Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With J

534 Indian Girl Names Starting With 'J' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Jyotsnika The Moon 7 Girl-E
Jyotsni Moonlit night 4 Girl-E
Jyotsna Goddess Durga; Moonlight; Lustre 5 Girl-E
Jyotsana Goddess Durga; Moon light; Lustre 6 Girl-E
Jyotishmati Luminous; Lustrous 5 Girl-E
Jyotisha Knowledge of light 8 Girl-E
Jyotirmoyee Lustrous 7 Girl-E
Jyotirmayi Lustrous 1 Girl-E
Jyotika Light; A flame; Brilliant 1 Girl-E
Jyotibala Splendor 5 Girl-E
Jyothsna Light from the full Moon or Moon light 4 Girl-E
Jyothishree Flame; Light; Lamp; The light of the Sun 7 Girl-E
Jyothishmati Luminous; Lustrous 4 Girl-E
Jyothirmai Light in life 11 Girl-E
Jyothika Light; A flame; Brilliant 9 Girl-E
Jyota Brilliant 8 Girl-E
Jyostna Moon light 5 Girl-E
Jyosna Giving light to others; Moonlight, Moon's rays 3 Girl-E
Jyosmitha 3 Girl-E
Jyoshya 4 Girl-E
Jyoshna Giving light to others; Moonlight, Moon's rays 11 Girl-E
Jyoshita Most beautiful 8 Girl-E
Jyogita Qualified 6 Girl-E
Jyeshtha Star name; Eldest daughter; A Nakshatra; The eldest; Lord Vishnu 6 Girl-E
Jyena Princess 1 Girl-E
Jvala Flame 1 Girl-E
Juzla To get joyousness; Gladness 7 Girl-E
Juwariyah She was the wife of the Prophet SAW 8 Girl-E
Juwariah A small girl 1 Girl-E
Juwan Perfume 6 Girl-E
Juwairiyah Who gives happiness; Wife of the prophet; Little 8 Girl-E
Juspreet Love for glory 6 Girl-E
Jusmeet Glorious friend 3 Girl-E
Jusjeet Glorious victory 9 Girl-E
Jushti Love; Service 6 Girl-E
Junnut Heaven 1 Girl-E
Junna Shelter 6 Girl-E
Junitha 11 Girl-E
Juni Lovable 9 Girl-E
Junayna Little garden 5 Girl-E
Junainah Garden of paradise 6 Girl-E
Junah The Sun 9 Girl-E
Jun Inlet; Bay; Gulf 9 Girl-E
Jumaynah Gem; Name of a female companion 3 Girl-E
Jumaymah Name of a female companion 11 Girl-E
Jumana Pearl 6 Girl-E
Juman Pearl 5 Girl-E
Jumaina Silver Pearl 6 Girl-E
Jumaana Silver Pearl 7 Girl-E
Juma Born on a friday 9 Girl-E
Julie Vivacious 3 Girl-E
Juily A flower 5 Girl-E
Jui A flower 4 Girl-E
Juhi A flower, Jasmine; Light 3 Girl-E
Juhaymah There is a suggestion that her name was Hujaymah; she was Umm Ad-darda, and a narrator of Hadith 6 Girl-E
Juhanah Young girl 9 Girl-E
Juhainah Name of an Arab tribe 9 Girl-E
Judi Name of a mountain mentioned in the Quran 8 Girl-E
Judamah She was the daughter of Wahb; She was a companion and a narrator of Hadith 22 Girl-E
Judaala Distinct 5 Girl-E
Jud Generosity 8 Girl-E
Jubaila Mountain 2 Girl-E
Jubaida Pure; Beautiful 3 Girl-E
Juana Gift from God 11 Girl-E
Joyshree Joy; Happiness; Joyful; Pleasure 6 Girl-E
Joyatri Light 8 Girl-E
Joya Life; Rejoicing 6 Girl-E
Jowaki A Firefly 6 Girl-E
Jovitha Joy 4 Girl-E
Jovita Joy 5 Girl-E
Joufi Joyful 7 Girl-E
Jotshna Radiant like flames; Goddess Durga; Moon light 6 Girl-E
Jotleen Absorbed in light of God 9 Girl-E
Jothika Sun light; Light 11 Girl-E
Jothi Lamp - removes dark ness 8 Girl-E
Josya Delightful 7 Girl-E
Jostnika 9 Girl-E
Josthna Light of moon 6 Girl-E
Josnika Cupid; Follower of Lord Shiva 7 Girl-E
Josmitha Brave; Intelligent 5 Girl-E
Jositha Pleased; Delighted 1 Girl-E
Joshvi Sensitive 11 Girl-E
Joshnika Cupid; Follower of Lord Shiva 6 Girl-E
Joshna Moonlight 22 Girl-E
Joshmitha 4 Girl-E
Joshitha Pleased; Delighted 9 Girl-E
Joshita Pleased; Delighted 1 Girl-E
Joshini Wealthy 3 Girl-E
Joshika A young maiden; Cluster of buds; Young 1 Girl-E
Jorasi Rosebud 9 Girl-E
Joodi Name of a mountain mentioned in the Quran 8 Girl-E
Jonakhi Jugnu (Firefly) 5 Girl-E
Joly Cheerful 8 Girl-E
Joita Victorious; Winner 1 Girl-E
Joindah God's gift 7 Girl-E
Johra Jewel 7 Girl-E
Johnsvi 7 Girl-E
Johi Jasmine 6 Girl-E
Johara Jewel 8 Girl-E
Joel God 6 Girl-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 534
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Popular Indian Girl names beginning with J

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Indian Girl names beginning with J will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Indian names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.