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85 Muslim Girl Names Starting With 'G' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Gulsana (گولسانا) Unbelievable flower 3 Girl-E
Gulrez (گولرعز) Rose-sprinkler 8 Girl-E
Gulnaz (گولناز) Cute like a flower 9 Girl-E
Gulnar (گولنار) Flowery 1 Girl-E
Guljan () Gul - flowers; Jan - life 2 Girl-E
Gulistan (گولیستان) Rose garden; Garden 4 Girl-E
Guleen (گولین) One with a beautiful smile 1 Girl-E
Guldin (گولڈین) Out of flowers 4 Girl-E
Gulchin (گولچین) Name of a flower 11 Girl-E
Gulbano (گولبانو) Princess of flowers 9 Girl-E
Gulali (گلالی) Gorgeous 8 Girl-E
Gulalai (گولالای) Beautiful 9 Girl-E
Gul Warin (گول وارین) Derived from gulwari 6 Girl-E
Gul Rukh (گول رخ) Rose-face 8 Girl-E
Gul Ru (گول رو) Rosy-faced 7 Girl-E
Gul Panrha (گول پنڑھا) Flower petal 8 Girl-E
Gul Nasreen (گول نسرین) Forest flower 8 Girl-E
Gul Mina (گول مینا) Lovely flower 5 Girl-E
Gul Mehtab (گول مہتاب) Moon-like flower 8 Girl-E
Gul Makai (گول مکای) A heroine of famous folk tale 3 Girl-E
Gul Jan (گول جن) Gul - flowers; Jan - life 2 Girl-E
Gul Izar (گول عزار) Rosy-cheeked 4 Girl-E
Gul Chehra (گول چہرا) Beautiful like flower 11 Girl-E
Gul Barg (گول برگ) Rose petal 5 Girl-E
Gul Bano (گول بانو) Princess of flowers 9 Girl-E
Gul Bahar (گول بہار) Rose Spring 7 Girl-E
Gul Badan (گول بدن) Beautiful body resembling a Rose 8 Girl-E
Gul Azra (گول عذرا) Virgin or maiden 5 Girl-E
Gul () Flower; Rose; Red; Precious; Fortune 4 Girl-E
Gufrina (گوفرینا) Innocent 4 Girl-E
Grana (گرانا) Dear 5 Girl-E
Goya () Articulate 3 Girl-E
Gool () Flower; Rose; Red; Precious; Fortune 22 Girl-E
Giti (گیٹی) A song; World; Universe 9 Girl-E
Ginni (گیننی) Gold 8 Girl-E
Ghuzayyah (گھوزیّاہ) A narrator of Hadith 5 Girl-E
Ghusun (گہوسون، گہوسواون) Branches of a tree 9 Girl-E
Ghusoon (گہوسون) Branches of a tree 9 Girl-E
Ghusn (گہوسن) Branch; Twig 6 Girl-E
Ghunwah (گہونواہ) Indispensable 1 Girl-E
Ghuncha (گہونچا) Bunch of flowers 8 Girl-E
Ghumaysa (گھومےسا) Her kuniyah was umm sulaym 5 Girl-E
Ghufran (گہوفران) Forgiveness; Pardon 3 Girl-E
Ghufayrah (گھوفےراہ) Forgiveness 5 Girl-E
Ghotai (گہوتای) Bud 6 Girl-E
Ghizlan (گہیزلان) From Gazal 5 Girl-E
Ghitbah (گہاٹباہ) A narrator of Hadith 1 Girl-E
Ghina (گہانا) Singing; Song 3 Girl-E
Ghibtah (گہیبٹاہ) She was a narrator of Hadith 1 Girl-E
Ghaziyah (گہازیاہ) Female warrior 4 Girl-E
Ghaziya (گہازیا) Female warrior 5 Girl-E
Ghazalah (غزالاہ) Gazelle 1 Girl-E
Ghazala (غزالاہ) Gazelle; A young deer 11 Girl-E
Ghazal (غزل) Intelligent; Charming; A poem; Ode; Lyric poem; Words of Love 1 Girl-E
Ghaydaa (گہیدا) Young and delicate; Soft 11 Girl-E
Ghayda (گہیدا) Young and delicate 1 Girl-E
Ghatola (گحٹولا) Tulip 1 Girl-E
Ghatiya (گحتیا) Dynamic; Moving 8 Girl-E
Ghasna (گہاسنا) Bud; Blossom 5 Girl-E
Ghashia (گحاشیا) Guidance 8 Girl-E
Ghareebah (غاریباہ) Strange; Foreign 1 Girl-E
Gharam (گحرام) Love 3 Girl-E
Ghaniyah (غنیاه) Pretty girl; Beautiful woman; Beauty 1 Girl-E
Ghaniya (گہانییا) Rich; Wealthy; Prosperous 11 Girl-E
Ghania (گحنیا) Beauty; Beautiful girl 4 Girl-E
Ghaneemah (غنیماہ) Spoils; Booty 8 Girl-E
Ghamza (گہمزا) Gestures 11 Girl-E
Ghaliyah (گہالییاہ) Fragrant; Beloved; Valuable 8 Girl-E
Ghalibah (غلیباہ) Dominant 3 Girl-E
Ghaliba (گہالیبا) Conqueror; Victor; Winner 4 Girl-E
Ghalia (گہالیا) Precious; Priceless 11 Girl-E
Ghaida (گہایدا) Young and delicate; Soft 3 Girl-E
Ghafira (گحفیرا) One who hides others sins 5 Girl-E
Ghadir (غدیر) Brook; Rivulet; Small stream 11 Girl-E
Ghadia (گحدیا) Morning; Cloud 3 Girl-E
Ghadeer (غدیر) Brook; Rivulet; Small stream 3 Girl-E
Ghadah (گہاداہ) Beautiful 11 Girl-E
Ghada (گہادا) Graceful woman 3 Girl-E
Ghaaliya (گحالییا) Fragrant 1 Girl-E
Gazala (گازالہ) Intelligent; Charming; A poem; Ode; Lyric poem; Words of Love 3 Girl-E
Gazal () Singing song 2 Girl-E
Gauhar (گاوحر) Diamond; Precious stone 11 Girl-E
Gamila (گامیلا) Beautiful 7 Girl-E
Galai (گالای) 3 Girl-E
Gabina (گابینا) Honey 7 Girl-E
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Popular Muslim Girl names beginning with G

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Muslim Girl names beginning with G will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Muslim names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.