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Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With U

200 Indian Girl Names Starting With 'U' Found
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UbabWaves; Heavy rain 8Girl
UbahFlower 5Girl
UbayaaBeautiful 6Girl
UbaydaA female servant 9Girl
UbikaGrowth 8Girl
UcchalPerception 3Unisex
UchimakaliOne of the Hindu God 7Girl
UdantikaSatisfaction 9Girl
UdarangaEndowed with a beautiful body 4Girl
UdayaDawn 7Girl
UdayashreeDawn 8Girl
UdayasriFirst Light of Rising Sun. 8Girl
UdaysahA narrator of Hadith 7Girl
UdbalaStrong 5Girl
UdbhaviCreation; Rising with Glory 4Girl
UdgitaA hymn; Lord Shiva 8Unisex
UdhayaraniRising queen 3Girl
UdichiOne who grows with prosperity 9Girl
UdiptiOn fire 7Girl
UdishaThe first ray of the new dawn 8Girl
UditaOne who has risen 1Girl
UditiRising 9Girl
UdoolaJustified 5Girl
UdvahaDescendant; Daughter 3Girl
UdvahniBrilliant 7Girl
UdvitaRiver of lotuses 5Girl
UdyatiElevated; Ascended 8Girl
UfaqBright Sky 9Girl
UftamaBest; Loving; Most eminent 8Girl
UgayKind of necklace 9Girl
UgbaadRoses 9Girl
UhudCommitment; Pledge; Delegation 9Girl
UjaalaOne who radiates the light; Bright 1Girl
UjayatiConqueror 6Girl
UjeshaConquering 1Girl
UjhalaLight 8Girl
UjjalroopA pure and beauteous person 1Girl
UjjaniniAn ancient city 7Girl
UjjayiniAn ancient city 9Girl
UjjvalaBright; Lighted 5Girl
UjjwalaBright; Lighted 6Girl
UjvalaBright; Lighted 4Girl
UjvalithaLighting 5Girl
UjwalaBright; Lustrous 5Girl
UjwaniHe who wins the struggle; Victorious 6Girl
UlaHigh rank; Prestige; Glory 7Unisex
UlfahFriendship; Harmony; Love 3Girl
UlfatLove; Affection; Familiarity 6Unisex
UlimaAstute; Wise 2Girl
UlkaMeteorite; Meteor; Fire; Lamp; Brilliant 9Girl
UllasithaJoyful 4Girl
UllupiPretty face 1Girl
UlupiWife of Arjuna; The Pandava Prince 7Girl
UlyaHigher; Highest 5Girl
UmaGoddess Parvati; Eternal knowledge; Limitless space; Fame; Splendor; Light; Reputation; Tranquility 8Girl
Uma BhuiaynGoddess Parvati 7Girl
Uma DeviGoddess Parvati; Goddess Uma 3Girl
UmaimahA young mother; Name of the granddaughter of the prophet 3Girl
Umaimathlittle mother 5Girl
UmairaSecond Khalifah 9Girl
UmairahLiving a long life 8Girl
UmaizaBright; Beautiful and soft hearted 8Girl
UmamaGrand daughter of the Prophet Muhammad 4Girl
UmamahA young mother; Name of the granddaughter of the prophet 3Girl
UmangiKhushi (Happiness) 11Girl
UmarahOld Arabic name; Habitation 8Unisex
UmaraniQueen of queen 5Girl
UmaymahA young mother; Name of the granddaughter of the prophet 1Girl
UmaynahA narrator of Hadith 11Girl
UmayrahLiving a long life 6Girl
UmayyahFamous Arabian tribe 4Unisex
UmikaGoddess Parvati; Derived from Uma 1Girl
Umm AbaanName of a sahabiyah ra 3Girl
Umm AbihaIt's meaning is "her father" which was given to Fatima az-Zahra by the Islamic Prophet Muhammad 5Girl
Umm FakeehName of a sahabiyah ra 11Girl
Umm HaraamName of a sahabiyah ra 8Girl
Umm KalthumName of prophet's daughter 7Girl
Umm KhalidName of a Sahabiyah RA 11Girl
Umm KulthumOne with a round face 9Girl
Umm RabeeahName of a Sahabiyah RA 6Girl
Umm SulaimName of a sahabiyah ra 5Girl
Umm UmarahName of a sahabiyah ra 1Girl
Umm-E-AbeehaFast 11Girl
Umm-Ul-BaninMother of sons 3Girl
UmmayyahA narrator of Hadith 8Girl
UmmidHope 6Girl
Ummul FazalName of a sahabiyah ra 9Girl
UmniaGift 22Girl
UmniyaWish; Desire; Hope 11Girl
UmniyahA wish; An aspiration 1Girl
UmrahPilgrimage to makkah 7Girl
UmraoNoble 5Girl
UmsihaSuggest meaning 8Girl
UnaisaSweetheart 2Girl
UnaizaSheep; Goat; Name of a valley 9Girl
UnaysahFriendly; Affable 8Girl
UnazaThe only 9Girl
UnjaliBlessing 22Girl
UnmaJoy 4Girl
UnmadaBeautiful; Enchanting; Passionate; An Apsara or celestial nymph 9Girl
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Popular Indian Girl names beginning with U

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Indian Girl names beginning with U will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Indian names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.