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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Daakshya (ദക്ഷ്യ) Cleverness; Honesty; Brilliance; Efficient 7 Girl-E
Daama (ദാമാ) Prosperous; Self-possessed; River; Ocean 11 Girl-E
Daamini (ദാമിനീ) Lightning; Conquering; Self-controlled 6 Girl-E
Daayini (ദായിനീ) Giver 9 Girl-E
Dadhichi (ദധീചി) Name of a sage 1 Girl-E
Dadhija (ദധിജാ) Daughter of milk 1 Girl-E
Dageshwari (ഡാംഗേശ്വരീ) Dazzling 5 Girl-E
Dainika (ദൈനികാ) 4 Girl-E
Daivi (ദൈവീ) Pious soule 9 Girl-E
Dajshi (ദജ്ശീ) Glorious 6 Girl-E
Daksha (ദക്ഷാ) The Earth; Sati; Another name for Paarvati 8 Girl-E
Dakshaja (ദക്ഷജാ) Daughter 1 Girl-E
Dakshakanya (ദക്ഷകന്യാ) Able daughter 6 Girl-E
Dakshana (ദക്ഷാനാ) Sweet 5 Girl-E
Dakshata (ദക്ഷതാ) Skill 2 Girl-E
Dakshayajnavinaashini (ദക്ഷയാജനവിനാശിനീ) The interrupter of the sacrifice of Daksha 3 Girl-E
Dakshayajñavinaashini (ദക്ഷായജ്ഞഅവിനാശീനീ) The interrupter of the sacrifice of Daksha 7 Girl-E
Dakshayani (ദക്ഷായനീ) Goddess Durga, The daughter of Daksh 3 Girl-E
Dakshhtha (ദക്ഷാഹതാ) Efficiency; Care 8 Girl-E
Dakshika (ദക്ഷികാ) Daughter of Brahma 1 Girl-E
Dakshina (ദക്ഷിണാ) A donation to God or priest; Competent; Talented; With a southern orientation 4 Girl-E
Dakshinya (ദക്ഷിണയാ) Goddess Parvati, Daughter of Daksh 11 Girl-E
Dakshita (ദക്ഷിതാ) Skill 1 Girl-E
Dalaja (ദലജ഼ാ) Produced from petals 11 Girl-E
Dali (ഡാലീ) Drawn towards God 8 Girl-E
Dalisha (ദാലീശാ) Luck 9 Girl-E
Damarugapriya (ദമരുഗപരിയാ) Name of a Raga 9 Girl-E
Damaruki (ദമരുകീ) Sound of emotion 6 Girl-E
Damayanthi (ദമയംതീ) Nala's wife; Beautiful; Kind of a Jasmine 6 Girl-E
Damayanti (ദമയംതീ) Nala's wife; Beautiful; Kind of a Jasmine 7 Girl-E
Damini (ദാമിനീ) Lightning; Conquering; Self-controlled 5 Girl-E
Damyanti (ദമയംതീ) Nala's wife; Beautiful 6 Girl-E
Dani (ദാനീ) God is my judge 1 Girl-E
Dansika (ദാനസികാ) 5 Girl-E
Danushri (ദാനുംശ്രീ) The bow or name of a Hindu Rashi sagittarius 4 Girl-E
Danusiya (ദനുംസീയാ) Glow 4 Girl-E
Danvi (ദാനവീ) Charitable 5 Girl-E
Danyata (ദൈന്യതാ) Success; Fulfilment; Money and good luck; Thankful; Blessed 3 Girl-E
Daridriya Dhwamsini (ദരിദ്രാ ധാവ്സീനീ) Destroyer of poverty, Goddess Lakshmi 9 Girl-E
Daridriyanashini (ദരിദ്രിയനാശിനീ) Remover of poverty; Goddess Lakshmi 1 Girl-E
Darikha (ദാരിഖാ) Maiden 7 Girl-E
Daritree (ദരിത്രീ) The earth 8 Girl-E
Darmi (ദരമീ) Freshness 9 Girl-E
Darminee (ദരമിനീ) Religious 6 Girl-E
Darpana (ദര്പനാ) A small mirror 1 Girl-E
Darpanika (ദര്പനികാ) A small mirror 3 Girl-E
Darsatha (ദരസതാ) Visible 9 Girl-E
Darsha (ദര്ശാ) To see; To perceive; To have a vision 6 Girl-E
Darshana (ദര്ശനാ) Paying respect; Vision; Knowledge; Observation; Doctrine; Philosophy 3 Girl-E
Darshani (ദര്ശനീ) The one who blessed; Beautiful; Another name for Goddess Durga 11 Girl-E
Darshi (ദര്ശീ) Blessings; Lord Krishna; Moonlight 5 Girl-E
Darshika (ദര്ശികാ) Perceiver 8 Girl-E
Darshini (ദര്ശിനീ) The one who blessed; Beautiful; Another name for Goddess Durga 1 Girl-E
Darshinika (ദാര്ശനിക) Sight 4 Girl-E
Darshita (ദര്ശിതാ) Sight; Shown 8 Girl-E
Darshitha (ദര്ശിതാ) Sight; Shown 7 Girl-E
Darshna (ദര്ശനാ) Pray to God 11 Girl-E
Darsika (ദര്ശികാ) Perceiver 9 Girl-E
Dasha (ദശാ) Circumstance; Period of life; Wick; Condition; Degree 6 Girl-E
Dashami (ദശമീ) In Hindu traditional calender Dashami means its 10th day 1 Girl-E
Dashini (ദക്ഷിണീ) 1 Girl-E
Daxa (ദക്ഷാ) Clever; Glorious; Brave; God Gift; Excellent 3 Girl-E
Daxita (ദക്ഷീതാ) Expert 5 Girl-E
Daya (ദയാ) Kindness; Goddess; Mercy; Favour; Compassion 4 Girl-E
Dayaa (ദയാ) Kindness; Goddess; Mercy; Favour; Compassion 5 Girl-E
Dayamani (ദയാമണീ) Kindness 5 Girl-E
Dayamayee (ദയാമയീ) Kind; Merciful 8 Girl-E
Dayamayi (ദയാമയീ) Kind; Merciful 7 Girl-E
Dayanishka (ദയാനിശ്കാ) 3 Girl-E
Dayanita (ദയാനിതാ) Tender 3 Girl-E
Dayashree (ദയാശ്രീ) Masterful teacher 5 Girl-E
Dayawanti (ദയാവംതീ) Goddess of kindness 8 Girl-E
Dayita (ദയിതാ) Beloved 6 Girl-E
Dea (ദിയാ) Kindness; Goddess 1 Girl-E
Debadrita (ദേബദ്രിതാ) Who is Lover of God. 1 Girl-E
Debadyuti (ദേബദ്യുതീ) Light of God 1 Girl-E
Debanjali (ദേബംജലീ) Daughter of God 4 Girl-E
Debanshi (ദേബാംശീ) Divine; Part of God 8 Girl-E
Debarpita (ദേബര്പീതാ) Render to the God 4 Girl-E
Debashmita (ദേബാശ്മിതാ) One who can smile and make people laugh like God; Like a flower 1 Girl-E
Debasmita (ദേബസ്മിതാ) One who can smile and make people laugh like God; Like a flower 11 Girl-E
Debisha (ദേബീശാ) Part of divine 3 Girl-E
Debjani (ദേബജാനീ) Beloved; Adorable 9 Girl-E
Debopriya (ദേബോപ്രിയാ) God's favorite 5 Girl-E
Debprasad (ദേബപ്രസാദ) God's Gift 7 Girl-E
Dedeepya (ദേദീപ്യ) Light 11 Girl-E
Deeba (ദീബാ) Silk; Eye of a mistress 8 Girl-E
Deebasri (ദീബാസരീ) Silk 9 Girl-E
Deedipya (ദിദിപ്യ) Bright 6 Girl-E
Deeher (ദിഹേര) Dee means Goddess Durga's, her means Shiv, Strength of Lord Shiva 9 Girl-E
Deeksha (ദീക്ഷാ) Initiation; Sacrifice; Preparation for ceremony 8 Girl-E
Deekshana (ദീക്ഷാനാ) Initiation 5 Girl-E
Deekshanya (ദീക്ഷാന്യ) 3 Girl-E
Deekshi (ദിക്ഷീ) Initiation; Consecration 7 Girl-E
Deekshika (ദീക്ഷികാ) Talkative 1 Girl-E
Deekshita (ദീക്ഷിതാ) Initiation; Prepared 1 Girl-E
Deekshitha (ദീക്ഷിതാ) Initiation; Prepared 9 Girl-E
Deekshya (ദീക്ഷാ) Initiation 6 Girl-E
Deempal (ഡിമ്പല) A small indication that forms on the cheeks, when someone smiles 11 Girl-E
Deena (ദീനാ) Divine; Grand; Vindicated 2 Girl-E
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Popular Malayalam Girl names beginning with D

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