of Love 1 Girl-E
Sivanya Goddess Parvati 1 Girl-E
Sivaranjani Nice girl 1 Girl-E
Siyoni 1 Girl-E
Smeeral To remember; Precious; Lovable person 1 Girl-E
Smitakshi The girl who possess calmness in her eyes and can express her feelings through her eyes 1 Girl-E
Smruti Memory 1 Girl-E
Snehi Friendly 1 Girl-E
Snithika Very Active 1 Girl-E
Somwrita God's gift 1 Girl-E
Somya Meek; Soft; Calm 1 Girl-E
Sony Preety women; Lovable; With golden beauty; One of the complexions of red Lotus 1 Girl-E
Soubarna Girl with a golden.aspx'>golden complexion; Color of gold; Golden 1 Girl-E
Soundarya Beautiful; Angel 1 Girl-E
Sowmika Angel; Princess 1 Girl-E
Sreemonti Lucky 1 Girl-E
Sreenidhi Treasure of prosperity; Goddess Lakshmi 1 Girl-E
Sreenika Goddess Lakshmi; Lotus which is in the heart of Lord Vishnu 1 Girl-E
Sreeya Goddess Laxmi; Best; Beautiful; Excellent; Prosperity 1 Girl-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 1348
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