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Sikh Boy Names Starting With R

212 Sikh Boy Names Starting With 'R' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Raamrai Prince of omniscient God 7 Boy
Raamratan Jewel of Lord Rama 6 Boy
Raamrattan Attentive to God 8 Boy
Rachanbir Brave and creative 11 Boy
Rachanjeet Victory of creation 4 Boy
Rachanjot Light of creation 9 Boy
Rachanpreet Love for creation 1 Boy
Rachneet Absorbed in creation 11 Boy
Rachpinderjeet Trusted in faith 1 Boy
Raghubans Relating to the Raghu family 1 Boy
Raghujeet The victory of the Raghu family 5 Boy
Raghupreet Love for the Raghu family 11 Boy
Rahuldeep Light of Rahul 9 Boy
Rahuljit Victory for Rahul 9 Boy
Rahulpreet Love of Rahul 7 Boy
Rajanbir Brave king 1 Boy
Rajandeep It means princess 11 Boy
Rajanjeet Kings victory 3 Boy
Rajanmeet Friendly king 6 Boy
Rajanpal Protector of the king 1 Boy
Rajanpreet Kings Love 9 Boy
Rajanwant Complete king 3 Boy
Rajdeep Best of kings 5 Boy
Rajdevinder Brave king 11 Boy
Rajender Lord of kings; Emperor 3 Boy
Rajindar Dominion over a region; The illuminated kingdom 3 Boy
Rajinderbir The emperor; King of kings 9 Boy
Rajinderdev A variant of Rajendra, King Indra 11 Boy
Rajindermeet Dust; Dominion of God 5 Boy
Rajinderprem Warrior of the king 5 Boy
Rajkanwal Lord of the king; Friendly king 1 Boy
Rajkiran King of sunrays 1 Boy
Rajkirpal Dominion of a singer; A Lotus 6 Boy
Rajmandar Dominion of a singer or a Lotus; Light of king 8 Boy
Rajmeet Kind king 9 Boy
Rajnarind Palace 8 Boy
Rajpal King like an incarnation of God in heaven 22 Boy
Rajparam Duty Towards Life 6 Boy
Rajpratap King like an incarnation of God in heaven 11 Boy
Rajprateek The protector king 6 Boy
Rajpreet Dominion of majesty 3 Boy
Rajratan Dominion of majesty 11 Boy
Rajroop Rule on silence 3 Boy
Rajsharan King of Love 9 Boy
Rajsukh Kingdom of gems 7 Boy
Rajveer Brave King, The hero of the land; Kingdom warriors 4 Boy
Rajvinder Brave king 11 Boy
Rajvir Brave King, The hero of the land; Kingdom warriors 6 Boy
Rakhbir Brave king 4 Boy
Rakhnaam One whose protector is Naam 4 Boy
Rakhwant Brave king 6 Boy
Rakhwinder Brave protector 3 Boy
Ramanbir One whose protector is naam 4 Boy
Ramandeep Absorbed in the light of Lord's Love 5 Boy
Ramangun Absorbed in the light of lord's Love 8 Boy
Ramanjit Victory of beloved 5 Boy
Ramanjot One absorbed in virtues 11 Boy
Ramanpreet The victory of beloved; Light of beloved 3 Boy
Ramanroop Friendly beloved 3 Boy
Ramansukh Love of beloved; Love of merriment 7 Boy
Ramanveer Lover of comfort; Lover of God 7 Boy
Rambir An embodiment of the beloved; Peaceful beloved 7 Boy
Ramchet Remembering the Lord 5 Boy
Ramchetan Warrior of God 11 Boy
Ramdas Devotee; A servant of Lord Rama 2 Boy
Ramdeep One who is aware of the Lord; Remembering the Lord 8 Boy
Ramdharam Servant of God; Slave of God 5 Boy
Rameenajit The lamp of all pervanding God 6 Boy
Rameshbir Religion of righteousness 3 Boy
Rameshdeep Victory of beloved 4 Boy
Rameshinder Goddess 6 Boy
Rameshmeet Brave as the Lord 8 Boy
Rameshpal Lords lamp 3 Boy
Rameshpreet Lord of lords 11 Boy
Ramgeet Protector of Lord; Lord's friend 6 Boy
Ramgiaan Love for Lord 1 Boy
Ramindar Song of the all-pervading God; One having all- pervading knowledge 6 Boy
Raminderbir Absorbed in the Lord 3 Boy
Raminderjeet God; Beloved 5 Boy
Raminderjot Dominion of the God of heaven 1 Boy
Raminderpal Brave God 3 Boy
Raminderpreet The victory of the beloved God 11 Boy
Ramjeet Protector of the dominion of God; Light of the beloved God 9 Boy
Ramjeevan Love for the beloved God 8 Boy
Ramjot The winner of Love of God; Lord's life 5 Boy
Ramleen The light of God; Union with God 5 Boy
Ramneet Pleasing moment 4 Boy
Ramnivas Beautiful 7 Boy
Rampal Beauteous 7 Boy
Rampiari One who is beloved to Lord Rama 4 Boy
Rampraksah One who abides in Lord's name 7 Boy
Rampreet God; Ram's love which is Sita; Protected by God 6 Boy
Ramrang Light of God 9 Boy
Ramrasan In Love with God 4 Boy
Ramroop In Love with God 6 Boy
Ramsukh Imbued with Love of God 1 Boy
Ramvichaar Imbued with Love of God 4 Boy
Ranbir The winner in war; The brave warrior 8 Boy
Randeep The hero of the battle 9 Boy
Rangaatam The lamp hero of the battle 4 Boy
Showing 1 - 100 of 212
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Popular Sikh Boy names beginning with R

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Sikh Boy names beginning with R will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Sikh names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Boy child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.