Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With J

323 Hindu Boy Names Starting With 'J' Found
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JaagravAlert; Awake; Watchful; Sun, another name for Agni 6Boy
JaahnavHindu Rishi who kept Ganga on his legs 3Boy
JaasvinHoly 22Boy
JadhavA yadava 1Boy
JagThe universe; The Earth; World 9Boy
JagadUniverse; World 5Boy
JagadeshKing of the universe; Lord of the world or the creation; The Lord provider of the world 1Boy
JagadevLord of the world 5Boy
JagadhidhLord of the world 7Boy
JagadhishKing of the world 4Boy
JagadipLight of the world 3Boy
JagajeetConqueror of the World 5Boy
JaganUniverse; World 6Boy
JaganmaySpread over the universe 9Boy
JagatThe world; People; The Earth 3Boy
JagathWorld; People; The earth 2Boy
JagathpalOne who takes care of the universe; Caretaker of the world God 4Boy
JagbirWarrior of the world; World winner 11Boy
JagdeepLight of the world 3Boy
JagdeeshKing of the universe; Lord of the world or the creation; The Lord provider of the world 5Boy
JagdevLord of the world 22Boy
JagdishKing of the world 4Boy
JageshLord of the world 5Boy
JagishLord of the universe 9Boy
JagjeetWinner of the world 22Boy
JaglalSon of world 7Boy
JagravAlert; Awake; Watchful; Sun, another name for Agni 5Boy
JagraviAlert; Awake; Watchful; King 5Boy
JagvirWarrior of the world; World winner 4Boy
JahnavHindu rishi who kept Ganga on his legs 2Boy
JahnuSoul; Life force; Birthplace 9Boy
JaiConqueror; Victory; The Sun; Conquest; Victorious 11Boy
Jai DarshVictory 7Boy
JaianConqueror; Victor 8Boy
JaicharanVictorious Feet 11Boy
JaidayalVictory of kindness 9Boy
JaideepVictory of light 5Boy
JaidenA variant of Jaydev (Lord of triumph 7Boy
JaidevGod of victory 6Boy
JaigathVictorious 11Boy
JaikrishThe victory of Lord Krishna 4Boy
JaikritOne who makes victory 6Boy
JailenCalm 6Boy
JaileshLord of water 1Boy
JaimeshGood Man 11Boy
JaimilBeloved girl 9Boy
JaiminVictory or ancient philosopher; One who has control over his heart and mind 11Boy
JaiminiAn ancient philosopher 11Boy
JaimishHappy 6Boy
JaimolBeloved girl 6Unisex
JainGood character 7Boy
JainamVictorious 3Boy
JainandJoy of Victory 8Boy
JaineelVictorious God Swami Narayan; Victory of blue; Victory over gems 11Boy
JaineshLord Ganesh; Name of God 3Boy
JainilVictorious God Swami Narayan; Victory of blue; Victory over gems 1Boy
JainishLord of Jain 7Boy
JainithinGift from God 4Boy
JaipalKing; Lord Vishnu; Lord Brahma 22Boy
JaipreethThe victory of Love; Lord of Uganda 11Boy
JairamVictory of Lord Rama 7Boy
JaisalFamous folk 7Boy
JaisanVariant of jason 9Boy
JaisarathWatchful 6Boy
JaishankarThe victory of Lord Shiva 11Boy
JaisheelVictorious 6Boy
JaishnaClarity 8Boy
JaisinhaVictorious lion 8Boy
JaisukhJoy of winning 7Boy
JaisyamLord Krishna 6Boy
JaitikVictory 6Boy
JaitraLord Vishnu; Leading to victory 5Boy
JaivalLife giving; Full of life 1Boy
JaivantVictory; Victorious 5Boy
JaiveerVictorious 7Boy
JaivikPure & divine 8Boy
JaiwantVictory; Victorious 6Boy
JakshLord Kuber 4Boy
JalWater 5Boy
JaladCloud; Ocean 1Boy
JalajLotus; Originating in the water; The Moon; Conch shell 7Boy
JalarkThe image of the Sun 8Boy
JaldeepJal means water and deep means lamp, so it means a lamp in the water 8Boy
JaldevGod of water (Lord Varun) 9Boy
JaldharClouds 9Boy
JalendraLord of the water 11Boy
JalenduMoon in the water 22Boy
JaleshLord of water 1Boy
JalpDiscussion 3Boy
JalpanTo eat; Drink something 9Boy
JalpeshKing of water 8Boy
JameelName of Lord Murugan; Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of Education); Purifying; Fire 1Unisex
JanadevKing 3Boy
JanadharnSuggest meaning 8Boy
JanahanFather of Goddess Sita in Ramayana 22Boy
JanakCreator; Melody; Producing; Begetting; Father 1Boy
JanamBirth 3Boy
Janathcrown 9Boy
JanavDefender of men; Protecting men 3Boy
JaneeshLord of men leader; Master of men 8Boy
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Popular Hindu Boy names beginning with J

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Hindu Boy names beginning with J will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Hindu names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Boy child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.