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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Dea (দিযা) Kindness; Goddess 1 Girl
Debadrita (দেবদ্রিতা) Who is Lover of God. 1 Girl
Debadyuti (দেবদ্যুতী) Light of God 1 Girl
Debanjali (দেবংজলী) Daughter of God 4 Girl
Debanshi (দেবাংশী) Divine; Part of God 8 Girl
Debarpita (দেবর্পীতা) Render to the God 4 Girl
Debashmita (দেবাশ্মিতা) One who can smile and make people laugh like God; Like a flower 1 Girl
Debasmita (দেবস্মিতা) One who can smile and make people laugh like God; Like a flower 11 Girl
Debisha (দেবীশা) Part of divine 3 Girl
Debjani (দেবজানী) Beloved; Adorable 9 Girl
Debopriya (দেবোপ্রিযা) God's favorite 5 Girl
Debprasad (দেবপ্রসাদ) God's Gift 7 Girl
Dedeepya (দেদীপ্য) Light 11 Girl
Deeba (দীবা) Silk; Eye of a mistress 8 Girl
Deebasri (দীবাসরী) Silk 9 Girl
Deedipya (দিদিপ্য) Bright 6 Girl
Deeher (দিহের) Dee means Goddess Durga's, her means Shiv, Strength of Lord Shiva 9 Girl
Deeksha (দীক্ষা) Initiation; Sacrifice; Preparation for ceremony 8 Girl
Deekshana (দীক্ষানা) Initiation 5 Girl
Deekshanya (দীক্ষান্য) 3 Girl
Deekshi (দিক্ষী) Initiation; Consecration 7 Girl
Deekshika (দীক্ষিকা) Talkative 1 Girl
Deekshita (দীক্ষিতা) Initiation; Prepared 1 Girl
Deekshitha (দীক্ষিতা) Initiation; Prepared 9 Girl
Deekshya (দীক্ষা) Initiation 6 Girl
Deempal (ডিম্পল) A small indication that forms on the cheeks, when someone smiles 11 Girl
Deena (দীনা) Divine; Grand; Vindicated 2 Girl
Deenal (দিনল) Sweet girl; 5 Girl
Deepa (দীপা) A lamp; Brilliant; That which blazes 22 Girl
Deepabali (দীপাবলী) Row of lamps 1 Girl
Deepakala (দীপকলা) Evening time 11 Girl
Deepakshi (দীপাক্ষী) Bright eyes like a lamp; One with bright eyes 6 Girl
Deepal (দীপল) Light; Charm full girl 7 Unisex
Deepali (দীপালী) Collection of lamps; Row of lamps 7 Girl
Deepamala (দীপমালা) Row of lamps 4 Girl
Deepana (দীপানা) Illuminating 1 Girl
Deepansha (দীপাংশ) The light of the lamp 1 Girl
Deepanwita (দীপাংবিতা) Lights of diwali 8 Girl
Deepaprabha (দীপপ্রভা) Fully lighted 5 Girl
Deeparu (দীপরূ) Modesty 7 Girl
Deepashikha (দীপশিখা) Flame; Lamp 6 Girl
Deepashiki (দীপশিকী) Flame 6 Girl
Deepashri (দিপশ্রী) Light; Lamp 4 Girl
Deepavali (দিপাবলী) A row of lamps; The hindu festival 3 Girl
Deepavati (দীপাবতী) A Raagini which is a hybrid of Deepak 11 Girl
Deephiha (দিফীহা) Light 11 Girl
Deepika (দীপিকা) A small lamp; Light 6 Girl
Deepitha (দীপিতা) Illuminated 5 Girl
Deepjyothi (দীপজ্যোতি) The light of the lamp 9 Girl
Deepjyoti (দিপ্জ্যোতী) The light of the lamp 1 Girl
Deepkala (দিপকলা) Evening time 1 Girl
Deepmala (দীপমালা) Row of lamps 3 Girl
Deepna (দীপনা) Goddess Laxmi 9 Girl
Deepshika (দীপশিখা) Flame; Lamp 6 Girl
Deepshikha (দীপশিখা) Flame; Lamp 5 Girl
Deepta (দীপ্তা) Goddess Lakshmi; Name of several plants with bright red flowers; Shining 6 Girl
Deeptha (দীপ্তা) Shining; Goddess Lakshmi 5 Girl
Deepthi (দীপতি) Flame or luster or glow or shine; Brightness; Brilliance; Beauty 4 Girl
Deepthika (দীপতিকা) A beam of light 7 Girl
Deepthiksha (দীপ্তিক্ষা) A beam of light 7 Girl
Deepti (দীপ্তি) Flame or luster or glow or shine; Brightness; Brilliance; Beauty 5 Girl
Deeptika (দিপ্তিকা) A beam of light 8 Girl
Deeptikana (দীপ্তিকানা) Beam of light 5 Girl
Deeptimoyee (দীপ্তিমযী) Lustrous 5 Girl
Deepu (দীপূ) Flame; Light; Shinning 6 Unisex
Deesha (দিশা) Direction 6 Girl
Deeshita (দিশিতা) Focused; Once who knows the direction 8 Girl
Deeshna (দিশনা) Offering; Gift 11 Girl
Deeta (দীতা) A name of Goddess Lakshmi, Answer of prayers, Another name for Lakshmi 8 Girl
Deethya (দিত্যা) Answer of prayers; Another name for Lakshmi 5 Girl
Deetya (দীত্যা) Answer of prayers; Another name for Lakshmi 6 Girl
Deevena (দিবেনা) Blessing; Eye of God; Resembling a Goddess; Blessing 11 Girl
Deevitha (দীবিতা) Divine power 11 Girl
Dekshitha (দীক্ষিতা) Initiation; Prepared 4 Girl
Dekshna (দেক্ষনা) Great; To See 8 Girl
Delakshi (দেলাক্ষী) Fortune 6 Girl
Deleena (দেলীনা) Good looking 1 Girl
Demira (দেমিরা) A devotee of Lord Krishna 5 Girl
Densi (দেন্সী) People who Give 6 Girl
Depali (দেপালী) Happy 11 Girl
Depender (ডেপেন্দর) Protector 8 Girl
Deshani (দিশানী) Queen of the country 6 Girl
Desharanjini (দিশারন্জীনী) Name of a Raga 4 Girl
Deshika (দেশীকা) One who gives a sermon 3 Girl
Deshna (দেশনা) Offering; Gift 6 Girl
Deshnee (দেশনী) From the Country 6 Girl
Desiha (দেসীহা) Happy; Lemon 1 Girl
Desika (দেসিকা) One who gives a sermon 22 Girl
Desna (দেসনা) Offering; Gift 7 Girl
Despina (দেস্পীনা) In Hebrew it means bee, but in Greek it means lady 5 Girl
Devaarti (দেবারতী) Aarti of God 8 Girl
Devadarshini (দেবদর্শিনী) Goddess 6 Girl
Devagandhari (দেবাগাংধারী) Name of a Raga 4 Girl
Devagnya (দেবাগ্ন্য) Goddess Lakshmi; Worship of Ishta Deva 7 Girl
Devahasini (দেবাহাসীনী) 11 Girl
Devahuti (দেবাহুতী) Daughter of Manu 9 Girl
Devaja (দেবজা) Born from God 7 Girl
Devak (দেবক) Divine 7 Unisex
Devakali (দেবকলী) Name of an Indian music Raagini 11 Girl
Devakanya (দেবকন্যা) Celestial maiden; Divine damsel 3 Girl
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