Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With G

154 Hindu Girl Names Starting With 'G' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Gyanvi Knowledgable person 6 Girl-E
Gyanika Slender 5 Girl-E
Gyaneshwari Light of Knowledge 4 Girl-E
Gyanavi Knowledgable person 7 Girl-E
Gyanada Goddess Saraswati; Giver of knowledge 8 Girl-E
Gyana Full of knowledge; A Devi name 3 Girl-E
Gurushree Devoted to God 5 Girl-E
Gurulakshmi Worshiper of Goddess Laxmi 5 Girl-E
Gurujala 1 Girl-E
Gurjari A Raga 3 Girl-E
Gurbani Sikhs religious prayer 9 Girl-E
Gunvanta Virtuous 1 Girl-E
Gunnika Garland; Cohesive 5 Girl-E
Gunjita Humming of bee 1 Girl-E
Gunjika Humming 1 Girl-E
Gunjana Buzzing of a bee 5 Girl-E
Gunishka Skillful; Clever; Having Good Manners; Goddess of Talent 9 Girl-E
Gunika Star ; Pearl 9 Girl-E
Gungun Soft and warm 3 Girl-E
Gungan 1 Girl-E
Gunavati Virtuous or expert 5 Girl-E
Gunakshi Kind; One who is good by nature 9 Girl-E
Gulika A pearl; Circular; A shot 7 Girl-E
Gul Flower; Rose; Red; Precious; Fortune 4 Girl-E
Gudiya Doll 4 Girl-E
Gudia Doll 6 Girl-E
Guddu Flower 3 Girl-E
Gruni Light; Sparkle 6 Girl-E
Griva Girls who have beautiful singing throat 3 Girl-E
Grisma Warmth; Kind of a season 4 Girl-E
Grishma Warmth; Kind of a season 3 Girl-E
Grihitha Goddess Lakshmi; Accepted 8 Girl-E
Grhitha Understood and accepted 8 Girl-E
Greshy Loves God; Graceful 1 Girl-E
Greha Planet 3 Girl-E
Greeshna 5 Girl-E
Greeshmita Heat 6 Girl-E
Greeshmi A kind of season 3 Girl-E
Greeshma Warmth; Kind of season 4 Girl-E
Greesha Vigilant 9 Girl-E
Grahitha Accepted 9 Girl-E
Grahi Accepting 7 Girl-E
Grahati Goddess Lakshmi 1 Girl-E
Gowri Bright; Goddess Parvati 9 Girl-E
Govindi A devotee of Lord Krishna 8 Girl-E
Gouthami River Godavari; One who enlightens; One who removes darkness; Another name for Durga 4 Girl-E
Goushwa 4 Girl-E
Gourinanda Daughter of Goddess Parvathi; Daughter of God Vishnu 5 Girl-E
Gourankshi Humble 6 Girl-E
Gourangi Giver of happiness; Another name of Goddess Radha; Beloved of Lord Krishna; Fair complexion 11 Girl-E
Gorma Goddess Parvati 9 Girl-E
Gopu Smart 5 Girl-E
Gopikashri Cowherd; Cowherd woman 5 Girl-E
Gopika A cowherd; Cowherd woman; Defender; One who protect cows; Another name for Raadha 5 Girl-E
Gopi Milkmaid friends of Lord Krishna 11 Girl-E
Gopa Gautama's wife 3 Girl-E
Gool Flower; Rose; Red; Precious; Fortune 22 Girl-E
Goohari Paraakramam (Power) 1 Girl-E
Gomyasri 8 Girl-E
Gomti Name of a river 1 Girl-E
Gomini Goddess Lakshmi; Owner of cattle 4 Girl-E
Gomati Name of a river 11 Girl-E
Gomathy Name of a river; Queen of beauty 8 Girl-E
Gomathi Name of a river; Queen of beauty 1 Girl-E
Gokilavani 11 Girl-E
Gokila King of the World 1 Girl-E
Gojari Adorable 6 Girl-E
Godavari River Godavari; Largest and longest river in South India; One who bestows water and wealth 5 Girl-E
Gobikaa Woman of Gokulam roaming around Krishna 1 Girl-E
Gnya Famous; Scholar 2 Girl-E
Gnashika Indestructible 7 Girl-E
Gnapika Intelligent 5 Girl-E
Gnanvi Determined 4 Girl-E
Gnansika Creator 4 Girl-E
Gnaniksa A leader 4 Girl-E
Gnaneswari Intelligent; Name of Goddess Lakshmi 3 Girl-E
Gnanalia Strong; Independent 5 Girl-E
Gnanal Queen of expertise 22 Girl-E
Givitha Life 4 Girl-E
Giva Hill 3 Girl-E
Gitisha Seven sound of a song 1 Girl-E
Gitika A little song; A small song 3 Girl-E
Githa Gift 9 Girl-E
Gitashri The bhagwat Gita 1 Girl-E
Gitansh Gita ka Ansh (Part of Gita) 6 Girl-E
Gitanjali Collection of pomes in song; Tagore's poems which got Nobel prize; An offering of songs; The devotional offering of musical praise 11 Girl-E
Gitali Lover of the song; Musical; One who appreciates the song 4 Girl-E
Gita The holy book of the Hindus; Song; Poem; The Bhagavad Gita; The renowned Hindu religious treatise on philosophy and morality 1 Girl-E
Girisha One belonging to the mountains; Another name for Paarvati 8 Girl-E
Girika Summit of a mountain; Mountain peak 1 Girl-E
Girija Born of a mountain, Goddess Parvati, Daughter of Himalaya 9 Girl-E
Giribala Goddess Parvati, Daughter of the Mountain, Another name for Parvati 5 Girl-E
Gireesha One belonging to the mountains; Another name for Paarvati 9 Girl-E
Gira Language 8 Girl-E
Gini Gold 3 Girl-E
Giana God is gracious 5 Girl-E
Ghena Ornament 8 Girl-E
Ghanya SINGING 11 Girl-E
Ghanishka Goddess Parvati 6 Girl-E
Ghaneswari 6 Girl-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 154
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