Sikh Boy Names Starting With L

50 Sikh Boy Names Starting With 'L' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Laavindeep Illuminated; infused lamp; Bright future 8 Boy-E
Lajpal Protector of honour 7 Boy-E
Lajpreet Love of honour 6 Boy-E
Lajprem Love of honour 3 Boy-E
Lajwant Honourable; Modest 9 Boy-E
Lakhabir Brave as hundred thousand 8 Boy-E
Lakhbir Brave as hundred thousand 7 Boy-E
Lakhmeet A friend of hundred thousand 3 Boy-E
Lakhminder Lord of hundred thousand 5 Boy-E
Lakhpreet Love of hundred thousand 6 Boy-E
Lakhprem Love of hundred thousand 3 Boy-E
Lakhsman Quality of mind 7 Boy-E
Lakhviar Heroic quality 1 Boy-E
Lakhvir Brave as hundred thousand 9 Boy-E
Lakhwinder Lakh-w-inder-meaning is the man who has defeated lakhs of Inder's (Indian Lord Indra) 6 Boy-E
Lakshmireet Lucky soul 4 Boy-E
Lamjot 8 Boy-E
Lashkar Army 7 Boy-E
Laveneet Soccer 3 Boy-E
Lavindeep Illuminated; infused lamp; Bright future 7 Boy-E
Lavpreet Swaggerific 9 Boy-E
Livaatam Absorbed in the soul 7 Boy-E
Livavtar Love incarnate 6 Boy-E
Livchet Absorbed in remembrance of God 7 Boy-E
Livchit Absorbed in consciousness 11 Boy-E
Livdeep Absorbed in the light of God; Illuminated love 1 Boy-E
Livgiaan Absorbed in divine knowledge 3 Boy-E
Livjeevan A life absorbed in God 1 Boy-E
Livkamal Absorbed in Lotus feet of God 9 Boy-E
Livnaam Absorbed in naam 9 Boy-E
Livpreet Love of adoration; Absorbed in a gem of the holy word; Beloved 8 Boy-E
Livsharan Absorbed in the Lotus feet of God 5 Boy-E
Livtar Love unending 1 Boy-E
Lochanpal Protector of desire 1 Boy-E
Lochanpreet Love for desires 9 Boy-E
Lokmeet A friend of the people 9 Boy-E
Lokpal Protector of the people 22 Boy-E
Lokpreet One who loves people 3 Boy-E
Lokprem One who loves people 9 Boy-E
Lokraaj Rule of the people 5 Boy-E
Lokroop An embodiment of the people 3 Boy-E
Loksewak Absorbed in serving others 7 Boy-E
Lovdeep Attachment to illumination 7 Boy-E
Lovedeep A person that cares about everyone, helps everyone, puts everyone before him 3 Boy-E
Lovejeet Who wins the heart 4 Boy-E
Lovepreet Loving 1 Boy-E
Lovleen Absorbed; Imbued; Infused 4 Boy-E
Lovpreet Love for adoration 5 Boy-E
Lovprem Love of adoration 11 Boy-E
Luvdeep Illuminated absorbtion 4 Boy-E
Showing 1 - 50 of 50
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Popular Sikh Boy names beginning with L

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Sikh Boy names beginning with L will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Sikh names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Boy child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.