Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With N

413 Hindu Boy Names Starting With 'N' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Nachik A short form of Nachiketa 1 Boy-E
Nadir Fresh; Dear; Rare; Pinnacle 1 Boy-E
Nadish God of river; Ocean; Hope; Lord of water 1 Boy-E
Nagendra Seshnag; King of the serpents 1 Boy-E
Nagesha Seshnag; Cosmic serpent; Owner of a serpent 1 Boy-E
Naheem Good eyes 1 Boy-E
Naimish Inside viewer; Wink; Transient 1 Boy-E
Naishadh King Nala; A hero from the Mahabharata who was king of Nishadha; A open; About Nishadha; An epic poem 1 Boy-E
Naishal Parvat (Mountain) 1 Boy-E
Naitik Good in nature 1 Boy-E
Naju Proudly; Noble 1 Boy-E
Naksa King of stars; Map 1 Boy-E
Nakulesh Intelligent Person 1 Boy-E
Namish Lord Vishnu; Courteous 1 Boy-E
Natraj Lord Shiva; King of the art of dancing; King among actors; Shiva as the cosmic dancer of destruction; Lord of dance 1 Boy-E
Navaneet Fresh butter; One who takes pleasure in new joys 1 Boy-E
Navind New 1 Boy-E
Navish Lord Shiva; Poison less; Sweet 1 Boy-E
Nayan Eye; Directing; Community; Decorum 1 Boy-E
Nedumaan Prince 1 Boy-E
Neeham Comfort 1 Boy-E
Neelmani Sapphire 1 Boy-E
Neelotpal Blue lotus 1 Boy-E
Neev Basic; Foundation 1 Boy-E
Niam Contribution of God 1 Boy-E
Nibhiv Powerful 1 Boy-E
Nideesh Giver of wealth & treasures, Kuber 1 Boy-E
Nidith Creative demeanour 1 Boy-E
Nievesh Snow; Investment 1 Boy-E
Nikethan House; Mansion; Don of rulers 1 Boy-E
Nikhal 1 Boy-E
Nikil Victorious people 1 Boy-E
Niku People of victory 1 Boy-E
Nilabh An object in the sky cloud; Moon 1 Boy-E
Nilraj King of heaven 1 Boy-E
Nimalan Lord Murugan name 1 Boy-E
Nirad Cloud; Given by water 1 Boy-E
Nirav Quiet; Calm; Without sound; Silent 1 Boy-E
Nirvar Without a superior; Best; Unique 1 Boy-E
Nirvash Land of bliss 1 Boy-E
Nischit Specific or for sure; Fixed; Truthful; Genuine; Firm 1 Boy-E
Nishad Cheerful; Seventh note on Indian musical scale; Awesome 1 Boy-E
Nisham Fresh air; Cool 1 Boy-E
Nishanthy The whole world 1 Boy-E
Nishav The Best 1 Boy-E
Nishesh Entire; Perfect; The Moon; Complete 1 Boy-E
Nishresh 1 Boy-E
Nithiv 1 Boy-E
Nityam Constant 1 Boy-E
Nivash Home 1 Boy-E
Niyukti Designation 1 Boy-E
Nonu Cute 1 Boy-E
Nrupadh Feet of a king 1 Boy-E
Nabil Noble; Generous; Peacock 2 Boy-E
Nahul Powerful 2 Boy-E
Narad Indian Saint; Devotee of Narayan 2 Boy-E
Narav hill path 2 Boy-E
Nataraj Lord Shiva; King of the art of dancing; King among actors; Shiva as the cosmic dancer of destruction; Lord of dance 2 Boy-E
Natesan Lord of Dancers; Lord Shiva 2 Boy-E
Navalan Orator 2 Boy-E
Nera Amrit or nectar or pure water; Part of God; Water; Juice; Liquor 2 Boy-E
Nill Battle maiden 2 Boy-E
Nivas Home 2 Boy-E
Naarayan Lord Vishnu; Refuge of man 3 Boy-E
Naggar Lord Krishna 3 Boy-E
Nakshatra Heavenly body; A star; Pearl 3 Boy-E
Nambi Self-confident 3 Boy-E
Namit Bowed down; Modest; To bow in a humble greeting; Worshipper 3 Boy-E
Nandan Pleasing; Son; Celebrating; Heartening; Temple; Another name for Shiva and Vishnu 3 Boy-E
Narain A godly person 3 Boy-E
Narasimha An incarnation of Lord Vishnu; Lion among men 3 Boy-E
Narendar The leader of all human beings; King of men; The king 3 Boy-E
Narendra The leader of all human beings; King of men; The king 3 Boy-E
Narottam Best among men; Lord Vishnu 3 Boy-E
Nataraja Lord Shiva; King of the art of dancing; King among actors 3 Boy-E
Naubahar Spring 3 Boy-E
Navaj King among actors; New 3 Boy-E
Navamani Nine Crystal 3 Boy-E
Navashen The one who brings hope 3 Boy-E
Navashree New 3 Boy-E
Navdip Light; The ever new light; New lamp; 3 Boy-E
Navkunj The new garden; New home 3 Boy-E
Navraj Tune; New rule 3 Boy-E
Neelgreev Lord Shiva, The blue-necked Lord 3 Boy-E
Nejayaj Truthful 3 Boy-E
Nemaansh Lucky 3 Boy-E
Nesar The Sun 3 Boy-E
Nevaan Holy 3 Boy-E
Neymish Inside viewer; Wink; Transient 3 Boy-E
Nikesh Sri Maha Vishnu 3 Boy-E
Nikhalas Friendly 3 Boy-E
Nikin One who brings good things 3 Boy-E
Nilanjan Blue; With blue eyes 3 Boy-E
Nirek Superior; Unparalleled; Unique; Best 3 Boy-E
Nirmalya Pure; Brilliant; Clean 3 Boy-E
Nischal Calm; Unmovable; Unshakable; Steady 3 Boy-E
Nishaan Mark 3 Boy-E
Nishanth The Moon; Dawn; Peace; Pleasant early morning; Daybreak; The end of the night 3 Boy-E
Nishikesh 3 Boy-E
Nishinath Lord of the night (Moon) Nishipati; Nishipal 3 Boy-E
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