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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Maab (ماعب) A place to which one returns 8 Girl
Maali (ماالی) Noble; Sublime; Excellency 9 Unisex
Mada (مادا) The utmost point; Degree 1 Girl
Madhat (مادحٹ) Praise; Lauding 2 Unisex
Madhia (مادہیا) Praiseworthy 9 Girl
Madia (مادیا) Praiseworthy 1 Girl
Madiha (مادیہا) Praiseworthy 9 Girl
Madina (مدینا) Land of beauty 6 Girl
Mah (مہ) The Moon 4 Girl
Maha (ماہا) Large eyes; Moon-like 5 Girl
Mahala (مہالا) Brave 9 Girl
Maham (مہام) Full Moon 9 Girl
Maheen (مہین) The Earth; Fine or thin texture 1 Unisex
Mahine (مہینع) Earth; Greatest; Related to the Moon 5 Girl
Mahlaa () Forbearing 9 Girl
Mahsa (ماہسا) Like the Moon 6 Girl
Mahua (مہوعا) An intoxicating flower 8 Girl
Mahum (ماہوم) Moon light 2 Girl
Maida (مائیڈا) Beautiful 1 Girl
Maira (مایرا) Beloved; Favorable; Admirable; Marvellous 6 Girl
Mais (میس) Proud 6 Girl
Maisa (مایسا) Walking with pride; Swinging gait; Pretty 7 Girl
Maisaa (مایساا) Walking with pride; Swinging gait; Pretty 8 Girl
Maisha (مایشا) Walking with pride; Swinging gait; Pretty 6 Girl
Maizah (میزاہ) Discerning 4 Girl
Majda (مجدا) Glory; Honor; Nobility 11 Girl
Majha (مجھا) Name of a sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr 6 Girl
Majida (مجیدا) Glorious; Praiseworthy 2 Girl
Maladh (مالاڈہ) Protection; Shelter 3 Girl
Malaha (مالاہا) Beauty; Grace; Elegance 9 Girl
Malak (مالیک) Angel 11 Girl
Maliha (مالیہا) Strong; Beautiful; Salty or graceful or brownish color; Pleasant; Clever; Quick-witted 8 Girl
Malika () Daughter; Queen; Owner; A garland; Jasmine; Intoxicating drink 2 Girl
Mallika () Jasmine; Garland; Queen; Daughter 5 Girl
Manaal (مانال) Attainment; Achievement; A bird 6 Girl
Manaar (منار) Guiding light; Light house 3 Girl
Manab (مانعب) Deputyship; Share 4 Girl
Manar (منار) Guiding light; Light house 2 Girl
Manara (مانارا) Fem of Manar: light-house 3 Girl
Mandal (مندال) Fragrant wood 9 Girl
Manha (مانہا) Gift of Allah 1 Girl
Maraam (مارام) Wish; Desire; Aspiration 2 Girl
Marab (مارعب) Wish; Desire; Purpose; Use 8 Girl
Marah (مارہ) Happiness; Joy 5 Girl
Maram (مآرام) Wish; Desire; Aspiration 1 Unisex
Maria (مارییاہ) Beloved; Beautiful; One of the wives of the prophet Muhammad (Pbuh); Purity 6 Girl
Mariam (مریام) Beautiful women; Flower; Beloved 1 Girl
Marib (مآریب) Wish 7 Girl
Mariha (مآریہا) Joyful; Cheerful 5 Girl
Mariya (مآرییا) Beloved; Beautiful; One of the wives of the prophet Muhammad (Pbuh); Purity 4 Girl
Marwa (ماروا) Fragrant plant; Al Marwa is one of the hills in city Mecca 2 Girl
Maryum (مرییم) Mother of Isa AS 1 Girl
Mas (ماس) For Almas; Diamond 6 Girl
Mashal (مشعل) Light; Bright 9 Unisex
Mashel (ماسہیل) Light 22 Girl
Mashia (ماشیا) Wish; Desire; Will of (Allah) 6 Girl
Masira (مسیرا) Doing good deeds 7 Girl
Masoon (ماسون) Safeguarded; Well-protected 5 Girl
Matina (ماتینا) Strong; Solid 22 Girl
Mawar (ماوار) Rose 2 Girl
Mawara (ماوآرا) Superior 3 Girl
May (مئی) The fifth month of the english year; Old Arabic name; Illusion; Architect 3 Girl
Mayeda (مایعدا) The fruits of heaven; The cloth on which you eat in heaven; The Surah Mayeda in the Quran 22 Girl
Maysa (مایسا) Walking with pride; To walk with a swinging gait 5 Girl
Maysaa (مایسا) Walking with pride; To walk with a swinging gait 6 Girl
Mazida (مازیدا) Glorious; Praiseworthy 9 Girl
Mazin (مازین) Proper name; Cloud that carries rain 9 Girl
Medina (مدینا) A holy city of Saudi Arabia 1 Girl
Meem (میم) The Arabic letter M, Mim 9 Girl
Meeza (مییزا) Quarter Moon 5 Girl
Mehek (معہعک) Smell; Fragrance 6 Girl
Mehndi (معہندی) Beautiful color 8 Girl
Mehry (معہری) The Sun; Affectionate; Kind 6 Girl
Menaal (معناال) Special flower of heaven 1 Girl
Merwa (معروا) A mountain in makkah 6 Girl
Mevish (معویش) Strong 4 Girl
Midhaa (میدھاا) Appreciate 9 Girl
Midhah (میدہاہ) Praise 7 Girl
Midhat (میدحات) Praise; Eulogy 1 Girl
Minaal (میناال) To reach your destination 5 Girl
Minha (مینہا) Gift 9 Girl
Mirah (میراہ) Provisions; Supply 4 Girl
Miral () Shining sea; Independent 8 Girl
Misaal (میسال) Example; Copy; Torch; Light; Lightened; Sparkling; Shining 1 Girl
Misam (میسام) Smiling; Happy 1 Girl
Misba (میسبا) Innocent 8 Girl
Mishal (میشال) Example; Copy; Torch; Light; Lightened; Sparkling; Shining 8 Girl
Mishel (میشعل) A light 3 Girl
Mobena (موبعنا) Cool 5 Girl
Mohga (موہگا) The light of happiness 8 Girl
Momina (مومینا) Faithful; Truly believing 11 Girl
Monera (مونیرا) Shinning light; Guiding light 3 Girl
Mosiya (موثعییا) Increase the world 1 Girl
Mubin (موبین) Clear; Evident 5 Unisex
Mubina (موبینا) One who makes something clear; Manifest; One who clarifies; Plain 6 Girl
Mufiah (موفیاہ) Obedient; Compliant 4 Girl
Mufida (موفیڈا) Useful; Helpful; Beneficial; Advantageous 9 Girl
Muhja (موحجا) Hearts blood; Soul 8 Girl
Muhjaa () Hearts blood; Soul 9 Girl
Muhra (موہرا) Filly; A female pony 7 Girl