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Cute Islamic/Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With N

26 Muslim Boy Names Starting With 'N' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Naaji (نااجی) Saver; Safe 8 Unisex
Naase (نااسی) Clear; Pure; White 4 Boy
Nadr (نادر) Flourishing 1 Boy
Naef (نایف) Excess; Surplus 8 Boy
Nafi (نافع) Propitious 3 Boy
Nahi (ناہی) Another name of prophet Muhammad 5 Boy
Nahyan (ناہیان) Stopper 9 Boy
Naib (نائب) Deputy 8 Boy
Naif (نائف) Exalted; Lofty; Eminent 3 Boy
Nail (نایل) Acquirer; Earner; Blue; Winner; Gainer 9 Unisex
Naim (نعیم) Comfort; Tranquility; Ease 1 Boy
Naji (ناجی) Saver; Safe 7 Boy
Najji (ناججی) An intimate friend; Bosom friend 8 Boy
Najm (نجم) Star; Planet 11 Unisex
Naqi (نقی) Pure 5 Boy
Nashat (ناساہ، ناسحٹ) Growing up; Youth 6 Boy
Nashi (ناسہی) Advisor 6 Boy
Neeya (نییا) A desire for something; Purpose; Bright; 5 Unisex
Nev () Little saint; Little holy one; From the new town; Hero; Courageous 5 Boy
Nooh (نوح) A prophet's name; 7 Boy
Noon () Sword blade 22 Boy
Noori (نوری) Shining; Brightness 8 Boy
Nuaym (نوایم) A narrator of Hadith, Name of several of the companions of the prophet 2 Boy
Nuh (نوح) A prophet's name; 7 Boy
Nur (نور) Light; Angel 8 Boy
Nuri (نوری) Shining; Brightness 8 Boy