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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Ibhan (ইভান) Lord Ganesh, The God having the mouth of the elephant 7 Boy
Ibhanan (ঈভানন) Elephant-faced 4 Boy
Ibhya (ইভ্যা) Possessor of many attendants 9 Boy
Idaspati (ইদস্পতি) God of rain (Lord Vishnu) 7 Boy
Iddham (ইদ্ধম) Shining; Brilliant; Sunshine 3 Boy
Idenya (ইদেন্যা) Praiseworthy 4 Unisex
Idhant (ইধাংত) Luminous; One who spreads light; Wonderful 11 Boy
Idhayan (ইধাযণ) Joy of heart 8 Boy
Idum (ইদুম) Red 2 Boy
Iham (ঈহম) Expected; Thin; Desire 22 Boy
Ihit (ইহীত) Prize; Honor; Effort; Desire 1 Boy
Ihsaan (এহসান) Kindness; Beneficence; Highest level of Iman 7 Boy
Ijay (ইজয) Lord Vishnu 9 Boy
Ikansh (একাংশ) Whole Universe 8 Boy
Ikrut (ইকৃত) One season 7 Boy
Iksha (ইক্ষা) Sight; Working of the senses 3 Unisex
Ikshan (ইক্ষণ) Sight; Eye; Look; Care 8 Boy
Ikshit (ইক্ষিত) Desired; Done with intention; Visible; Beheld 4 Boy
Ilaiyavan (ইলৈযাবান) Youthful 4 Boy
Ilakkuvan (ঈলাক্কুবন) It is the Tamil form of the name Lakshman; It also means an ambitious person; The one who has a goal; Desire 3 Boy
Ilamporai (ইলাম্পোরে) Prince 4 Boy
Ilamurugu (ইলামুরুগু) Young Lord Murugan 6 Boy
Ilancheliyan (ইলনচেলিযাং) Full of youthful potential 5 Boy
Ilandevan (ইলান্দেবন) Young master 1 Boy
Ilango (ইলাংগো) Prince; Author of Tamil masterpiece Silappadhikaram 4 Boy
Ilanthirayan (ইলানথিরাযণ) Young man whose influence extends beyond the seas 6 Boy
Ilapataye (ইলাপতযে) Lord of the earth 9 Boy
Ilashpasti (ইলাশ্পস্তী) Lord of the earth 6 Boy
Ilavalagan (ইলাবলগন) Young and handsome 8 Boy
Ilavarasan (ইলাবরাসন) Prince 8 Boy
Ilesh (ইলেশ) Lord of the Earth; King of the Earth 8 Boy
Ilisa (এলিসা) King of the Earth; Queen of the Earth 5 Boy
Illesh (ঈলেশ) LORD OF EARTH 11 Boy
Ilush (ইলূষ) Saffron; A traveller 6 Boy
Imon (ইমোং) Priority 6 Boy
Impal (ইম্পাল) The state capital of Manipur (India). 6 Boy
Inakanta (ইনকাংতা) Beloved of The Sun 8 Boy
Inbanathan (ইংবনাথন) Happy 3 Boy
Indar (ইন্দর) Lord 1 Boy
Indaresh (ইন্দারেশ) Lord Vishnu, Lord of Indra 6 Boy
Indeevar (ইংদীবর) Blue lotus 6 Boy
Indeevaraksh (ইংদীবরাক্ষ) Lotus eyed 9 Boy
Indeevaras (ইন্দীবরাস) Blue lotus 8 Boy
Indeever (ইংদীবর) Blue lotus 1 Boy
Indhu (ইংদু) The Moon; Nectar or Soma 11 Unisex
Indhumathi (ইন্দুমতী) Full Moon; The person with knowledge as the Moon 8 Unisex
Indivar (ইংদিবর) Blue lotus 5 Boy
Indra (ইংদ্রা) Excellent; First; God of the sky; Soul; Generous best; Cloud; God of the atmosphere 1 Boy
Indradatt (ইন্দ্রদত্ত) Gift of Lord Indra 1 Boy
Indradhanu (ইন্দ্রধনু) Rainbow 4 Boy
Indradhanush (ইন্দ্রধনুষ) Rainbow 4 Boy
Indradutt (ইংদ্রদত্ত) Gift of Lord Indra 3 Boy
Indradyumn (ইন্দ্রদ্যুম্ন) A splendor of Lord Indra 6 Boy
Indrajeet (ইন্দ্রজিত) Conqueror of Lord Indra, one who got victory over Lord Indra 5 Boy
Indrajit (ইন্দ্রজিত) Conqueror of Lord Indra, one who got victory over Lord Indra 4 Boy
Indrajith (ইন্দ্রজীত) Conqueror of Lord Indra, one who got victory over Lord Indra 3 Boy
Indrakanta (ইন্দ্রকাংতা) Lord Indra; Husband of Indra 3 Boy
Indran (ইন্দ্রন) Lord Indra; The God of rain; The portion of spirit residing in the body; Night; Best; Excellent 6 Boy
Indraneel (ইংদ্রনীল) Emerald 1 Boy
Indranil (ইন্দ্রনীল) Sapphire; Deep blue sky; Another name of Lord Shiva; Blue stone 9 Boy
Indrarjun (ইন্দ্রার্জুন) Bright and brave Lord Indra 1 Boy
Indrasen (ইন্দ্রসেন) Eldest of the Pandavas 3 Boy
Indrasena (ইন্দ্রসেনা) The Army of Indra 4 Unisex
Indrasuta (ইন্দ্রসুতা) Son of Indra 8 Boy
Indratan (ইন্দ্রতন) As strong as Lord Indra 9 Boy
Indratej (ইন্দ্রতেজ) 9 Boy
Indravadan (ইন্দ্রবদন) Lord Indra's name 7 Boy
Indravathi (ইংদ্রাবতী) Excellent; First; God of the skies 7 Boy
Indresh (ইন্দ্রেশ) Lord Indra 5 Boy
Induamati (ইংদুমাতী) Soft 11 Boy
Indubhushan (ইংদুভূষণ) The Moon 4 Boy
Indudar (ইন্দুদার) 8 Boy
Induhasan (ইন্দুহাসন) Like a Moon 1 Boy
Induj (ইন্দুজ) Mercury planet; Born of the Moon 22 Boy
Indukant (ইন্দুকাংত) The Moon; Like a Moon; Moon loved 4 Boy
Indukanta (ইন্দুকাংতা) The Moon; Like a Moon; Moon loved 5 Boy
Indukanth (ইন্দুকাংত) The Moon; Like a Moon; Moon loved 3 Boy
Indulal (ইংদুলাল) Moons luster 1 Boy
Induleksh (ইংদুলেক্ষ) The Moon 4 Unisex
Induma (ইংদূমা) The Moon 8 Unisex
Indumal (ইন্দুমল) Lord Shiva, The one who wears the Moon as an ornament 11 Boy
Indumat (ইন্দুমত) Respected by Moon 1 Boy
Indus (ঈন্দুস) India; Star 22 Boy
Indushekhar (ইংদুশেখর) Like a Moon 1 Boy
Indushree (ইন্দুশ্রী) Lord Chandra (Moon) 4 Unisex
Ineet (ইনিত) Affection 8 Boy
Inesh (ইনেশ) A strong king 1 Boy
Inganam (ইন্গনাম) Knowledge 5 Boy
Iniavelan (ঈনিঅবেলন) Sweetest boy 6 Boy
Iniyan (ইনীযন) Sweetie 9 Boy
Iniyavan (ঈনিযবন) Pleasant natured 5 Boy
Inkit (ইংকিত) To keep in mind; To point at something 9 Boy
Inoday (ইনোদয) Sunrise 5 Boy
Ipil (ইপিল) Stars 1 Boy
Ipsit (ইপ্সিত) Desired 1 Boy
Iraiyavan (ইরৈযাবন) Blessed by the supreme 1 Boy
Iraj (ইরাজ) Lord Hanuman; Flower; Born of the primal waters; Another name for the Love God Kaama 2 Boy
Irana (ইরনা) Lord of braves 7 Boy
Iravaj (ইরাবজ) Born of water; Another name for the Love God Kaama 7 Boy
Iravan (ইরাবন) King of the ocean; Filled with water; Sea; Cloud; Ruler 11 Boy
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