Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With B

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Buvanasri 8 Girl-E
Buvana Goddess 7 Girl-E
Buthaynah Of beautiful and tender body 1 Girl-E
Buthayna Of beautiful and tender body 11 Girl-E
Buthanaya Having a beautiful body 3 Girl-E
Buthainah Of beautiful and tender body 4 Girl-E
Bustan Garden; Orchard 5 Girl-E
Busrah Glad tidings; Good news; Good tiding 6 Girl-E
Bushrah Glad tidings; Good news; Good tiding 5 Girl-E
Bushra Good omen 6 Girl-E
Busayrah Good tiding 5 Girl-E
Busaina Diminutive of basna 22 Girl-E
Burum Bud; Blossom 3 Girl-E
Burhaan Proof 11 Girl-E
Buqayrah A narrator of Hadith 3 Girl-E
Bunanah This was the name of daughter of Yazid al-Abshamiyah 7 Girl-E
Bulkesh 6 Girl-E
Bulbul Nightingale; Lover 7 Girl-E
Bujaybah A narrator who transmitted from Shaybah bin Usman 7 Girl-E
Buhthah Happy; Delighted when seeing others 5 Girl-E
Buhjah Joy; Delight 5 Girl-E
Buhayyah The name of a freed female slave 1 Girl-E
Buhaysah A narrator of Hadith; Walking with pride 4 Girl-E
Buhaisah A narrator of Hadith; Walking with pride 1 Girl-E
Budur Full Moon 3 Girl-E
Budhipriya Knowledge 5 Girl-E
Buddhida The bestower of wisdom 8 Girl-E
Buddhi Enlightenment 3 Girl-E
Buddhana The aware; Enlightened one 1 Girl-E
Bruthika Baseline 9 Girl-E
Brundha A goddess name 5 Girl-E
Brunda A goddess name 6 Girl-E
Briti Strength 4 Girl-E
Brithi Strength 3 Girl-E
Brithhi Strength 11 Girl-E
Brishti Rain 4 Girl-E
Brisha Beloved 3 Girl-E
Brindha Tulsi (Basil) or Goddess Radha; Popular; Accompanied by many; The holy Tulsi plant 11 Girl-E
Brindavani Name of a Raga 4 Girl-E
Brinda Tulsi (Basil) or Goddess Radha; Popular; Accompanied by many; The holy Tulsi plant 3 Girl-E
Brijitha Goddess Durga 5 Girl-E
Brijal Varient of Vrijal; Derived from Braj 7 Girl-E
Brijabala Daughter of nature 11 Girl-E
Brija Seed 22 Girl-E
Brihati Speech; Powerful; Heaven and Earth 4 Girl-E
Bratati Creeper 8 Girl-E
Branucika 8 Girl-E
Bramhi Goddess Saraswati; Consort of Brahma 6 Girl-E
Brahmistha The form of absolute 9 Girl-E
Brahmi Sacred; Holy; A kind of plant 6 Girl-E
Brahmavathi The one who knows the supreme 4 Girl-E
Brahmavaadini One who is present everywhere 4 Girl-E
Brahmattmika Daughter of Brahma 9 Girl-E
Braahmi Sacred; Holy; A kind of plant 7 Girl-E
Bosky God is perfection; God is my oath 9 Girl-E
Booshani A Nakshatra 11 Girl-E
Boond Drop 5 Girl-E
Boomika Base; Of Earth 3 Girl-E
Boomi Dhara 9 Girl-E
Bonnie Good; Pretty 5 Girl-E
Bonita Good; Pretty 7 Girl-E
Bonasri Flute; Instrument played by Lord Krishna 6 Girl-E
Bolour Crystal 11 Girl-E
Bodin Wisdom; Enlightenment; Knowledge 8 Girl-E
Bodhitha Having been taught; Enlightened 4 Girl-E
Bodhi Enlightenment 11 Girl-E
Bodhani Knowledge 8 Girl-E
Bobby Abbreviation of Robert 1 Girl-E
Blessy Blessing 1 Girl-E
Bithika Path between trees 6 Girl-E
Bithi Bunch of flowers 3 Girl-E
Bita Unique 5 Girl-E
Biswarupa Beautiful 11 Girl-E
Bismal Fragrance 2 Girl-E
Bisma Smile 8 Girl-E
Bishnu Lord Vishnu; Root; To pervade; The preserver of the Hindu holy Trinity; Has ten incarnations including Raam, Krishna and Buddha 1 Girl-E
Bisharah A narrator of Hadith 3 Girl-E
Bishakha Star; With many branches; A Nakshatra or constellation 5 Girl-E
Bisar Adolescent 22 Girl-E
Bisalatha Lotus plant 1 Girl-E
Bisala Wide; Spacious; Substantial; Important; An Apsara or celestial 8 Girl-E
Birwa Belief 8 Girl-E
Birva Leaf 7 Girl-E
Biruntha Tulsi (Basil) leaves 3 Girl-E
Biranavy 11 Girl-E
Birajini Brilliant; Queen 9 Girl-E
Bipasha A river; Limitless; A river now known as the Beas 11 Girl-E
Binu Venus; Flute; Created with immense power 1 Girl-E
Binta Beautiful 1 Girl-E
Binodini Joyful girl 4 Girl-E
Binkal Independent; Resourceful; Practical 22 Girl-E
Binita Humble; Unassuming; Obedience; Knowledge; Venus; Requester 1 Girl-E
Binish Vision; Sight; The faculty of seeing; Clever; Intelligent 7 Girl-E
Bini Modest 7 Girl-E
Binesh Godly; Pious 3 Girl-E
Bindushri Point 5 Girl-E
Bindupriya Drop; Point 11 Girl-E
Bindu Priya Drop; Point 11 Girl-E
Bindu A drop of water; Point; Decorative dot worn on the forehead by women in India 5 Girl-E
Bindiya A dot on the forehead; The one which Indian women who put down the same in between two eyebrows; Drop; Point 1 Girl-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 464
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Popular Indian Girl names beginning with B

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Indian Girl names beginning with B will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Indian names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.