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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Tadbir An effort; From Zafarnama 9 Boy-E
Tajdaar Splendour; Crowned; Ruler; King 1 Boy-E
Tajinderbir Brave splendour of God 11 Boy-E
Tajinderdeep Splendid light of God 3 Boy-E
Tajindermeet A splendid friend of God 7 Boy-E
Tajinderpal Protector of splendid God 11 Boy-E
Tajinderpreet Love for splendid God 1 Boy-E
Tajinderprem Love for splendid God 7 Boy-E
Takdeer Of great fortune; Destiny; Fortune; Luck 1 Boy-E
Takhat Royal thorn; Master of empire 7 Boy-E
Talib The sender of truth; Student 8 Boy-E
Talveen Imbued in colour 7 Boy-E
Tamannah Desire 9 Boy-E
Tandeep Tan - body & Deep - lamp light, body with light 11 Boy-E
Tanmeet Strong; Loyal 6 Boy-E
Tanupreet Exact Love 3 Boy-E
Tanveer Enlightened; Rays of light 4 Boy-E
Tanvir Enlightened; Rays of light 3 Boy-E
Tapanbir Brave and warm 9 Boy-E
Tapanjit Victory of warmth 1 Boy-E
Tapanjot Light of warmth 7 Boy-E
Tapanpal Protector of warmth 9 Boy-E
Tapanpreet Love for warmth 8 Boy-E
Tapinder God of devotion 6 Boy-E
Taranbir Warrior of redemption 11 Boy-E
Tarandeep The lamp of redemption; Swim; Ferry across 3 Boy-E
Taranjeet Victorious saviour 7 Boy-E
Taranjot Star 9 Boy-E
Taranpal Protector of redemption 11 Boy-E
Taranveer Brother of Heaven 5 Boy-E
Taranvir Warrior of redemption 4 Boy-E
Tarlochan Three dimensions; Cross over worldy desires 11 Boy-E
Tarntaran Swim; Ferry across 8 Boy-E
Tarnveer Heroic saviour 8 Boy-E
Tarsem Got After a Long Desire 22 Boy-E
Tarunjeet The victory of the youthfulness 6 Boy-E
Tarunpal Protector of youthfulness 4 Boy-E
Tarunpreet Love for youthfulness 3 Boy-E
Taruth Seeker of Source 7 Boy-E
Tarvinder The salvation of God in heaven 7 Boy-E
Tatbir Deliberate truth 7 Boy-E
Tatjog Union with the real 1 Boy-E
Tatleen One absorbed in the ultimate truth 5 Boy-E
Tatraman One who cherishes truth 7 Boy-E
Tatratan Gem of truth 5 Boy-E
Tatvichar One who reflects the ultimate truth 3 Boy-E
Tawajja Kindness; Favor 3 Boy-E
Teeran Brave; Wielder of the arrow 3 Boy-E
Tegbir Bright; Heroic sword 4 Boy-E
Tegh The wielder of the sword 22 Boy-E
Teghbahadur Courageous sword 5 Boy-E
Tegvir Bright; Heroic sword 9 Boy-E
Teijinder God of grandeur 4 Boy-E
Tej Light; Lustrous; Power; Brilliance; Glory; Security 8 Boy-E
Tejasvar Bright; Sharp 6 Boy-E
Tejasvir Glorious hero 5 Boy-E
Tejbir The glory of the brave one; Brave and splendour 1 Boy-E
Tejdeep The lamp of glory; Reign of glory 11 Boy-E
Tejdharam Glory of righteousness 8 Boy-E
Tejender Source of Energy 9 Boy-E
Tejendra The Lord The Sun 5 Boy-E
Tejindar God of grandeur; Splendor of God in heaven 9 Boy-E
Tejinderjit One who wins God of grandeur 7 Boy-E
Tejinderpal Glorious protection of God in heaven 6 Boy-E
Tejmaan Great glory and honour 1 Boy-E
Tejnaam The glory of the Lord's being 1 Boy-E
Tejpal Protector of splendor; Quick 1 Boy-E
Tejpratap Glory and splendour 8 Boy-E
Tejpreet Glory of Love 9 Boy-E
Tejwant Full of splendour 3 Boy-E
Tekdeep The lamp which gives support 3 Boy-E
Tekjeet One who wins Lord's support 22 Boy-E
Tekjit One who wins lords support 3 Boy-E
Tekmeet Friendly support 7 Boy-E
Teknam One who takes the support of the Lord's name 1 Boy-E
Tekpal One who protects the support 2 Boy-E
Tekpreet Supporting Love 1 Boy-E
Tekraam Lords support 6 Boy-E
Tekroop The embodiment of gods support 1 Boy-E
Telvinder Anointed of God in Heaven 1 Boy-E
Tersem Perfect saviour 8 Boy-E
Thakurchet Remembering the Lord master 7 Boy-E
Thakurjeet One who has won the Lord masters Love 11 Boy-E
Thakurjot Light of the Lord; Master 7 Boy-E
Thakurmeet A friend of the Lord; Master 5 Boy-E
Thakurnaam Remembering the Lord master's name 9 Boy-E
Thakurpal Preserver of the Lord master 9 Boy-E
Thakurtej The glory of the Lord master 6 Boy-E
Thakurtek One whose support is the Lord master 7 Boy-E
Thalbhoop Master of the planet 7 Boy-E
Thalbir Heroic fighter 7 Boy-E
Thaldeep The lamp of the world 8 Boy-E
Thalraaj King; Master of the planet 8 Boy-E
Theeran Brave; Wielder of the arrow 8 Boy-E
Thirath Religious place 3 Boy-E
Thirbir A steadfast and brave warrior 3 Boy-E
Thirdhiaan Meditation on Lord unwaveringly 11 Boy-E
Thirmaan One of unwavering mind; One who finds rest in Naam 3 Boy-E
Thirprem One whose love is steadfast 8 Boy-E
Tirath Sacred Place 4 Boy-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 117
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Popular Sikh Boy names beginning with T

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Sikh Boy names beginning with T will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Sikh names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Boy child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.