Top Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With S

340 Indian Girl Names Starting With 'S' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Saanvi Goddess Lakshmi; One who will be followed 3 Girl-E
Shanvi Goddess Parvati; Glowing; Attractive; Loveable; Goddess Lakshmi 1 Girl-E
Suzain Sweet 9 Girl-E
Srushti Creation; Nature or Earth 6 Girl-E
Sriya Goddess Laxmi; Best; Beautiful; Excellent; Prosperity 9 Girl-E
Sia Goddess Sita; White Moonlight; A beautiful woman; White doorvaa grass; Arabian Jasmine; Candied sugar 11 Girl-E
Suhana Beautiful & pleasant 1 Girl-E
Shalvi Beautiful; Intelligent 8 Girl-E
Sheza Good religious girl 5 Girl-E
Sheena God's gift; Ankle bells; Brightness; Gaelic 7 Girl-E
Shazia Fragrance 1 Girl-E
Smriti Meeting; Remembrance; Memory; Wisdom 7 Girl-E
Sudipti Brightness 8 Girl-E
Sachi Beloved; Grace; Truth; Following; Companion; Another name for Agni 22 Girl-E
Sanvee Goddess Lakshmi; One who will be followed 3 Girl-E
Sumitra A good friend; Well measured 11 Girl-E
Sahina Gentle; Tender; Falcon 7 Girl-E
Sanavi Sanvi or Goddess Lakshmi 3 Girl-E
Sumera Princess; A divine mountain 5 Girl-E
Sabha Pretty; Beautiful; Graceful; Bright like morning 4 Girl-E
Shuchi Pure; Bright; Holy; Worthy 5 Girl-E
Sazma Beautiful 6 Girl-E
Siya Goddess Sita; White Moonlight; A beautiful woman; White doorvaa grass; Arabian Jasmine; Candied sugar 9 Girl-E
Smita Smile; Smiling 8 Girl-E
Sadiya Lucky; Blessed 5 Girl-E
Sajiya Attractive 2 Girl-E
Smruti Memory 1 Girl-E
Safwa The best part; Elite; Top 5 Girl-E
Shyla Another name of Goddess Parvati; Who is living in mountain 2 Girl-E
Siyana Protection 6 Girl-E
Sayeeda Chief; Leader; Lady 6 Girl-E
Sumita One who has a beautiful body; A good friend; Soulmate 2 Girl-E
Sanjna Well known 5 Girl-E
Sheema Island japanese 6 Girl-E
Shamla Air; Breeze 9 Girl-E
Shivli Flower 7 Girl-E
Sidra Name of a tree 6 Girl-E
Sufia A person who follows Sufism - a clean heart 2 Girl-E
Sharyu River Sharayu; Holy river 11 Girl-E
Salvi Beautiful; Intelligent 9 Girl-E
Saima Good natured; Fasting 7 Girl-E
Sadia Lucky; Blessed; Singer 7 Girl-E
Safiya Untroubled; Serene; Pure; Best friend 7 Girl-E
Shaima Good natured; Fasting 6 Girl-E
Sehar Dawn, Early morning; Intelligent; Beautiful 6 Girl-E
Sahira Alert; Nocturnal; Mountain 11 Girl-E
Samila All comprehensive; Complete; Peacemaker 1 Girl-E
Sarupa Beautiful 22 Girl-E
Sumiya Beautiful 7 Girl-E
Shaheena Gentle; Tender; Falcon 7 Girl-E
Sinjini The sound of ankle bell 3 Girl-E
Stuti Praise to God; Another name for Durga 8 Girl-E
Shilpika Designer; Artist 4 Girl-E
Safura Wife of the Prophet Musa 3 Girl-E
Sati Partner; Chaste woman 4 Girl-E
Shaivi Prosperity; Wealth; Auspiciousness 5 Girl-E
Saarah Happy; Pure; Princess 3 Girl-E
Sumi Friendly 8 Girl-E
Sanjoli Period of twilight 8 Girl-E
Samina Happy; Precious; Generous; Pacifist; Peaceful; Healthy; Plump 3 Girl-E
Stuvi Worship 1 Girl-E
Sumia The one who listens 9 Girl-E
Shaili Style; Carved in rock; Face; Habit 4 Girl-E
Sitesh Goddess Sita, Derived from sit, Sit - the color white, The light half of the month from new to full Moon, The planet venus or its regent 8 Girl-E
Sahna Form; Figure; Complexion 7 Girl-E
Saibah A narrator of Hadith 22 Girl-E
Saida Branch; Tributary; Happy; Lucky; Fem of Saeed; Most beautiful; Unmatched; Friendly 7 Girl-E
Sameea Blessings; One who listens; Exalted; Noble; Much praised 8 Girl-E
Suraya Star 22 Girl-E
Shama Flame; Peaceful; Lamp; An Apsara or celestial nymph 6 Girl-E
Sobia The good and noble girl 1 Girl-E
Suha Name of a star; Celebration; A musical Raag 4 Girl-E
Shakeela Beautiful; Pretty 8 Girl-E
Shanze Rose 1 Girl-E
Shimaz Beloved 4 Girl-E
Saachi Beloved; Grace; Truth; Following; Companion; Another name for Agni 5 Girl-E
Shazfa Success 7 Girl-E
Salila Water 9 Girl-E
Suni Believer 9 Girl-E
Sohana Graceful; Beautiful 22 Girl-E
Shamia Blessings; One who listens; Exalted; Noble; Much praised 6 Girl-E
Saliha Good; Useful; Pious; Virtuous; Just 5 Girl-E
Sanshi Praise 7 Girl-E
Siham Arrow of Love 5 Girl-E
Snija Scent; Flower 8 Girl-E
Sruchi qualities of spontaneity, creativity, and happiness 6 Girl-E
Saneha Love 3 Girl-E
Shivanki Goddess Parvati; One who Loves Lord Shiva 3 Girl-E
Safia Untroubled; Serene; Pure; Best friend 9 Girl-E
Shelza Consort of Lord Shiva 8 Girl-E
Sadiah Good luck 6 Girl-E
Samaa One who listens a lot; Sky; Peaceful; Evenness; Comparable; A year 8 Girl-E
Sanina Friend; a Childhood friend 22 Girl-E
Sauda Blessed with good fortune 1 Girl-E
Seham Arrows 1 Girl-E
Shukti Pearl oyster 7 Girl-E
Siddi Achievement; Lord Shiva; Perfection or completion 9 Girl-E
Simin Silvery; Made of silver 1 Girl-E
Sireen A narrator of Hadith from the prophet (Saw), Another narrator of Hadith by the same name was the sister of Mariah al-Qabtiyah; al-Maqooqus of Egypt 7 Girl-E
Suwera Morning 6 Girl-E