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358 Muslim Girl Names Starting With 'S' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Saabira (سابیرا) Patient; Tolerant 6 Girl
Saadat (سعادت) Blessing; Honor; Happiness; Bliss; Felicity 1 Unisex
Saadhiya (سادھییا) Luck; Flower 5 Girl
Saadia (سادیا) Lucky; Blessed; Singer 8 Girl
Saadiqah (سادیقہ) Truthful; Sincere 6 Girl
Saadiya (سادییا) Luck; Flower; Singer 6 Girl
Saahana () Raaga or patience; Queen 9 Girl
Saahiba () Lady; Wife; Friend 5 Girl
Saahira () Alert; Nocturnal; Mountain 3 Girl
Saaida (ساایدا) Branch; Tributary; Happy; Lucky; Fem of Saeed; Most beautiful; Unmatched; Friendly 8 Girl
Saaiqa (ساایقا) Lightning 3 Girl
Saaleha (سالیہا) Flower; Love 2 Girl
Saaliha (سالیہا) Good; Useful; Pious; Virtuous; Just 6 Girl
Saalima (سالیما) Safe; Healthy; Happy 2 Girl
Saamia (سامیا) Blessings; One who listens; Exalted; Noble; Much praised 8 Girl
Saamiya (سامییا) Elevated; Lofty; Incomparable; Exalted; Praised 6 Girl
Saara (سارا) Princess; Noble lady; Precious; Firm; Pure; Excellent; Sweet smelling; Veil 4 Girl
Saarah (ساراہ) Happy; Pure; Princess 3 Girl
Saat (سات) A moment; Time; Occasion; Truth; Essence; Worthy; Handsome; Strength; Honest; Existing; Real learned; A sage 5 Girl
Saba (صبا) Image; Young; Early morning breeze 5 Girl
Sabah (صباح) Resembling; Morning; Dawn 4 Girl
Sabana () From the open plain 11 Girl
Sabat (سابت) Firmness; Stability 7 Unisex
Sabeeha (سبیحا) Beautiful 5 Girl
Sabeen (سابین) Both the worlds 1 Girl
Sabeena (سبینا) Sweet 2 Girl
Sabeera (سابیرا) Patient; Tolerant 6 Girl
Sabha (سبھا) Pretty; Beautiful; Graceful; Bright like morning 4 Girl
Sabi () A leading scholar of his time, Especially for the Hadith; Sweet; Sabine 4 Girl
Sabia (سابیا) Captivating; Enchanting 5 Girl
Sabiba (سابیبا) Youthfulness 7 Girl
Sabiha (صبیحا) Beautiful 22 Girl
Sabina (سبینا) Sweet 1 Girl
Sabiqa (سبیقا) First; Winner; Fem of Sabiq 22 Girl
Sabiqah (سبیقاہ) Past 3 Girl
Sabira (صابیرا) Patient; Tolerant 5 Girl
Sabita () Beautiful sunshine 7 Girl
Sabiya (صابیعا) Brilliant; Splendid 3 Girl
Sabooha (سابوہا) Pure; Chaste 7 Girl
Sabuh (سابوہ) Shining; Brilliant 6 Unisex
Sabuhi (سابوہی) Morning star 6 Girl
Sabura (سابورا) Very patient; Enduring 8 Girl
Sadaf (صدف) Pearl 4 Girl
Sadat (سادات) Blessing; Honor; Happiness; Bliss; Felicity 9 Girl
Sadeeqa (سادیقا) Trustworthy; Honest; Truthful 7 Girl
Sadi (صادی) Lucky 6 Unisex
Sadia (سعدیاہ) Lucky; Blessed; Singer 7 Girl
Sadiah (سادیاہ) Good luck 6 Girl
Sadida (سادیدا) Correct; Right; Sound 2 Girl
Sadika () Trustworthy; Honest; Truthful 9 Girl
Sadiqa (سادیقا) Trustworthy; Honest; Truthful 6 Girl
Sadiya (صادیا) Lucky; Blessed 5 Girl
Sadoof (سادوف) Name of a poetess 6 Girl
Sadooh (سادوہ) Singer; Singing 8 Girl
Saduq (سادوق) Honest; Truthful; Sincere 8 Girl
Saee () A female friend; A flower 3 Girl
Saeeda (سعیدا) Branch; Tributary; Happy; Lucky; Fem of Saeed; Most beautiful; Unmatched; Friendly 8 Girl
Saeedah (سایداہ) Fortunate; Auspicious; Lion 7 Girl
Safa (صفا) Purity; Clarity; Serenity 9 Girl
Safaa (سافاا) Purity; Clarity; Serenity 1 Girl
Safeena (سافینا) A boat; Safeenah 6 Girl
Safia (سفیا) Untroubled; Serene; Pure; Best friend 9 Girl
Safira (سافیرا) Traveler 9 Girl
Safiya (صفیا) Untroubled; Serene; Pure; Best friend 7 Girl
Safoor (سفور) Exalted 11 Girl
Safura (سفورا) Wife of the Prophet Musa 3 Girl
Sageda (ساگعدا) 1 Girl
Saghira (صاغیرا) Small; Slender; Tender 9 Girl
Saha () Tolerant; The Earth; An Apsara or celestial nymph 11 Girl
Sahab (صاحب) Shooting star; Cloud; Mercury 4 Unisex
Sahah () Perfect; Complete; Healthy 1 Girl
Sahana () Raaga or patience; Queen 8 Girl
Sahba (ساہبا) Wine 4 Girl
Saheefa (سہیفا) Healthy 9 Girl
Saher () Early morning; Dawn 6 Girl
Sahiba (ساحیبا) Lady; Wife; Friend 22 Girl
Sahifa (سہیفا) 8 Girl
Sahila (ساحیلا) Guide 5 Girl
Sahima (سہیما) Snowed 6 Girl
Sahina (ساہینا) Gentle; Tender; Falcon 7 Girl
Sahira (سہیرا) Alert; Nocturnal; Mountain 11 Girl
Sahla (سہلا) Dark flower; Dark grey eyes; Smooth; Soft ground; Fluent; Flowing style 5 Girl
Sahna (ساہنا) Form; Figure; Complexion 7 Girl
Saiba (سایبا) Straight; Pertinent 5 Girl
Saibah (سایباہ) A narrator of Hadith 22 Girl
Saida (سعیدا) Branch; Tributary; Happy; Lucky; Fem of Saeed; Most beautiful; Unmatched; Friendly 7 Girl
Saidah (سایداہ) Fortunate; Auspicious; Lion 6 Unisex
Saima (صائما) Good natured; Fasting 7 Girl
Saimah (سیماہ) Fasting 6 Girl
Saimeera (سیمیرا) Brilliant and energetic girl, the person with this name would more affectionate and fond of their parents 8 Girl
Saiqa (صاعقا) Lightning 2 Girl
Saira (سائرا) Poetess; Princess; Traveler 3 Girl
Sairi (سایری) Satisfaction; Saturation 11 Girl
Sairish (سایریش) Magic; Flower 11 Girl
Sajia () Fragrance; Calm; Sweet 4 Girl
Sajida (ساجیدا) Prostrate in worship; Bowing 8 Girl
Sajila (ساجیلا) Determined 7 Girl
Sajiya (ساجییا) Attractive 2 Girl
Sajoon (سجون) 2 Girl
Sajuwa (ساجوا) Peace 3 Girl