Bengali Baby Girl Names Starting With D

67 Bengali Girl Names Starting With 'D' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Dageshwari (ডাংগেশ্বরী) Dazzling 5 Girl-E
Dakshana (দক্ষানা) Sweet 5 Girl-E
Damini (দামিনী) Lightning; Conquering; Self-controlled 5 Girl-E
Dansika (দানসিকা) 5 Girl-E
Danvi (দানবী) Charitable 5 Girl-E
Darshi (দর্শী) Blessings; Lord Krishna; Moonlight 5 Girl-E
Daxita (দক্ষীতা) Expert 5 Girl-E
Dayaa (দযা) Kindness; Goddess; Mercy; Favour; Compassion 5 Girl-E
Dayamani (দযামণী) Kindness 5 Girl-E
Dayashree (দযাশ্রী) Masterful teacher 5 Girl-E
Debopriya (দেবোপ্রিযা) God's favorite 5 Girl-E
Deekshana (দীক্ষানা) Initiation 5 Girl-E
Deenal (দিনল) Sweet girl; 5 Girl-E
Deepaprabha (দীপপ্রভা) Fully lighted 5 Girl-E
Deepitha (দীপিতা) Illuminated 5 Girl-E
Deepshikha (দীপশিখা) Flame; Lamp 5 Girl-E
Deeptha (দীপ্তা) Shining; Goddess Lakshmi 5 Girl-E
Deepti (দীপ্তি) Flame or luster or glow or shine; Brightness; Brilliance; Beauty 5 Girl-E
Deeptikana (দীপ্তিকানা) Beam of light 5 Girl-E
Deeptimoyee (দীপ্তিমযী) Lustrous 5 Girl-E
Deethya (দিত্যা) Answer of prayers; Another name for Lakshmi 5 Girl-E
Demira (দেমিরা) A devotee of Lord Krishna 5 Girl-E
Despina (দেস্পীনা) In Hebrew it means bee, but in Greek it means lady 5 Girl-E
Devalina (দেবলীনা) Like a Goddess 5 Girl-E
Devgarbha (দেবগর্ভা) Goddess Durga; Divine child 5 Girl-E
Devisha (দেবীশা) Peace; Intelligent; Lovable; Preety 5 Girl-E
Devmani (দেবমণি) Divine gift 5 Girl-E
Devprita (দেবপ্রীতা) 5 Girl-E
Devshree (দেবশ্রী) Goddess Laxmi; Approaching Gods; Worshipping; Another name of Lakshmi, Divine Goddess 5 Girl-E
Dhamnalakhmi (ধাম্নলখ্মী) 5 Girl-E
Dhan Laxmi (ধন লক্ষ্মী) God of currency 5 Girl-E
Dhaneshi (ধনেশী) Knowing the subject 5 Girl-E
Dhanuja (ধনুজা) Arjuna's will 5 Girl-E
Dhara (ধারা) Rain; Constant flow; One who holds; One who sustains; The Earth; Gold 5 Girl-E
Dharithri (ধারিত্রী) The earth 5 Girl-E
Dharsha (ধর্ষ) Money 5 Girl-E
Dhavalaa (ধবলা) Fair complexion 5 Girl-E
Dhawni (ধ্বনি) Noise; Sound 5 Girl-E
Dheera (ধীরা) Courageous 5 Girl-E
Dheevashini (ধীবাশিনী) 5 Girl-E
Dhinan (ঘীনান) Learned 5 Girl-E
Dhiraj (ধীরজ) Goddess Parvati; Purity; Gift from God; One who protects; Night prayer; Plough; Another name for Durga; Intellect; Power 5 Girl-E
Dhitha (ধিতা) Daughter 5 Girl-E
Dhiti (দিতি) Thought; Idea; Prayer; Wisdom 5 Girl-E
Dhuriga (ধুরীগা) Glow 5 Girl-E
Dhwani (ধ্বনি) Voice; Sound 5 Girl-E
Dhyeya (ধ্যেযা) Aim 5 Girl-E
Dhyuthi (ধ্যুথী) Splendor; Luster; Glow; Light 5 Girl-E
Dibya (দিব্যা) Divine luster; Charming; Beautiful; Divine 5 Girl-E
Dikshya (দীক্ষ্যা) Initiation 5 Girl-E
Dimple (ডীম্পল) A small indication that forms on the cheeks, when someone smiles 5 Girl-E
Dipati (দীপ্তি) Divine; Heavenly 5 Girl-E
Dipika (দীপিকা) A small lamp; Light 5 Girl-E
Dipta (দিপ্তা) Shining; Goddess Lakshmi 5 Girl-E
Diptee (দীপ্তি) Flame or luster or glow or shine; Brightness 5 Girl-E
Dipu (দীপূ) Flame; Light; Shinning 5 Girl-E
Dira (দিরা) Beautiful; Splendor; Derived from Indira - Goddess Laxmi's name 5 Girl-E
Disha (দিশা) Direction 5 Girl-E
Dishari (দিশারী) Who shows way 5 Girl-E
Ditya (দিত্য) Answer of prayers; Another name for Lakshmi 5 Girl-E
Divani (দীবানী) Madly Love songs 5 Girl-E
Divashini (দিবাশিনী) Shine among all 5 Girl-E
Divina (দিবিনা) Divine 5 Girl-E
Diyu (দীযুং) Lamp 5 Girl-E
Dolly (ডৌলী) Like doll 5 Girl-E
Drithi (দ্রীথী) Patience; Bold 5 Girl-E
Druvika (দ্রূবিকা) A Star; Firm; Goddess Lakshmi 5 Girl-E
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Popular Bengali Girl names beginning with D

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Bengali Girl names beginning with D will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Bengali names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.