Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With T

414 Hindu Girl Names Starting With 'T' Found
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TaalikaPalm; Calm; Nightingale; Key; A list 1Girl
TaamasiNight; Rest; A river 1Girl
TaanayaDaughter; Born of the body 9Girl
TaaniEncouragement; Faith 9Girl
TaaniaDaughter; Born of the body 1Girl
TaaraStar; The pupil of the eye; Meteor; Fragance 5Girl
TaarakaStar; Meteor; Pupil of the eye 8Girl
TaarikaA small star, starlet; Divine; Film actress 7Girl
TaariniSaviour; She who frees; She who delivers from sin; Another name for Goddess Durga; Goddess Parvati 9Girl
TaashiProsperity 22Girl
TabuArmy; Excellent; 8Girl
TahaswiniAdventure; Emotional; Highly Attractive 5Girl
TaheliSuggest meaning 1Girl
TahnyatCongratulate 8Girl
TaiunayaAbsorbed in; Identical 11Girl
TajagnaBrilliant 9Girl
TakshayaSuggest meaning 5Girl
TakshiiEyes like a pigeon 5Girl
TakshikaBliss 8Girl
TakshviGoddess Lakshmi 9Girl
TakshyaSuggest meaning 22Girl
TaksvihBrave as Lord Shiva 9Girl
TalliYoung 9Girl
TaluniYoung 5Girl
TamHeart; Date palm; Plam tree; Fast; Guardian; Tree 7Unisex
TamaNight 8Girl
TamaliA tree with very dark bark 2Girl
TamalikaBelonging to a place full of Tamal 5Girl
TamanaDesire; wish 5Girl
TamannaDesire; Wish; Ambition 1Girl
TamasaA river; Darkness 1Girl
TamashreeWhole; Perfect 9Girl
TamasiNight; Rest; A river 9Girl
TamasviDarkness 22Girl
TamasviniNight 9Girl
TamayanthySuggest meaning 11Girl
TamburaA musical instrument 22Girl
TamdeviPowerful; Blessings 11Girl
Tamil SelviPride of tamilains 5Girl
TamilarasiQueen of Tamil language 4Girl
TamiraMagic 8Girl
TamishraBeautiful 8Girl
TammanaDesire; Wish 9Girl
TamsaName of a river 9Girl
TanarupiName of a Raga 1Girl
TanashviA blessing for richness or wealthiness 4Girl
TanasiBeautiful princess 1Girl
TanaviAttractive; Slender 22Girl
TanayaDaughter; Born of the body; Son 8Girl
TanaymeeVery calm; In Deep concentration 3Girl
TaneeshaFairy queen; Ambition; Goddess of physique 1Girl
TangiBeautiful 6Girl
TaniaDaughter; Born of the body 9Girl
TanikaApsara; Rope 2Girl
TanimaBeautiful; Slenderness 22Girl
TanirikaGoddess of gold & Angel; A flower 11Girl
TanishaFairy queen; Ambition; Goddess of physique 9Girl
TanishiGoddess Durga; Serpent lady; Fairy queen; Goddess Durga 8Girl
TanishiaBorn on Monday 9Girl
TanishkDaughter 1Unisex
TanishkaGoddess of gold; Daughter 11Girl
TanisiGoddess Durga; Serpent lady; Fairy queen; Goddess Durga 9Girl
TaniskaGoddess of gold; Daughter 3Girl
TaniskhaGoddess of gold 11Girl
TaniyaFairy princess 7Girl
TanmayaAbsorbed 3Girl
TanmayasriEngrossed; Absorbed 4Girl
TanmayeAbsorbed; Calm; Engrossed; Reincarnated; Concentrate 7Girl
TanmayeeEcstasy in Sanskrit & Telugu 3Girl
TanmayiEcstasy in Sanskrit & Telugu 11Girl
TannishthaLoyal; Sincere & dedicated; Devoted 6Girl
TannisthaLoyal; Sincere & dedicated; Devoted 7Girl
TannuBody; Slender; Minute; Delicate; Thin 7Unisex
TansiBeautiful princess 9Girl
TanuBody; Slender; Minute; Delicate; Thin 11Unisex
Tanu PravaBody; Slim 6Girl
Tanu PriyaBody; Slim 8Girl
TanugnaTrustworthy; Travel Lover; Capable 6Girl
TanujaA daughter 4Girl
TanujashreeDaughter 5Girl
TanukaSlender; Delicate 5Girl
TanulataSlim creeper like body 9Girl
TanupaHunger 1Girl
TanurikiaA flower 5Girl
TanushaA blessing 3Girl
TanushiBeautiful 11Girl
TanushkaMadhur (Sweet) 5Girl
TanushreeBeautiful; Shapely; With a divine body 3Girl
TanushriBeautiful; Shapely; With a divine body 11Girl
TanushseeBeautiful face 4Girl
TanusiyaA great devotee 11Girl
TanusyaA great devotee 2Girl
TanvayaSuggest meaning 3Girl
TanveeSlender; Beautiful; Delicate 22Girl
TanviSlender; Beautiful; Delicate 3Girl
Tanvi SreeSlender; Beautiful; Delicate 5Girl
TanvikaBeautiful person; Goddess Durga 6Girl
TanvishaBeautiful as Nature; Soft; Beautiful 4Girl
TanvisreeSlender; Beautiful; Delicate 5Girl
TanvitaCaring 6Girl
Showing 1 - 100 of 414
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Popular Hindu Girl names beginning with T

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Hindu Girl names beginning with T will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Hindu names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.