Easy To Pronounce Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With M

147 Muslim Boy Names Starting With 'M' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Meesam (میثام) Smiling; Happy 2 Boy-E
Meezan (میزان) Balance; Scales 1 Boy-E
Moiz (مویز) Respectful; One who gives protection 9 Boy-E
Maahir () Expert; Brave 5 Boy-E
Mikail (میکایل) Name of Allah's Angel; Name of an Angel Michael 1 Boy-E
Meerab (میرعب) Paradise flower 8 Boy-E
Munaf (موناف) Inconsistent with contradictory 1 Boy-E
Mohid (موہید) The one who believes in oneness of Allah almighty 4 Boy-E
Miran (میراں) Princely; Princes 1 Boy-E
Muad (مواد) Protected; Name of a companion 3 Boy-E
Moulali (مولالی) Variant used for Mohammad; Founder of Islamic religion; Praiseworthy; Glorified 11 Boy-E
Mahad (محد) Great; Nice 9 Boy-E
Moosa (موسا) A prophet's name; 9 Boy-E
Monir (مونیر) Shining 6 Boy-E
Maruf (ماروف) Known; Accepted 5 Boy-E
Maaz (معاذ) A friend of prophet Muhammad 5 Boy-E
Muhib (موحیب) Noble; Respected 8 Boy-E
Maseeh (ماسیہ) One who is blessed with loyalty from the cradle to the grave; The Messiah Jesus; A prophet 6 Boy-E
Masoom (معصوم) Innocent; Sinless 22 Boy-E
Muin (موین) Supporter; Helper; One who helps 3 Boy-E
Miyaz (مییاز) Distinguished; Preferred 11 Boy-E
Mehdi (میہدی) A flower 3 Boy-E
Mufeed (موفید) Useful; Helpful 9 Boy-E
Mafeed (مافید) None 7 Boy-E
Mahdi (مہدی) Guided to the right path; Rightly guided 8 Boy-E
Masoud (ماسود) Happy; Lucky 1 Boy-E
Mausoof (مآسوف) Worthy of description 9 Boy-E
Muheet (موحیط) Embraces all round; Encompassing; Ocean 9 Boy-E
Murad () Desire; Will 3 Boy-E
Mizan (میزان) Balance; Scales 9 Boy-E
Madih (مادیہ) Praised; Commendable 8 Boy-E
Maisur (مایسور) Easy; Successful; Fortunate 9 Boy-E
Mamun (مامون) Secure; Fearless; Trustworthy; Trusted 8 Boy-E
Maqil (ماقیل) Intelligent 7 Boy-E
Matin (ماتین) Strong; Powerful; Solid; Of 3 Boy-E
Musa (موسا) A prophet's name; 9 Boy-E
Manaf (ماناف) Abd manaaf 8 Boy-E
Mahal () Forbearing 8 Boy-E
Mahdy (محدی) Guided to the right path; Rightly guided 6 Boy-E
Mamoon (مامون) Secure; Fearless; Trustworthy; Trusted 8 Boy-E
Manhal (منہال) Fountains 22 Boy-E
Milad (میلاد) Birth; Birthday 3 Boy-E
Mishaal (ميشال، میشال) Example; Copy; Torch; Light; Lightened; Sparkling; Shining 8 Boy-E
Muadh (مواڈہ) Protected; Name of a companion 2 Boy-E
Mubid (موبید) Intellectual 22 Boy-E
Muhab (موحب) Dignified 9 Boy-E
Munif (مونیف) Exalted; Excellent 9 Boy-E
Musheer (موشیر) Advisor 8 Boy-E
Maajid () Glorious 2 Boy-E
Madani (مادانی) Civilised 6 Boy-E
Makin (ماکین) Strong; Firm 3 Boy-E
Maleek (مالیک) Master; Lord; Chief; Leader; Reigning; Ruling 2 Boy-E
Malih (مالیہ) Handsome 7 Boy-E
Maluf (مالوف) Familiar; Popular 8 Boy-E
Mamoor (مامور) Inhabited; Civilized 3 Boy-E
Mashhood (مشہود) Clear; Manifest; Witnessed 11 Boy-E
Masood (مسعود) Fortunate; Happy; Lucky 22 Boy-E
Masun (ماسون) Safeguarded; Well-protected 5 Boy-E
Munib (مونیب) One who turns in repentance; Repentant 5 Boy-E
Mushir (موشیر) Advisor 7 Boy-E
Mabad (مآباد) A place of worship 3 Boy-E
Mahud (ماہود) Another name of God; One who is worshipped 2 Boy-E
Maimun (میمون) Fortunate; Blessed; Auspicious; Prosperous 8 Boy-E
Majeed () Glorious 2 Boy-E
Makeen (مکین) Strong; Firm 22 Boy-E
Ma'mun () Trustworthy 8 Boy-E
Manzoor (منظور) Approved; Accepted 3 Boy-E
Ma'ruf () Well-known 5 Boy-E
Masir (مسیر) Destiny; Goal 6 Boy-E
Mawla (ماولا) Helper; Protector 5 Boy-E
Mikaeel (میکعیل) Name of Allah's Angel; Name of an Angel Michael 11 Boy-E
Muaath (مواتہ) Protected 1 Boy-E
Muayid (مواعیاد) Supported 1 Boy-E
Mudar (مودار) An Arabian tribe 3 Boy-E
Mughis (موگہیس) Helper; Assistant 5 Boy-E
Muneeb (مونیب) One who turns in repentance; Repentant 6 Boy-E
Munis (مونیس) With God; Lord Buddha; Chief of an army; Chief of the sages 22 Boy-E
Museeb (موسیب) Apple in Persian also means great warrior 2 Boy-E
Maazin (مازین) Proper name; Cloud that carries rain 1 Boy-E
Moin (موعین) Fountain; Spring 6 Boy-E
Muneer (مونیر) Brilliant; Shining; Moon's light; Lamp 4 Boy-E
Maalik (مالیک) Master; Lord; Chief; Leader; Reigning; Ruling; Gardener; Owner; Husband 2 Boy-E
Maier () Religious 1 Boy-E
Manshoor (منشور) Prism; Manifesto; Law; Defended or protected by God or liked or victorious 4 Boy-E
Maqeem (ماقیم) Resident; Residing; Staying 9 Boy-E
Marid (مآرید) Rebellious 9 Boy-E
Mimar (میمار) Mason; Architect 9 Boy-E
Misaq (میثاقِ) Agreement; Covenant 5 Boy-E
Morad (موراد) Desire; Wish 6 Boy-E
Motaz (موتاز) Proud 3 Boy-E
Mouid (مووید) Recreate; One of Allah's name 8 Boy-E
Moujid () Creator 9 Boy-E
Moutir () One who prays the witr prayer 6 Boy-E
Muammar (موعممر) Senior 8 Boy-E
Muammer (موعممعر) Senior 3 Boy-E
Mueen (موین) Supporter; Helper; One who helps 22 Boy-E
Mueez (مویز) One who gives protection; The giver of might and glory 7 Boy-E
Mufaad (موفآد) Profit; Interest 1 Boy-E
Mufid (مفید، موفید) Useful; Helpful 8 Boy-E
Mughith (موگہیٹہ) Helper; Successor 5 Boy-E