Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With Y

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Yaachana Entreaty; Prayer 9 Girl-E
Yaad One who remembers (God) 7 Girl-E
Yaadavi Goddess Durga 9 Girl-E
Yaadhavi Goddess Durga 8 Girl-E
Yaadinder God's remembrance 9 Girl-E
Yaadleen One absorbed in God's remembrance 4 Girl-E
Yaami Path; Progress; An Apsara or celestial nymph 22 Girl-E
Yaamini Night or nocturnal 9 Girl-E
Yaana Slavic; God is gracious; A new birth 6 Girl-E
Yaasana Desire 8 Girl-E
Yaashwini Successs 1 Girl-E
Yaasmin Jasmine or flower 1 Girl-E
Yachana Entreaty; Prayer; Pleading 8 Girl-E
Yachna Pleading 7 Girl-E
Yadamma Mother of Remembrance 22 Girl-E
Yadavi Goddess Durga 8 Girl-E
Yadhana Smile 9 Girl-E
Yadita Lord of night 6 Girl-E
Yadva Insight; Intelligence; Mind 8 Girl-E
Yafeen Yamen 11 Girl-E
Yafiah High 5 Girl-E
Yafita Savior 8 Girl-E
Yagapriya Name of a Raga 4 Girl-E
Yagavi Bright 11 Girl-E
Yagnitha Worship 4 Girl-E
Yagyasha Precious 6 Girl-E
Yahavi Bright 3 Girl-E
Yahsmita Powerful 6 Girl-E
Yahva Heaven and Earth; Flowing water 3 Girl-E
Yahvi Heaven; Earth; The union of heaven and Earth 11 Girl-E
Yaja Religious; Sacrificer 1 Girl-E
Yajata Sacred; Dignified 4 Girl-E
Yajna Worship 6 Girl-E
Yajushi Nice 3 Girl-E
Yakootah Emerald 6 Girl-E
Yakshali God Yaksha, Caretakers of nature 5 Girl-E
Yakshathra Bright like a star 4 Girl-E
Yakshini A Yakshini is the female counterpart of the male Yaksha and they both attend to Kubera 6 Girl-E
Yakshita Wonder girl 4 Girl-E
Yakshitha Wonder girl 3 Girl-E
Yaksini A Yakshini is the female counterpart of the male Yaksha and they both attend to Kubera 7 Girl-E
Yalda Name of the longest night of the year 7 Girl-E
Yalina Soft; Gentle 8 Girl-E
Yalinee Goddess Saraswati; Melodious 8 Girl-E
Yalini Goddess Saraswati; Melodious 7 Girl-E
Yalisai Melodious 4 Girl-E
Yalqoot An early philanthropic woman 6 Girl-E
Yamamah Valley in arabia 8 Girl-E
Yamana Pious 1 Girl-E
Yamha Dove 3 Girl-E
Yami God; People 3 Girl-E
Yamika Night 6 Girl-E
Yamilet Beautiful 4 Girl-E
Yamina Right; Proper 9 Girl-E
Yaminah Right and proper 8 Girl-E
Yamini Night or nocturnal 8 Girl-E
Yamrutha Nice good one 8 Girl-E
Yamshith Good Person 4 Girl-E
Yamuna Jamuna river 3 Girl-E
Yamuni Nocturnal; Night 11 Girl-E
Yamya An anothor name for Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu; Night 2 Girl-E
Yana Slavic; God is gracious; A new birth 5 Girl-E
Yanti Goddess Parvati, Woman from the third world 6 Girl-E
Yantraa Goddess Laxmi 8 Girl-E
Yaqeena Without doubt 5 Girl-E
Yaqiza Awake; Alert 7 Girl-E
Yarah Warm 8 Girl-E
Yarima One who has been appointed by God 4 Girl-E
Yariqa Bright; White; Fair 8 Girl-E
Yasaman Jasmine; Flower 2 Girl-E
Yasana Prayer 7 Girl-E
Yasasvini Victorious; Glorious; Famous; Successful 11 Girl-E
Yasaswi Keerthi; Famous 7 Girl-E
Yaseera A wealthy woman; Living well 11 Girl-E
Yasha Fame; Success; Celebrity; Victory 9 Girl-E
Yashani Success 5 Girl-E
Yasharah Intelligent; Precious stone 9 Girl-E
Yashashvi Blessing 4 Girl-E
Yashasvi Keerthi; Famous 5 Girl-E
Yashasvini Victorious; Glorious; Famous; Successful 1 Girl-E
Yashaswi Keerthi; Famous 6 Girl-E
Yashaswini Victorious; Glorious; Famous; Successful 11 Girl-E
Yashawanthi With great fame 3 Girl-E
Yashawini Successful lady; Yash; Victory 1 Girl-E
Yasheena 6 Girl-E
Yashfeen Shefa; Healthiness 11 Girl-E
Yashi Famous; Successful 8 Girl-E
Yashica Success; Yash ko prapth karne wali 3 Girl-E
Yashika Success; Yash ko prapth karne wali 11 Girl-E
Yashila Famous; Successful; Wealthy; Popular 3 Girl-E
Yashini Sweet; One who begets fame 4 Girl-E
Yashita Fame 11 Girl-E
Yashmeen Jasmine or flower 9 Girl-E
Yashmita Famous or glorious 6 Girl-E
Yashmitha Famous or glorious 5 Girl-E
Yashna To pray; White rose 5 Girl-E
Yashneil Famous; Glorious; Successful 3 Girl-E
Yashoda Mother of Lord Krishna 1 Girl-E
Yashodagarba Sambhoota Emerging from the Yashoda's womb 7 Girl-E
Yashogna 9 Girl-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 235
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Popular Indian Girl names beginning with Y

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