Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With K

436 Hindu Girl Names Starting With 'K' Found
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KaalaratriGoddess who is black as night 11Girl
KaamlaPerfect; Goddess; Flower 3Girl
KaartikiDevout, Divine, Light, Ekadashi in the month of Kartik 8Girl
KaarunyaCompassionate (Goddess Lakshmi); Praiseworthy; Merciful; Kind 11Girl
KaashniGoddess Lakshmi; Special girl; Flower 9Girl
KaasniFlower; Special girl; Goddess Lakshmi 1Girl
KaaveriFilled with water; Turmeric 4Girl
KaavyaPoetry in motion; Poem; Laden with a sentiment; Worth; Learning; Foresight; With the qualities of a sage or poet learning 7Girl
KaavyanjaliThe offering of poetry 8Girl
KabitaPoetry 8Girl
KadambiniAn array of clouds 1Girl
KadhiroliIntelligent; Brilliant like a ray of sunlight 6Girl
KaharA water-drawer and carrier of Palanquins (palki); One belonging to a Kahar community 3Girl
KahiniYouthful; Spirited; Young 7Girl
KahlimaThe Goddess form Kali ma 1Girl
KairaPeaceful; Unique; Lady 22Girl
KairaviMoonlight; Moon 8Girl
KairviMoonlight 7Girl
KaiyaA goddess name 2Girl
KajalMuscara Surma; Eyeliner; Kohl; Decoration for women's eyes 8Girl
KajalsriEye liner 9Girl
KajolMascara; Eye liner 4Girl
KajriCloud-like 22Girl
KakonInsect; Caterpillar 7Girl
KakshaWhite rose 6Girl
KaksiBelonging to the Jungle; Fragrant 6Girl
KalaArt; Talent; Creativity; An atom; Initiative 7Girl
KalaiarasiChildhood 1Girl
KalaiselviArt of work 11Girl
KalaivaniGoddess Saraswati; Goddess of arts 8Girl
KalaiyarasiQueen of arts 8Girl
KalakaDark; Fog; Perfumed; Earth; Another name for Goddess Durga's perfumed 1Girl
KalakarniGoddess Lakshmi; With black ears 6Girl
KalandhikaBestower of art 9Girl
KalanidhiTreasure of art 6Girl
KalapiPeacock; Nightingale 5Girl
KalapiniPeacock; Night; Moon; Peacock tail blue 1Girl
KalikaDark; Fog; Flawed gold; Perfumed; Earth; A bud 9Girl
KalindiYamuna river 6Girl
KaliniFlower; Full of blossoms and bloom; Another name for the river Yamuna 11Girl
KalkaBlue; Goddess Durga; Pupil of the eye 9Girl
KallolLarge waves; Gurgling of water 9Girl
KallolaName of a Raga 1Girl
KalnishaEve of diwali 3Girl
KalpanaIdea; Imagination; Fancy; Creating; Invention; Embellishment 2Girl
KalpavalliFlower 7Girl
KalpiniNight 9Girl
KalpitaImagined; Creative; Invented 7Girl
KalpithaImagined; Creative; Invented 6Girl
KalyaPraise; Pleasant; Morning; Clever; Auspicious; Healthy 5Girl
KalyaniAuspicious; Excellent; Fortune; Welfare; A sacred cow; Another name for Parvati welfare 1Girl
KamaDesired; Cherished; The golden one or Love; Beauty; Briliance 8Girl
KamakshiGoddess Lakshmi, Goddess Parvati, One with loving eyes 1Girl
KamakyaGoddess Durga, Granter of wishes 9Girl
KamalLotus; Perfection; Miracle; Art; Water; Rose-coloured; Another name for Brahma 11Unisex
KamalikaGoddess Lakshmi; Lotus 5Girl
KamalineeA Lotus plant; A pond full of Lotuses; Beautiful; Auspicious 8Girl
KamaliniA Lotus plant; A pond full of Lotuses; Beautiful; Auspicious 7Girl
KamanaDesire 5Girl
KamayaThe one and only 7Girl
KameeshaSuggest meaning 9Girl
KameswariGoddess Parvati; The Lord of desires; She is the queen of transcendental lust 1Girl
KamikaDesired 1Girl
KaminiDesirable; Beautiful; Affectionate; A beautiful woman 3Girl
KamithaDesired 9Girl
KamnaDesire 4Girl
KampanaUnsteady 3Girl
KamyaBeautiful; Lovable; Assiduous; Successful 6Girl
KanaAn atom; Lord Krishna 9Unisex
KanakGold; Sandalwood 11Unisex
KanakaGold; Another name for Sita 3Girl
KanakadriName of a Raga 7Girl
KanakavalliGold 5Girl
KananA garden; Forest; The mouth of Brahma 5Unisex
KanasuDream 4Girl
KanchanGold; Wealth 7Unisex
KanchanaGold; Wealth 8Girl
KanchiBrilliant; A pilgrimage centre in south India; A waistband 1Girl
KandhalAttractive 6Girl
KandharaLute 4Girl
KaneeraGrain 1Girl
KaneshkaSmall 7Girl
KanganaBracelet 22Girl
KaniGirl 8Girl
KanijaMetals 1Girl
KanikaAn atom; Small; Girl 2Girl
KanimoliSpeaks with a gentle tone 3Girl
KaninikaEyeball 7Girl
KaniraGrain 9Girl
KanisaBeautiful 1Girl
KanishkaaAn ancient king; Small; A king who followed Buddhism 3Girl
KanithaIris of the eye 1Girl
KanjariA bird 1Girl
KanjriBird 9Girl
KankaliniOne with a necklace of bones 1Girl
KankanaA bracelet; Bangle 8Girl
KannagiTreasonable Women 3Girl
KannakiThe devoted and virtuous life 7Girl
KanshikaIndian king 11Girl
KanshikhaSuggest meaning 1Girl
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Popular Hindu Girl names beginning with K

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Hindu Girl names beginning with K will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Hindu names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.