Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With G

197 Hindu Boy Names Starting With 'G' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Gaatrika Song 5 Boy
Gadin Lord Krishna; One who is armed with a club; One who wields the mace 8 Boy
Gagan Sky; Heaven; Atmosphere 3 Boy
Gaganesh Shiva 8 Boy
Gagnesh Lord Shiva; Ruler of the Sky 7 Boy
Gahan Depth; Profound 22 Boy
Gaish Tempest; Commotion 8 Boy
Gajanan One with an elephant face; Elephant-faced Lord 3 Boy
Gajanand Lord Ganesh, One with elephant face 7 Boy
Gajdant Elephant teeth; Lord Ganesh 3 Boy
Gajender King of Elephant and Inderlok, Inderdev 1 Boy
Gajendra Elephant king 6 Boy
Gajpati Master of an elephant, Lord Ganesh 1 Boy
Gajraj King of elephant 2 Boy
Gajrup Lord Ganesh, One who looks like an elephant 1 Boy
Gajvadan Name of Lord Ganesh 6 Boy
Galav To worship; Ebony; Strong; A sage 7 Boy
Gaman Journey 9 Boy
Gambhir Deep; Serious; Profound; Tolerant; Powerful 4 Boy
Gana Lord Shiva; Flock; Troop; Multitude; Number; Tribe; Series or class 5 Boy
Ganadhip Lord ganapathy 6 Boy
Ganak An astrologer; Mathematician 7 Boy
Ganaka One who calculates 8 Boy
Ganapati Lord Ganesh, Lord of a group of close devotees, who have reached the climax of devotion 6 Boy
Ganaraj Lord of the clan 7 Boy
Gandharv Celestial musician; Singer; Divine musician; Another name for Surya 3 Boy
Gandharva Celestial musician; Singer; Divine musician; Another name for Surya 4 Boy
Gandhik Fragrance; Perfume seller; Aroma 9 Boy
Ganendra Lord of a troop 1 Boy
Ganesan Lord Ganesh; Lord of the army 7 Boy
Ganesh Lord Ganesh; Lord of the army 9 Boy
Ganesha Lord Ganesh; Lord of the army 1 Boy
Gangavar Goddess Ganga's boon 8 Boy
Gangesh Lord Shiva, Lord of Ganga 7 Boy
Gangesha Lord Shiva, Lord of Ganga 8 Boy
Gangeya Of the Ganga 6 Boy
Gangol A precious 11 Boy
Ganjan Surpassing; Excelling; Winning; Vanquishing; First 2 Unisex
Gannath An epithet of Lord Shiva 11 Boy
Ganpat Lord Ganesh, Lord of a group of close devotees, who have reached the climax of devotion 5 Boy
Ganpati Lord of all ganas group of souls, Lord Ganesh 5 Boy
Gantavya Destination 1 Boy
Gaousik Lord Buddha; A patronymic of Vishvamitra; An epithet of Shiva; Love; Passion; An epithet of Indra 11 Boy
Garg Name of a saint; Bull; A sage 6 Boy
Gargee The person who inspires to think; An ancient scholar 7 Boy
Gariman Heaviness; Weighty; Profound 9 Boy
Garishit Heaviest 1 Boy
Garisht Heaviest 1 Boy
Garjan Thunder 6 Boy
Garud The king of birds; Falcon 6 Boy
Garv Proud 3 Boy
Garveet Proud; Garv 6 Boy
Garvik Proud 5 Boy
Garvin Rough; Rugged 8 Boy
Garvish Garv 3 Boy
Garvit Proud; Garv 5 Boy
Gatik Fast; Progressive 3 Boy
Gaurang Fair complexion; Another name for Vishnu, Krishna and Shiva 6 Boy
Gauransh A part of Gauri parwati 8 Boy
Gaurav Honor; Pride; Respect; Glory; Dignity 7 Boy
Gaureesh Lord Shiva, Lord of Gauri 3 Boy
Gauresh Lord Shiva, Lord of Gauri 7 Boy
Gaurik Lord Ganesh; Mountain-born 4 Boy
Gaurish Lord Shiva, Lord of Gauri 11 Boy
Gaurisuta Lord Ganesh, Son of Gauri 9 Boy
Gautam Lord Buddha; Remover of darkness; Full of life; One of the seven Rishis; One who enlightens 9 Boy
Gautham Lord Buddha; Remover of darkness; Name of Buddha; One of the seven Rishis 8 Boy
Gautom Lord Buddha 5 Boy
Gavaskar One who is authoritative 8 Boy
Gaveshan Search 5 Boy
Gavisht Abode of light 5 Boy
Gavist Abode of light 6 Boy
Gavy White Falcon; A forest in Kerala 1 Boy
Gayak Singer 9 Boy
Gayan Sky 3 Boy
Geet Song; Poem; Chant 1 Boy
Geetanshu Part of holy book Bhagwat Geeta 1 Boy
Geetesh The Lord of the Geeta 6 Boy
Geeth Song; Poem; Chant 9 Boy
Geetham Owner of Bhagavath Geetha; Krishna 5 Boy
Ghanalinga 11 Boy
Ghanshyam Lord Krishna; Black cloud 6 Boy
Ghansyam Lord Krishna or black cloud 7 Boy
Ghatotkatcha The son of Bhima and the Raskshasi (demons) Hidimbi. He became a leader of the Rakshasas and assisted the Pandavas in the Kurukshetra war 7 Boy
Ghayan Sky 11 Boy
Gheeraj Daring 9 Boy
Gia Heart; Love; God is merciful; Earth; Beautiful 8 Boy
Giri Mountain 7 Boy
Giridhar Lord Krishna, One who holds mountain (Krishna) 11 Boy
Girih God 6 Boy
Girik Lord Shiva; The inhabitant of a mountain; Name of Shiva; Name of a weaver in a Buddhist work; Name of a chief of Nags 9 Boy
Girindra Lord Shiva; A Prince among the mountains; A high mountain; Lord of mountains, i.e. Shiva; Lord of speech, i.e. Brihaspati 8 Boy
Giriraj Lord of mountain 9 Boy
Girish God of mountain attributed to Lord Shiva; Lord of speech; Epithet of Shiva; Lord of the mountain 7 Boy
Girivar Lord Krishna, One who holds govardhana Giri mountain in his hand 3 Boy
Girjesh King of mountain; Lord Krishna 4 Boy
Girvan Language of God 8 Boy
Girven Language of God 3 Boy
Gishi Hostage 7 Boy
Gishnu Synonymous of Lord 6 Boy
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