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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Maad An old Arabian tribes name 1 Boy
Maadesh Lord Shiva 6 Boy
Maadhav Another name of Lord Krishna; Sweet like honey 5 Boy
Maahir Expert; Brave 5 Boy
Maajid Glorious 2 Boy
Maaksharth It means, Precious part of a Mother's heart 1 Boy
Maalav A musical raag; Ansh of Goddess Lakshmi; Horse keeper 5 Boy
Maali Noble; Sublime; Excellency 9 Unisex
Maalik Master; Lord; Chief; Leader; Reigning; Ruling; Gardener; Owner; Husband 2 Boy
Maalin One who makes garlands; Wearing a garland; Crowned; Gardener 5 Boy
Maalolan Name of deity in ahobilam 6 Boy
Maalya Worthy to be garlanded; Wealth; Mass of flowers 8 Unisex
Maan Lecturer; Respect; Supernatural power; Lord of mind; Opinion; Devotion; Home; Pride; Respect 11 Boy
Maanas Mind; Soul; Brilliant; Spiritual thought; Heart intellect; Desire; Human being; Insight; Cheerfulness 4 Boy
Maanav Man; Youth; Relating to Manu; Humankind; Human being; Pearl; Treasure human being 7 Boy
Maandav An able administrator; Fit; Competent 2 Boy
Maandavik Belonging to people; Administrator 4 Boy
Maandhan Rich in honour; Honourable 11 Boy
Maandhar Honourable 6 Boy
Maanik Ruby; Valued; Honoured; Gem 22 Boy
Maanikya Ruby 3 Boy
Maansar Holy words 22 Boy
Maansik Intellectual; Fanciful; Psychic 5 Boy
Maanvir Brave heart 6 Boy
Maanyasri 11 Boy
Maargin Guide; Pioneer 9 Boy
Maargit Pearl; Desired; Needed 6 Boy
Maarish Calf star of the sea; Worthy; Respectable 6 Boy
Maarmik Intelligent; Influential; Insightful; Perceptive 3 Boy
Maarshak Respectable; Worthy 9 Boy
Maarut Air; God of the wind; Another name for Lord Vishnu; Brilliant; Breeze; The storm God; Belonging to the wind 2 Boy
Maathar Traveller; Voyager 8 Boy
Maathur From or relating to Mathura 1 Boy
Maayan Water source; Indifferent to wealth 1 Boy
Maayin Creator of the universe; Creater of the Maya; Illusionary; Wily; Magician; Enchanting; Another name for Brahma; Shiva enchanting 9 Boy
Maaz A friend of prophet Muhammad 5 Boy
Maazin Proper name; Cloud that carries rain 1 Boy
Mabad A place of worship 3 Boy
Mabruk Blessed; Prosperous 3 Boy
Maccha Killer 2 Boy
Madan Cupid; God of Love; Man filled with beauty; Intoxicating; Pleasing; Another name for the Love God Kaama; Spring; Passion 6 Boy
Madan Gopal Lord Krishna, Gopal, The Lord of Love 3 Boy
Madanapal Lord of Love 9 Boy
Madanbir Brave and lovable 8 Boy
Madangopal Lovely cowherd; Lord Krishna 3 Boy
Madani Civilised 6 Boy
Madankirpal King of Public 1 Boy
Madanmohan Attractive and lovable 3 Boy
Madanpal Cupid; God of Love 8 Boy
Maderu Worthy of praise 8 Boy
Madesh Lord Shiva; Lord of intoxication; Name of Shiva 5 Boy
Madeshwaran Lord Shiva 8 Boy
Madev Lord Shiva; Most powerful god 9 Boy
Madhan Cupid; God of Love; Man filled with beauty; Intoxicating; Pleasing; Another name for the Love God Kaama; Spring; Passion 5 Boy
Madhanraj Beauty 7 Boy
Madhat Praise; Lauding 2 Unisex
Madhav Another name of Lord Krishna; Sweet like honey 22 Boy
Madhava Another name of Lord Krishna; Sweet like honey 5 Boy
Madhavan Lord Shiva 1 Boy
Madhavdas Servant of Lord Krishna 1 Boy
Madhesh Lord Shiva; Lord of intoxication; Name of Shiva 4 Boy
Madhu Honey; Sweet; Nectar; Charming 2 Unisex
Madhuban Lord Vishnu; Flower garden 1 Boy
Madhudeep God of Love 5 Boy
Madhughne Killer of demon Madhu 9 Boy
Madhughosh Sweet sounding 5 Boy
Madhuj Made of honey; Sweet; Sugar 3 Boy
Madhuk A honeybee; Melodious; A bird; Honey coloured; Sweet 22 Boy
Madhukant The Moon 3 Boy
Madhukanta The Moon 4 Boy
Madhukar Honeybee; Lover; The mango tree 5 Boy
Madhukesh Hair of Lord Vishnu 9 Boy
Madhukiran Sweet ray as from God 1 Boy
Madhulan 11 Boy
Madhumay Consisting of Honey 5 Boy
Madhup A honeybee 9 Boy
Madhupal Honey keeper 4 Boy
Madhupreet Love for Honey; Sweet 3 Boy
Madhur Sweet; Melodious; Amiable 11 Unisex
Madhuram Sweet 7 Boy
Madhurbain Sweet words 1 Boy
Madhusoodan Lord Krishna, One who killed demon Madhu 7 Boy
Madhusudan Lord Krishna, One who killed demon Madhu 7 Boy
Madhusudhan Lord Krishna, One who killed demon Madhu 6 Boy
Madhuveman Lord Krishna, One of many names of Lord Krishna signifying his sweet and attractive nature 3 Boy
Madhuwant Sweet like Honey 6 Boy
Madhyam Channel; Medium; Intermediary 11 Boy
Madih Praised; Commendable 8 Boy
Madin Delightful 5 Boy
Madir Nectar; Wine; Intoxicating 9 Boy
Madiyan Name of a place in Saudi Arabia 4 Boy
Madul Greatness 6 Boy
Madur Sweet; Melodious; Amiable 3 Boy
Madursan Pease maker 1 Boy
Madvan Intoxicating; Delightful; Drunk with joy 1 Boy
Madyan Name of a holy place in Saudi Arabia where the prophet (Pbuh) used to visit 22 Boy
Mafeed None 7 Boy
Magadh Son of Yadu 7 Boy
Ma'mun Trustworthy 8 Boy
Ma'ruf Well-known 5 Boy
Showing 1 - 100 of 1350
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Popular Indian Boy names beginning with M

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