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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Piaar Love; Attachment 9 Boy-E
Prem Love 7 Boy-E
Pankaj Lotus flower; Another name for Brahma 8 Boy-E
Pavith Love 4 Boy-E
Phakir Alt spelling Farid 9 Boy-E
Puneet Pure or holy 9 Boy-E
Partap Glory; Vigour; Strength 9 Boy-E
Prajit Victorious; Conquering; Defeating 11 Boy-E
Praneet Humble boy; Likeable; Sanctified; Modest; Leader 7 Boy-E
Preetam Lover; Lovable 6 Boy-E
Preetum Longing for beloved 8 Boy-E
Pritam Lover 5 Boy-E
Pankajeet Eagle Garuda 11 Boy-E
Paramgat Liberation from all bonds 5 Boy-E
Parbeen Capable; Skilful; Efficient 7 Boy-E
Pardeep Good 11 Boy-E
Pargat One who blossoms forth into fame 9 Boy-E
Parineet Wedded 7 Boy-E
Parmaad Intoxicated by Lord's Love 9 Boy-E
Parmit Wisdom; Friend of the supreme 5 Boy-E
Parsan One who is happy and delightful 6 Boy-E
Partapi Majestic; Courageous 9 Boy-E
Partit Faith 7 Boy-E
Parwah Supremely wonderful 4 Boy-E
Parwan Acceptable; Full Moon 1 Boy-E
Pasohra Of pishawar 6 Boy-E
Patveer The respected brave one 6 Boy-E
Patwant Respectable; Honourable; Elite 5 Boy-E
Pavitar A pure individual; Pure; Holy person 6 Boy-E
Phulwant Full of flower fragrance 7 Boy-E
Prabhrang One who is coloured by Lord's Love 4 Boy-E
Prabhrup Rabb da Roop; With an appearance of God; Embodiment of God 1 Boy-E
Premveer Pyar ko pasand karne wala 3 Boy-E
Purajit Lord Shiva; Conqueror of city Purumitra 5 Boy-E
Purandar Lord Indra; Fortress destroyer; Name of Indra; An epithet of Shiva, Krishna, Agni and Vishnu 3 Boy-E
Paramarath A spiritual person 7 Boy-E
Paramdaya Most compassionate one 8 Boy-E
Prabhaatam One whose soul unites with God 9 Boy-E
Prabhadhaar Lords support 6 Boy-E
Prabhanand One who draws bliss from God 7 Boy-E
Prabhbir God's brave warrior 11 Boy-E
Prabhbodh Divine knowledge 11 Boy-E
Prabhcheet Remembering the Lord by heart; Absorbed in God 5 Boy-E
Prabhchet Absorbed in God; Remembering the Lord by heart 9 Boy-E
Prabhchit Remembering the Lord by heart; Absorbed in God 4 Boy-E
Prabhdas Slave of God 6 Boy-E
Prabhdaya One for whom God is merciful 4 Boy-E
Prabhdeep God's light; Enlightened; God's dear one 3 Boy-E
Prabhdhan One for whom Love of God is a wealth 9 Boy-E
Prabhdheer Steadfast in Love of God 4 Boy-E
Prabhjas Lords praises 3 Boy-E
Prabhjeet Love of God; God victorious; God's triumph 4 Boy-E
Prabhjit Love of God; God victorious; God's triumph 3 Boy-E
Prabhjodh God's warrior 1 Boy-E
Prabhjog Worthy of God 5 Boy-E
Prabhjot God's light 9 Boy-E
Prabhjote Light of God 5 Boy-E
Prabhmeet Friend of God 7 Boy-E
Prabhmel Union with God 3 Boy-E
Prabhnaam Absorbed in the name of God 11 Boy-E
Prabhnam Absorbed in the name of God 1 Boy-E
Prabhnoor The light of God 8 Boy-E
Prabjot Parmatama the jot 1 Boy-E
Prathipaal The nurturer; The one who looks after the world 3 Boy-E
Preetveer 6 Boy-E
Prembans Belonging to the family of holy ones 7 Boy-E
Premdeep The lamp of Love 1 Boy-E
Premjeet One who wins over others by love 11 Boy-E
Premjeev Loving being 4 Boy-E
Premjot The light of Love 7 Boy-E
Prempal God; The loving caretaker 9 Boy-E
Premrang Coloured in the Love of God 11 Boy-E
Premras Imbued in the Lord's Love 9 Boy-E
Premroop Embodiment of Love 8 Boy-E
Premsukh Attaining peace through Lord's love 3 Boy-E
Premtek Support of Love of God 7 Boy-E
Premwant Full of Love 11 Boy-E
Prithipal Beloved cherisher; Protector 1 Boy-E
Prithvipal Beloved cherisher; Protector 5 Boy-E
Pritpal God; The loving caretaker; Earth; Pledge keeper; Beloved cherisher; Protector 11 Boy-E
Puranjeet Perfect victory 11 Boy-E
Purbhjeet Victory with the God 6 Boy-E
Pushpreet Love for flowers 11 Boy-E
Paawanjeet The victory of the pure 6 Boy-E
Padamdeep Thousand billions; Of regions; Of Lotus petaled lamps 11 Boy-E
Padamjeet The victory of the lotus 3 Boy-E
Padamjot Light of the lotus 8 Boy-E
Padampal Protector of the Lotus 1 Boy-E
Pankajdeep Light of lotus 11 Boy-E
Paramaadhar Taking the highest support 1 Boy-E
Paramajeet Victory of supreme 9 Boy-E
Paramatam Supreme soul 3 Boy-E
Parambir The greatest warrior; The supreme hero 6 Boy-E
Parambodh Greatest gnostic 6 Boy-E
Paramdeep The lamp of the divine 7 Boy-E
Paramdesh The highest God 4 Boy-E
Paramdev A godly person 8 Boy-E
Paramdheer Having the greatest patience 8 Boy-E
Paramgeet The highest song of bliss 5 Boy-E
Paramhans Sadguru (Holy teacher) 1 Boy-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 225
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Popular Sikh Boy names beginning with P

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Sikh Boy names beginning with P will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Sikh names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Boy child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.