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Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With I

291 Indian Girl Names Starting With 'I' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Iba Pride; Sense 3 Girl
Ibadah Worship 7 Girl
Ibadat Worship 1 Girl
Ibbani Fog; Honey dew 1 Girl
Ibha Elephant 2 Girl
Ibrisam Silk 8 Girl
Ibrisami Silken 8 Girl
Ibriz Pure gold 1 Girl
Ibthaj Joy 5 Girl
Ibtihaaj Joy; Happiness 6 Girl
Ibtihaj Joy; Happiness 5 Girl
Ibtihal Prayer; Supplication 7 Girl
Ibtisam Smiling; Smile 1 Unisex
Ibtisama Smile 11 Girl
Ichaa Desire 22 Girl
Ichchha Desire 4 Girl
Ichha Desire 11 Girl
Idai Awakening; Love 5 Girl
Idaya Heart; Goddess Parvati 22 Girl
Idenya Praiseworthy 4 Unisex
Idha Intelligence; Perception; The Earth; Insight 22 Girl
Idhar 4 Girl
Idhaya Heart; Goddess Parvati 3 Girl
Idhika Another name of Goddess Parvati; The Earth; Perception 6 Girl
Idhitri One who praises; Complimentary 5 Girl
Idika Another name of Goddess Parvati; The Earth; Perception 7 Girl
Iditri One who praises; Complimentary 6 Girl
Idrak Intellect; Perception 7 Unisex
Ieesha Life; Woman 11 Girl
Ieta The Earth; Wish 8 Girl
Iffah Purity; Modesty 3 Girl
Iffat Purity 6 Girl
Iffat-Ara Decorator of chastity 8 Girl
Ifra Identity 7 Girl
Ifrah To make Happy 6 Girl
Iftikar Thought; Contemplation 11 Girl
Iftikhar Honor; Glory 1 Unisex
Iftin Light 4 Girl
Iftinan Enchantment; Captivation 1 Girl
Ifza Protective Angel 6 Girl
Iha The Earth; Desire; Labour; Exertion; Endeavour 9 Girl
Ihab Leather 2 Unisex
Ihina Enthusiasm; Desire 5 Girl
Ihita Desir; Goddess Durga; Fighter; Beauty Queen 11 Girl
Ihitha Desire; Prize; Effort 1 Girl
Ihsan Kindness; Beneficence; Highest level of Iman 6 Unisex
Ihtisham Having many followers; Modesty; Decency 6 Unisex
Iipsitha Desired; Wished 1 Girl
Iishka One who has only friends and no enemies 3 Girl
Ijabo Hope 1 Girl
Ijaya Sacrifice; Offer; Teacher; Divine 1 Girl
Ijaz Honor; Esteem; Regard 1 Unisex
Ijlal Glorification; Exaltation 8 Unisex
Ijliyah Population 11 Girl
Ijya Sacrifice; Offer; Teacher; Divine 9 Girl
Ikam Entirely one 7 Girl
Ikhlas Sincerity; Purity 6 Unisex
Ikjas Praise of one 5 Girl
Ikjot The one light; God's light 2 Girl
Ikleen Absorbed in one 11 Girl
Iklil Crown; Garland 8 Unisex
Ikmoorat A form of the one supreme being 3 Girl
Ikpooj Worshipper of the supreme being 4 Girl
Ikraam Honor; Hospitality; Generosity 8 Girl
Ikram Honor; Hospitality; Generosity 6 Girl
Ikramiya Honorable; Dignified 6 Girl
Iksha Sight; Working of the senses 3 Unisex
Ikshana Sight 9 Girl
Ikshita Visible; Beheld 5 Girl
Ikshitha Visible; Beheld 4 Girl
Ikshu Sugarcane 5 Girl
Ikshula Holy river 9 Girl
Iksura Fragrant grass 7 Girl
Ila The Earth; Cardamom tree; Daughter of Manu; Moonlight; Turpentine tree; Terebinth tree 4 Girl
Ilaaf Protection 2 Girl
Ilakkiya Creativity 7 Girl
Ilakshi Beautiful eyes 6 Girl
Ilampirai Young crescent 7 Girl
Ilana Tree 1 Girl
Ilavalagi Young and beautiful 11 Girl
Ilavenil Spring; Youthful 3 Girl
Ilena Bright; Shining 5 Girl
Ilesha Queen of the earth 9 Girl
Ilfa Origin; Soft heart 1 Girl
Ilhaam Intuition; Inspiraction; Revaluation 8 Girl
Ilham Intuition; Inspiraction; Revaluation 7 Unisex
Ilhan Ruler 8 Unisex
Ilhanath Henna 1 Girl
Ilika Earth; Transitory; Very intelligent 6 Girl
Ilina Very intelligent 9 Girl
Ilisha King of the Earth; Queen of the Earth 4 Girl
Iliya 11 Girl
Illisha Queen of the earth 7 Girl
Ilm Slave girl belonging to Zubaydah 7 Girl
Ilma Novel 8 Girl
Ilmeeyat Knowledge 9 Girl
Iltimas A request; Appeal; Entreaty 11 Unisex
Ilvaka Defending the earth 2 Girl
Ilvika Defending the earth 1 Girl
Imaan Faith; Creed; Honesty; Belief; Truth honesty 2 Unisex
Showing 1 - 100 of 291
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Popular Indian Girl names beginning with I

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Indian Girl names beginning with I will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Indian names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.