Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With H

298 Hindu Boy Names Starting With 'H' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Haan Sun 6 Unisex
Haard Hearts feeling; Main; Meaning 5 Boy
Haarith Plowman; Green; Ploughman; Cultivator 11 Boy
Hadwik 11 Boy
Hakesh Lord of sound 7 Boy
Hameer Wealthy king; A Raga 5 Boy
Hamesh Forever 9 Boy
Hamir Wealthy king; A Raga 4 Boy
Hamrish Lovable; Helpful 4 Boy
Hamsaveni Swan 11 Boy
Haneesh Lord Shiva; Ambition 6 Boy
Hani Happy; Delighted; Content; Pleasant 5 Boy
Haniket 5 Boy
Hanish Lord Shiva; Ambition 5 Boy
Hankith 8 Boy
Hans Swan; Mountain; Pure; Another name of Surya Soul; Brahman or the Supreme Soul 6 Boy
Hansal God is gracious; Swan like 1 Boy
Hansaraj King of a swan 9 Boy
Hanshal God is gracious; Swan like 9 Boy
Hanshit Like Honey 7 Boy
Hansik Swan 8 Boy
Hansin The universal soul; Containing Brahman or the supreme soul; Another name for Krishna 11 Boy
Hansith Joy 7 Boy
Hanu Lord Hanuman; Cheek 8 Boy
Hanumant The monkey God of Ramayana 11 Boy
Hanumanta The monkey God of Ramayana 3 Boy
Hanup Sunlight 6 Boy
Hanvesh Very soft mind 5 Boy
Happy Happy; Joyful; A joyful woman 3 Boy
Har Name of Lord Shiva 9 Boy
Hara Remover of sins 1 Boy
Harakh Joy 11 Boy
Haran Lord Shiva, Hara means the one who destroys i.e. who does Harana. Lord Shiva is called Hara because he is the destroyer of world sins, evils etc. 6 Boy
Haranadh Lord Vishnu, Lords (Shiva) devotee 1 Boy
Haranesh 11 Boy
Harchit 4 Boy
Hard Hearts feeling; Main; Meaning 22 Boy
Hardhik Affectionate; Heartfelt; Cordial 5 Boy
Hardik Affectionate; Heartfelt; Cordial 6 Boy
Hareendra Lord Shiva; A tree 11 Boy
Hareesh Lord Shiva; Shiva and Vishnu conjoined 1 Boy
Harendra Lord Shiva; A tree 6 Boy
Haresh Lord Shiva, Shiva, Lord Har 5 Boy
Hargun One having godly merits 6 Boy
Hari The Sun; Man; Green; Light; Moon; Another name for Indra; Brahma Vishnu and Shiva 9 Boy
Hariaksa Lord Shiva; The eyes of a Lion; Name of Vishnu 5 Boy
Hariaksh Lord Shiva, The eyes of lion, Name of Vishnu 3 Boy
Harideep Lord Shiva 3 Boy
Haridra One who is golden colored 5 Boy
Harihar Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva together 9 Boy
Hariharan Born out of Hari (Lord Vishnu) and Hara (Lord Shiva) 6 Boy
Harij The horizon 1 Boy
Harikesh Lord Krishna; Yellow haired; An epithet of Shiva; Name of one of the seven principal rays of the Sun; Another name for Vishnu 7 Boy
Harin Pure 5 Boy
Harinaksh Lord Shiva; Deer-eyed; An epithet of Shiva; Yellowish eyes 8 Boy
Harindra Lord Shiva; A tree 1 Boy
Hariom Lord Vishnu; Name of Brahman 1 Boy
Haripinda Beloved of gods 8 Boy
Haripreet Beloved of God 1 Boy
Hariraj King of lions 11 Boy
Harish Lord Shiva; Shiva and Vishnu conjoined 9 Boy
Harishth 1 Boy
Harishva Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva 5 Boy
Harit Plowman; Green; Ploughman; Cultivator 11 Boy
Haritbaran Green 11 Boy
Harith Plowman; Green; Ploughman; Cultivator 1 Boy
Harithik From the heart 3 Boy
Harivansh Belonging to the family of Hari 1 Boy
Harivilas The abode of Hari 9 Boy
Harjas Praise of the God 3 Boy
Harjeet Victorious; Victor 4 Boy
Harjit Victorious; Victor 3 Boy
Harkesh Good 7 Boy
Harmendra The Moon 1 Boy
Harmesh God 9 Boy
Harmin Noblel; Harmony 9 Boy
Harnish Remove the night and spread the light 5 Boy
Harpit Positive; Successful; A natural money maker 9 Boy
Harprit Lover of God 9 Boy
Harry Army Man 7 Boy
Harsah 1 Boy
Harsal Delighted; A lover; Joyful; Glad 5 Boy
Harsh Joy; Excitement; Happiness 9 Boy
Harsha Joy; Delight; Happiness; Excitement 1 Unisex
Harshad One who gives pleasure; Delighted; Happy 5 Boy
Harshal Delighted; A lover; Joyful; Glad 4 Boy
Harshaman Full of Joy 11 Boy
Harshat Happiness 3 Boy
Harshavardhan Creator of joy; One who increases joy 6 Boy
Harshil Joyful; Kings of the hills; Kind hearted a sweet; Delighted 3 Boy
Harshim Pagal; Over smart 4 Boy
Harshith Joyous; Cheerful; Happy 1 Boy
Harshiv Lord Shiv 4 Boy
Harshnil Scared 8 Boy
Harshraj Happiness 11 Boy
Harshu Deer 3 Boy
Harshul Deer; Funny; Cheerful; Gregarious; Buddha lover 6 Boy
Harshvardhan Creator of joy; One who increases joy 5 Boy
Harsit Joyous; Cheerful; Happy 3 Boy
Harsith Joyous; Cheerful; Happy 11 Boy
Showing 1 - 100 of 298
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Modern Hindu Baby Boy names beginning with H

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought and information. This popular collection of Modern Hindu Boy names starting from H will help you to find a perfect name for your newborn! Our Hindu names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Boy child. We trust this list will help you to find a perfect name.

H se Hindu Boy naam

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