Top Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With H

262 Indian Boy Names Starting With 'H' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Hitesh Lord of goodness; Lord Venkateswara 6 Boy-E
Hiren Lord of the diamonds 9 Boy-E
Harshil Joyful; Kings of the hills; Kind hearted a sweet; Delighted 3 Boy-E
Hemant Gold or Lord Buddha; Early winter 7 Boy-E
Hetansh Rising Sun; Well wisher 3 Boy-E
Hrithik From the heart; Stream 11 Boy-E
Hridaan Gift of heart, Preference of heart, Who is great heart 1 Boy-E
Hrihaan God have chosen one, Lord Vishnu, Destroyer of enemies 5 Boy-E
Hemil Hem means gold 11 Boy-E
Hridesh Heart 8 Boy-E
Het Love 6 Boy-E
Hitansh Hitansh is the wish for our happiness and favorable 7 Boy-E
Herish Lord Shiva; Lord Krishna; The person who feels that what he is doing is God's wish 4 Boy-E
Himank Diamond 11 Boy-E
Hatim Judge 6 Boy-E
Hriday Heart 11 Boy-E
Hemish Lord of the earth 8 Boy-E
Himansh Part of Shiv 9 Boy-E
Hamir Wealthy king; A Raga 4 Boy-E
Himnish Lord Shiva, Lord of the Mountain 8 Boy-E
Hritish Lord of heart 1 Boy-E
Hetaksh Existence of Love 9 Boy-E
Hrihan Gods have chosen one; Lord Vishnu; Destroyer of enemies 4 Boy-E
Harikesh Lord Krishna; Yellow haired; An epithet of Shiva; Name of one of the seven principal rays of the Sun; Another name for Vishnu 7 Boy-E
Hitarth Distribute love; The well wisher 3 Boy-E
Hrishikesh One who controls senses 6 Boy-E
Hardhik Affectionate; Heartfelt; Cordial 5 Boy-E
Heet Love 2 Boy-E
Haroon Lofty or exalted; A prophet's name (Aaron) 8 Boy-E
Henith Tiger 1 Boy-E
Henil Foamy 3 Boy-E
Hanvesh Very soft mind 5 Boy-E
Hemin Canoe Man 4 Boy-E
Hem Gold 8 Boy-E
Harin Pure 5 Boy-E
Hadi The guide; Director; Leader 22 Boy-E
Hanshal God is gracious; Swan like 9 Boy-E
Hemang One with shining body 3 Boy-E
Haris Ploughman; Cultivator; Friend 1 Boy-E
Hafiz Protector; One who has memorised the Quran 5 Boy-E
Haziq Intelligent; Skillful 7 Boy-E
Himesh King of snow 8 Boy-E
Haider Lion 9 Boy-E
Hariz The horizon; Strong; Secure; Guarded 8 Boy-E
Hisham Companion of prophet Muhammad; Generous 4 Boy-E
Hriman Wealthy 9 Boy-E
Husain In protection; Security 9 Boy-E
Haresh Lord Shiva, Shiva, Lord Har 5 Boy-E
Haseeb Reckoned; Another name of prophet Muhammad 22 Boy-E
Hunaid Happiness 3 Boy-E
Hetarth Distribute love; A Well wisher 8 Boy-E
Homesh The God of Havan 5 Boy-E
Habib Beloved 22 Boy-E
Hasim Generosity; Prophet's grandfather; Decisive 5 Boy-E
Himanish Lord Shiva, Lord of Himani (Parvati) 9 Boy-E
Hetav Gives Love 2 Boy-E
Harsal Delighted; A lover; Joyful; Glad 5 Boy-E
Hitanshu Well wisher 1 Boy-E
Haaiz Getter 9 Boy-E
Haalim Mild; Gentle; Patient; Forbearing; Grown up 8 Boy-E
Haamid Praising (God); Loving (God); Friend; Praiser; All-laudable 9 Boy-E
Hafi Generous 6 Boy-E
Hamid Praising (God); Loving (God); Friend; Praiser; All-laudable 8 Boy-E
Hemdev Lord of wealth 3 Boy-E
Hanash A man with the same name narrated a Hadith 6 Boy-E
Harshnil Scared 8 Boy-E
Hasher Collector 5 Boy-E
Hitaish Well wisher; Good person; Faith 11 Boy-E
Hemank Diamond 7 Boy-E
Hunain Islamic place 4 Boy-E
Hadis The narration of prophet Muhammad 5 Boy-E
Haidar Lion; Title of Ali 5 Boy-E
Hanif An upright; True; True believer 11 Boy-E
Hazim Firm; Resolute; Energetic 3 Boy-E
Habeel Allah accepted the name of one of the sons of Sayyidina Aadam his sacrifice but that of Qabeel, his brother rejected 6 Boy-E
Hadid The 57th Surah of holy Quran; Iron; Eloquent 8 Boy-E
Hamd Praise; Lauding 8 Boy-E
Hami Protector; Patron; Supporter; Defender 22 Boy-E
Hamim Friend; Close friend 8 Boy-E
Hiras Scratching; Scraping 1 Boy-E
Hanzal Gift from God 8 Boy-E
Hriyan Wealth 3 Boy-E
Humaid Diminutive of Ahmad; Praised 11 Boy-E
Haady Guiding to the right 3 Boy-E
Haafiz Protector; One who has memorised the Quran 6 Boy-E
Habis A narrator of Hadith 3 Boy-E
Hadee The guide; Director; Leader 5 Boy-E
Haji Pilgrim 1 Boy-E
Hamood One who praises Allah 11 Boy-E
Hashid One who rallies people 4 Boy-E
Hatif Praiser; A voice from heaven 8 Boy-E
Hayaat Life 2 Boy-E
Humair Reddish 7 Boy-E
Hajid One who sleeps 5 Boy-E
Haleef Ally; Confederate 1 Boy-E
Hamed Praising (God); Loving (God); Friend; Praiser; All-laudable 22 Boy-E
Hameem Friend; Close friend 9 Boy-E
Hasham Servant 5 Boy-E
Hatib A wood collector 22 Boy-E
Hibah A gift from God 1 Boy-E