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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Thea (ഥേം) Gift of God; A bird 7 Girl-E
Taani (താനീ) Encouragement; Faith 9 Girl-E
Taara (താരാ) Star; The pupil of the eye; Meteor; Fragance 5 Girl-E
Taashi (താശീ) Prosperity 22 Girl-E
Takshii (താക്ഷീ) Eyes like a pigeon 5 Girl-E
Tama (തമാ) Night 8 Girl-E
Tangi (തംഗീ) Beautiful 6 Girl-E
Tansi (തംസീ) Beautiful princess 9 Girl-E
Tapi (താപീ) Name of a river 1 Girl-E
Tara (താരാ) Star; The pupil of the eye; Meteor; Fragrance 4 Girl-E
Taru (തരു) Tree 6 Girl-E
Tasha (താഷാ) Birth 4 Girl-E
Tashi (താശീ) Prosperity 3 Girl-E
Tashu (താശും) Horse 6 Girl-E
Taza (തജാ) Fresh 3 Girl-E
Teji (തേജീ) Radiant; Brilliant 8 Girl-E
Teju (തേജു) Full of light 11 Girl-E
Tesha (തേഷാ) Happiness; Survivor 8 Girl-E
Thanga (ഥംഗാ) Golden 6 Girl-E
Thansi (ഥംസീ) Beautiful princess 8 Girl-E
Tharaa (താരാ) Wealth 22 Girl-E
Thiya (ഥിയാ) Gift of God 9 Girl-E
Tiasha (തിക്ഷാ) 22 Girl-E
Tiru (തിരു) Shri 5 Girl-E
Tisha (തീശാ) Happiness; Survivor 3 Girl-E
Tithi (തിഥി) Date 3 Girl-E
Tiya (തിയാ) Gift of God; A bird 1 Girl-E
Tiyu (തീയു) Sun 3 Girl-E
Toshi (തോശീ) Alert 8 Girl-E
Toya (തോയാ) Water 7 Girl-E
Trusha (തൃഷാ) Thirst 6 Girl-E
Tuhi (തുഹീ) Bird sound 22 Girl-E
Tuli (തുലീ) Fine paint brush 8 Girl-E
Turi (തുരീ) Paint brush 5 Girl-E
Tusi (തുസീ) Resurrection 6 Girl-E
Taanaya (താന്യാ) Daughter; Born of the body 9 Girl-E
Tabu (തബ്ബൂ) Army; Excellent; 8 Girl-E
Takshvi (താക്ഷ്വീ) Goddess Lakshmi 9 Girl-E
Takshya (താക്ഷ്യാ) 22 Girl-E
Talli (തല്ലീ) Young 9 Girl-E
Tania (താന്യാ) Daughter; Born of the body 9 Girl-E
Tanvee (തന്വീ) Slender; Beautiful; Delicate 22 Girl-E
Tanvi (തന്വീ) Slender; Beautiful; Delicate 3 Girl-E
Tanya (താന്യാ) Of the family 7 Girl-E
Tapti (താപ്തി) The Sun's daughter; A river; Heat; One who has undergone penance 3 Girl-E
Tashvi (താശ്വീ) Composed; Charming 7 Girl-E
Tayja (തയ്ജാ) Little gem 3 Girl-E
Teertha (തീര്ഥാ) A holy place; Sacred water; Place of pilgrimage 5 Girl-E
Thanya (ഥാന്യാ) Beautiful Eyes; Sensitive; Affectionate; Imaginative 6 Girl-E
Theertha (തീര്ഥാ) Holy water; Pilgrimage centers 4 Girl-E
Thirtha (തിര്ഥാ) Holy water; Pilgrimage centers 3 Girl-E
Thraya (ഥ്രായാ) Three 1 Girl-E
Thresha (ഥ്രേശാ) Star; Noble 7 Girl-E
Thridha (ഥ്രീധാ) Name of Goddess Durga 5 Girl-E
Thrisha (ത്രിശാ) Star; Noble 11 Girl-E
Thrishna (ത്രിശാ) Thirst 7 Girl-E
Thumki (ഥുമ്കീ) 1 Girl-E
Timsy (ടിമ്സീ) Star 5 Girl-E
Tinki (ടിന്കീ) Innocent 9 Girl-E
Tinni (ടിന്നീ) Beautiful girl 3 Girl-E
Tirsa (തിര്സാ) Princess; The one who brings sight of satisfaction and happiness; Derived from Dutch Tertzah; Another meaning is affectionate; Joy of life 22 Girl-E
Tischa (തീസ്ചാ) Joy & pride 6 Girl-E
Tishya (തിഷ്യാ) Auspicious; A star; Lucky 1 Girl-E
Tista (തീസ്താ) Tributary of Ganga river located in North India 6 Girl-E
Tisya (തിസ്യാ) Auspicious; A star; Lucky 2 Girl-E
Trariti (ത്രൃതി) Goddess Durga; Agile; Efficient; Swift 5 Girl-E
Trayi (ത്രയീ) Intellect 1 Girl-E
Treesha (ത്രിശാ) Desire 4 Girl-E
Treya (ത്രേയാ) Walking in three paths; Young woman; Enlightening 6 Girl-E
Tripti (തൃപ്തി) Satisfied; Satisfaction; Another name for the river Ganges 11 Girl-E
Trisha (ത്രിഷാ) Thirst 3 Girl-E
Triti (ത്രിതീ) A moment in time 4 Girl-E
Triya (ത്രിയാ) Walking in three paths; Young woman; Enlightening 1 Girl-E
Trupti (തൃപ്തി) Stiltedness 5 Girl-E
Trushna (തൃഷ്ണാ) Thirst 11 Girl-E
Tulya (തുല്യാ) Equaled; Similar; Alike; Equivalent 7 Girl-E
Turvi (തുര്വീ) Superior; Victorious 9 Girl-E
Tushti (തുഷ്ടി) Satisfaction; Peace; Happiness 7 Girl-E
Tusti (തുസ്തീ) Satisfaction; Peace; Happiness 8 Girl-E
Tutti (തുത്തീ) a passage to be performed with all voices or instruments together. 9 Girl-E
Tvesa (ത്വേസാ) Brilliant; Glittering; Beautiful; Impulsive 4 Girl-E
Tvesha (ത്വേസാ) Brilliant; Glittering; Beautiful; Impulsive 3 Girl-E
Tvishi (ത്വീശീ) Ray of light; Energy; Brilliance; Determination; Impulsiveness; Modern baby names 6 Girl-E
Tweety (ത്വിടീ) Singing bird 8 Girl-E
Twisha (ത്വിശാ) Bright; Light; Brilliance 8 Girl-E
Taalika (താലികാ) Palm; Calm; Nightingale; Key; A list 1 Girl-E
Taamasi (താമസീ) Night; Rest; A river 1 Girl-E
Taania (താനിയാ) Daughter; Born of the body 1 Girl-E
Taaraka (താരകാ) Star; Meteor; Pupil of the eye 8 Girl-E
Taarika (താരികാ) A small star, starlet; Divine; Film actress 7 Girl-E
Taarini (താരിണീ) Saviour; She who frees; She who delivers from sin; Another name for Goddess Durga; Goddess Parvati 9 Girl-E
Taheli (തഹേലീ) 1 Girl-E
Tajagna (തജജ്ഞ) Brilliant 9 Girl-E
Takshaya (തക്ഷയാ) 5 Girl-E
Takshika (തക്ഷികാ) Bliss 8 Girl-E
Taluni (താലുംനീ) Young 5 Girl-E
Tamali (തമാലീ) A tree with very dark bark 2 Girl-E
Tamana (തമനാ) Desire; wish 5 Girl-E
Tamasa (തമസാ) A river; Darkness 1 Girl-E
Tamasi (തമസീ) Night; Rest; A river 9 Girl-E
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Popular Malayalam Girl names beginning with T

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