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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Paak (പാക) Innocent; Simple; Young; Ignorant; Pure; Clean 11 Boy-E
Paal (പാല) King; Guardian; Moment 3 Boy-E
Paalin (പാലീന) Guarding; Protecting 8 Boy-E
Paalit (പാലീത) Precious; Protected 5 Boy-E
Paanik (പാനീക) Hand 7 Boy-E
Paaraj (പാരാജ) Gold 2 Boy-E
Paarak (പാരക) Saving; Liberating; Pleasant 3 Boy-E
Paaras (പാരസ) The mystical stone that is believed to convert base metals to gold; Healthy; Touchstone; Iron 2 Boy-E
Paarth (പാര്ഥ) Arjun; Son of the Earth King; Prince; Another name of Arjun, Derived from his Mother's name Pritha (Kunti) 1 Boy-E
Paarthiban (പാര്ഥിബന) Another name of king Arjun 9 Boy-E
Paarthiv (പാര്ഥിവ) Son of the Earth; Brave; Prince of Earth; Earthly 5 Boy-E
Paaru (പാരു) The Sun; Fire; Goddess Parvati; Graceful or flow of water 3 Boy-E
Paasy (പാസീ) One of the Kauravas 8 Boy-E
Paatav (പാടവ) Agile; Clever 7 Boy-E
Paavak (പാവക) Purifying; Fire; Brilliant; Pure 7 Boy-E
Paavaki (പാവകീ) One of a kind or rare; Quite new; Exquisite; Unprecedented; Like never before; Unique; Unmatched 7 Boy-E
Paavan (പാവന) Pure; Sacred; Fire; Incense; Pious 1 Boy-E
Paawan (പാവന) Pure; Sacred; Fire; Incense; Pious 2 Boy-E
Pachai (പചാഈ) Youthful; Resourceful 11 Boy-E
Pachaimani (പച്ഛിമനീ) Youthful; Resourceful 3 Boy-E
Pachaimuthu (പച്ഛീമുഥൂ) Youthful; Resourceful 4 Boy-E
Pachak (പാചക) Digestive 22 Boy-E
Padam (പദമ) Lotus 8 Boy-E
Padm (പദ്മ) Lotus 7 Boy-E
Padmabandhu (പദ്മബംധൂ) A friend of Lotus; The Sun 4 Boy-E
Padmadhar (പദ്മധര) One who holds a lotus 3 Boy-E
Padmahasta (പദ്മഹസ്താ) Lotus handed; Lord Krishna 3 Boy-E
Padmaj (പദ്മാജ) Lord Brahma; Born from a Lotus flower 9 Boy-E
Padmakant (പദ്മകാംത) Husband of Lotus; Sun 9 Boy-E
Padmakar (പദ്മാകര) Jewel; Lord Vishnu 11 Boy-E
Padmaksh (പദ്മാംക്ഷ) Lotus eyed 1 Boy-E
Padmalochan (പദ്മലോചന) Lotus eyed 7 Boy-E
Padmam (പദ്മാമ) Lotus 3 Boy-E
Padman (പദമന) Lotus 22 Boy-E
Padmanaabhah (പദ്മനാഭഃ) He from whose navel comes the lotus 7 Boy-E
Padmanaban (പദ്മനാഭന) Padmanabhan comes from the Hindu word which means, Lotus navelled, A name of Lord Vishnu 4 Boy-E
Padmanabh (പദ്മനാഭ) One with Lotus in his navel; Lord Vishnu 6 Boy-E
Padmanabha (പദ്മനാഭാ) One with Lotus in his navel; Lord Vishnu 7 Boy-E
Padmanabhan (പദ്മനാഭന) One with Lotus in his navel; Lord Vishnu 3 Boy-E
Padmapani (പദ്മപാനീ) Lord Brahma; Lotus-handed 3 Boy-E
Padmapati (പദ്മപതി) Lord Vishnu, Consort of Padma (Padma - Lakshmi) 9 Boy-E
Padmaraj (പദ്മരാജ) The Padma is Lord venkateshwaras wife Padma's Raja is, therefore, Lord venkateswara hence Padma Raj is another name of him. alternate names include Srinivas, Balaji, Venkatesh and Govinda 1 Boy-E
Padmaroop (പദ്മരൂപ) Lotus hued 9 Boy-E
Padmayani (പദ്മായനീ) Lord Brahma; Buddha 3 Boy-E
Padmesh (പദമേശ) Lord Vishnu, Consort of Padma 3 Boy-E
Padminish (പദ്മിനീശ) Lord of Lotus; The Sun 3 Boy-E
Pagalavan (പാഗലാവന) Sun; Diurnal; Radiant 3 Boy-E
Pakeran (പാകേരാന) The Moon and the star 3 Boy-E
Paksha (പക്ഷ) Symbolising the phases of Moon 2 Boy-E
Pakshaj (പക്ഷാജ) The Moon, Produced in a fortnight, half a month 3 Boy-E
Pakshil (പക്ഷീല) Full of feathers; Full of logic; Name of sage, Vatsyayan; Bird; Practical 4 Boy-E
Pakshin (പക്ഷീന) Winged; Bird 6 Boy-E
Palak (പലക) Eyelash 5 Boy-E
Palaksh (പലാക്ഷ) White 5 Boy-E
Palanhaar (പാലനഹാര) One who protects everyone 9 Boy-E
Palani (പലാനീ) Abode of Lord Murugan 8 Boy-E
Palani Kumar (പലാനീ കുമാര) Another name of Lord Murugan 9 Boy-E
Palani Murugan (പലാനീ മുരുഗന) Another name of Lord Murugan 4 Boy-E
Palaniappan (പലാനീഅപ്പന) Another name of Lord Murugan 11 Boy-E
Palanichamy (പാലനിചമീ) Name of a God 4 Boy-E
Palanisami (പലാനീസാമീ) Another name of Lord Murugan 5 Boy-E
Palanivel (പാലനീവേല) Another name of Lord Murugan 11 Boy-E
Palash (പലാശ) A flowery tree; Greenery; Horse 3 Boy-E
Palashkusum (പലാശകുസൂമ) The flower of Palash 7 Boy-E
Palashranjan (പലാശരംജന) Beautiful like a Palash 7 Boy-E
Palin (പാലിന) Guarding; Protecting 7 Boy-E
Palkesh (പല്കേശ) Joyous 9 Boy-E
Pallab (പല്ലബ) New leaves 8 Boy-E
Pallav (പല്ലവ) Young shoots and leaves 1 Boy-E
Pallavit (പല്ലവിത) To sprout; To grow 3 Boy-E
Palvish (പല്വീശ) Courageous 6 Boy-E
Palvit (പല്വിത) Name of Lord Vishnu 8 Boy-E
Pambavasan (പംബാവാസന) One who lives in Pamba 9 Boy-E
Pamvit (പമവിത) Sky 9 Boy-E
Panaj (പനാജ) 6 Boy-E
Panav (പനവ) Prince 9 Boy-E
Panay (പനയ) Sprout; Blossom; Prince; Youthful 3 Boy-E
Panchajana (പംചജനാ) Five eyed; Lord Shiva; Couch of Lord Krishna 6 Boy-E
Panchajanya (പംചജന്യ) Five eyed; Lord Shiva; Couch of Lord Krishna 4 Boy-E
Panchal (പംചാല) Lord Shiva; A Prince of Panchal; A warrior tribe and their country in the north of India; Name of a Nagraj; Consisting of five; A style of singing; A name for Shiva 1 Boy-E
Pancham (പംചമ) The 5th not of classical music; Musical note; Intelligent; Attractive 11 Boy-E
Panchanan (പംചാനന) Five eyed; Name of Lord Shiva 9 Boy-E
Panchavaktra (പംചാവക്ത്ര) Five faced; Lord Hanuman 8 Boy-E
Panchavati (പംചവടീ) It means a place having five auspecious trees- Bel; Vat; Dhatri; Ashoka; Ashwatha 5 Boy-E
Panchjanya (പംചജന്യ) Shankha or conch of the Hindu god Vishnu 3 Boy-E
Pandalavasan (പംദലവാസന) One who lives in a Pandala place 7 Boy-E
Pandhari (പംധാരീ) Lord vithobha 8 Boy-E
Pandi (പംഡീ) Lord Pandi 8 Boy-E
Pandian (പാഡിയന) South Indian kings 5 Boy-E
Pandit (പംഡിത) Pundit (Scholar) 1 Boy-E
Pandita (പംഡിതാ) Scholar 11 Boy-E
Pandiyaraj (പംഡിയാരാജ) King of the King 9 Boy-E
Pandu (പാംഡൂ) Fruit 2 Boy-E
Pandurang (പാംഡുരംഗ) A deity; One with pale white complexion, Lord Vishnu 6 Boy-E
Panduranga (പാംഡുരംഗാ) A deity; One with pale white complexion, Lord Vishnu 7 Boy-E
Pandurangan (പാണ്ഡുരംഗന) A deity; One with pale white complexion, Lord Vishnu 3 Boy-E
Pandya (പംഡ്യാ) South Indian dynasty 7 Boy-E
Panine (പാണിനീ) A Sanskrit grammarian; the great scholar grammarian 5 Boy-E
Panini (പാണിനീ) A Sanskrit grammarian, the great scholar grammarian 9 Boy-E
Panit (പാനിത) Admired 6 Boy-E
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Popular Malayalam Boy names beginning with P

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Malayalam Boy names beginning with P will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Malayalam names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Boy child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.