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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Chaah (ചാഹ) Love; Pit; Fondness; Fancy; Wish; Longing; Desired 3 Boy-E
Chaand (ചാംദ) Sincere wish; The Moon; To shine 22 Boy-E
Chain (ചൈന) Peace 8 Boy-E
Chak (ചക) Brilliant; Happy; Sated 5 Boy-E
Chakshu (ചക്ഷു) Eye 8 Boy-E
Chand (ചാംദ) Sincere wish; The Moon; To shine 3 Boy-E
Chandu (ചംദു) The Moon 6 Boy-E
Cheana (ചേനാ) Lord of luck 5 Boy-E
Chedi (ഛേദീ) Which cut and break; Leader; Charming; Wise; King and founder of the Chedi dynasty 11 Boy-E
Chetu (ചേതു) Power of Intellect 3 Boy-E
Chiinnu (ചീംനും) Sweet name & Lovely world 6 Boy-E
Chiku (ചീകു) 7 Boy-E
Chintu (ചിംടൂ) Sun; Small; Little, Sweet 3 Boy-E
Chir (ചീര) For a longer time; Brave; Victor 11 Boy-E
Chiru (ചിരു) Little 5 Boy-E
Chotu (ഛോടു) Small 22 Boy-E
Chaidya (ചൈദ്യ) Wise; Ruler; King of Chedi 6 Boy-E
Chaitya (ചൈത്യ) Place of worship; Of the mind; Spirit; A stupa 4 Boy-E
Chakra (ചക്ര) A weapon of Lord Vishnu; Circular 6 Boy-E
Chandhu (ചന്ദൂ) The Moon 5 Boy-E
Chandra (ചംദ്രാ) The Moon 4 Boy-E
Chandru (ചംദ്രു) Moon 6 Boy-E
Chant (ചാന്ത) Famous 1 Boy-E
Chetty (ചേട്ടീ) Mind 9 Boy-E
Chinni (ചിന്നീ) Cute; Sweet 3 Boy-E
Chinniah (ചിന്നാ) Lord 3 Boy-E
Chinnu (ചിന്നൂ) Small girl 6 Boy-E
Chintya (ചിംത്യാ) Thought Provoking; Worthy of thought 8 Boy-E
Chitt (ചിത്ത) Mind 6 Boy-E
Chitta (ചിത്ത , ചിത്താ) Mind 7 Boy-E
Ceyone (കേയോന) Rising Sun 4 Boy-E
Chaaran (ചാരന) Feet; One who chants praises; Bard 1 Boy-E
Chaayan (ഛായന) Moon; Collection 8 Boy-E
Chahan (ചാഹന) Super 8 Boy-E
Chahat (ചാഹത) Love 5 Boy-E
Chahel (ചാഹേല) Good cheer 1 Boy-E
Chahit (ചാഹിത) Love of Heart 4 Boy-E
Chaital (ചൈതാല) Consciousness 9 Boy-E
Chaitan (ചൈതന) Consciousness; Perception; Intelligence; Vigour; Life 11 Boy-E
Chaithan (ചൈഥാന) Consciousness; Perception; Intelligence; Vigour; Life 1 Boy-E
Chakesh (ചകേശ) Intelligent 1 Boy-E
Chakor (ചകോര) A bird enamored of the Moon 11 Boy-E
Chakshas (ചക്ഷസ) Sight; Look; Guide; Vision; Brilliance; Another name for Brihaspati; The teacher of Gods 7 Boy-E
Chaksu (ചകശു) Eye 9 Boy-E
Chaman (ചമന) Flower Garden 22 Boy-E
Champak (ചംപക) A flower 8 Boy-E
Chanak (ചനക) The sweet sound of bangles; Miner; Digger; Mouse 2 Boy-E
Chandak (ചംദക) Brilliant; The Moon 6 Boy-E
Chandan (ചംദന) Sandalwood; Auspicious; Perfumed 9 Boy-E
Chandar (ചംദര) The Moon 4 Boy-E
Chander (ചംദര) The Moon 8 Boy-E
Chapal (ചപല) Quick 5 Boy-E
Charak (ചരക) An ancient physician; The father of Chanakya; Nomadic religious student 6 Boy-E
Charan (ചരണ) Feet; One who chants praises; Bard 9 Boy-E
Charish (ചാരിശ) Grace 3 Boy-E
Charit (ചരിത) Dear; History 5 Boy-E
Charith (ചരിത) Dear; History 4 Boy-E
Charun (ചാരുന) One with beautiful eyes 11 Boy-E
Chatur (ചതുര) Clever 8 Boy-E
Chayan (ഛായാന) Moon; Collection 7 Boy-E
Chayank (ചയാംക) The Moon 9 Boy-E
Chelan (ചേലന) Deep water; Consciousness 7 Boy-E
Cheliyan (ചേലിയാം) Rich; Resourceful; Prosperous 5 Boy-E
Cheluva (ചേലുവാ) Looking handsome 9 Boy-E
Chenna (ചേനനാ) Lord Vishnu 9 Boy-E
Cherish (ചേരീശ) To care for dearly 7 Boy-E
Cherith (ചേരിത) Beloved 8 Boy-E
Chetak (ചേതക) Rana Pratap's horse; Thoughtful; Pensive 3 Boy-E
Chetan (ചേതന) Intelligence; Perception; Spirit of life; Vigour; Life 6 Boy-E
Chetas (ചേതസ) Mind; Perception; Intelligence; Brilliance 2 Boy-E
Chethan (ചേതന) Intelligence; Perception; Sprit of life; Vigour; Life 5 Boy-E
Chhaayank (ഛായാംക) The Moon 9 Boy-E
Chhandak (ഛംദക) The charioteer of Lord Buddha 5 Boy-E
Chhayank (ഛായാംക) The Moon 8 Boy-E
Chideesh (ചീഡീശ) Shining 7 Boy-E
Chikit (ചികിത) Experienced; Wise; Liberal 6 Boy-E
Chiman (ചിമന) Curious; Inquisitive 3 Boy-E
Chinar (ചിനാര) Name of a beautiful tree 8 Boy-E
Chinkal (ചീംകല) Lord Shiva 4 Boy-E
Chintak (ചിംതക) Thinker 3 Boy-E
Chintan (ചിംതന) Thought; Meditation; Contemplation; Mind 6 Boy-E
Chintav (ചിംതവ) Lamp 5 Boy-E
Chinthan (ചിംതന) Thought; Meditation; Contemplation; Mind 5 Boy-E
Chirag (ചിരാഗ഼) Brilliance; Lamp 1 Boy-E
Chiraksh (ചിരാക്ഷ) Beautiful eyed 5 Boy-E
Chirayu (ചിരായു) An immortal; Long-lived person; Blessed with a long life 4 Boy-E
Chirush (ചിരൂശ) God 5 Boy-E
Chitayu (ചിതായും) Descended from thought; The mind; Born of the intellect 6 Boy-E
Chitesh (ചിതേശ) Lord of the soul; Ruler of mind 9 Boy-E
Chithayu (ചിതായു) Descended from thought; The mind; Born of the intellect 5 Boy-E
Chithesh (ചിതേശ) Lord of the soul; Ruler of mind 8 Boy-E
Chivesh (ചിവേശ) God's Gift; Good Gift 11 Boy-E
Chokshit (ചോക്ഷിത) Purity 3 Boy-E
Cholan (ചോലന) A South Indian Dynasty 8 Boy-E
Chuman (ചുമാന) Curious 6 Boy-E
Coshel (കൌശല) Perfect in Any Task 8 Boy-E
Chaanakya (ചാണക്യ) Son of Chanak; Renowned Mauryan writer and politician; Author of the Arthashastra 11 Boy-E
Chaitanya (ചൈതന്യ) Life; Knowledge; Sage; Soul; Intellect; Intelligence 1 Boy-E
Chaithanya (ചൈതന്യാ) Life; Knowledge; Sage; Soul; Intellect; Intelligence 9 Boy-E
Chaitnya (ചൈതന്യ) Divine radiance; Consciousness; Life; Knowledge 9 Boy-E
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Popular Malayalam Boy names beginning with C

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