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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Suzain (سوزاین) Sweet 9 Girl-E
Suwera (سووعرا) Morning 6 Girl-E
Suraya (سوریا) Star 22 Girl-E
Sunya (سونیا) Sunshine; Brightness 8 Girl-E
Suniya (سونییا) Varnam 8 Girl-E
Suni (سونی) Believer 9 Girl-E
Sundus (سُندوس) A fine silk which is used for clothing in heaven 8 Girl-E
Sundas (سونداس) Dress of heaven 6 Girl-E
Sumra (سومرا) Fruit; Summer fruit 9 Girl-E
Sumnah (سومناہ) Arab girl 22 Girl-E
Summar (سوممر) Fruit; Gifts 22 Girl-E
Sumiya (سومییا) Beautiful 7 Girl-E
Sumia (سومیا) The one who listens 9 Girl-E
Sumera (سومعرا) Princess; A divine mountain 5 Girl-E
Sumbul (سومبول) Frail; Delicate 7 Girl-E
Sumara (سومارا) Entertainer 1 Girl-E
Sumaira () Successful; Celebrated; A famous woman 1 Girl-E
Suja (سوجا) Calmness; Quietness; Brave; Bold; Valor 6 Girl-E
Suhayr (سوحایر) Proper name 11 Girl-E
Suhana (سوہانا) Beautiful & pleasant 1 Girl-E
Suhair (سوہئیر) Proper name 4 Girl-E
Suha (سوہا) Name of a star; Celebration; A musical Raag 4 Girl-E
Sughra (سوگہرا) Small 11 Girl-E
Sufia (صوفیاء) A person who follows Sufism - a clean heart 2 Girl-E
Subuhi (سوبوہی) The cold breeze of morning 8 Girl-E
Subhi () Good luck; Auspicious 5 Girl-E
Subaha (سوباہا) Beautiful 7 Girl-E
Suad (سواد) Good fortune 9 Girl-E
Souzan (سووزان) Burning; Flaming 6 Girl-E
Souri (سووری) Red rose 1 Girl-E
Soraya (سورایا) Beautiful 7 Girl-E
Sophia (صوفیا) Wisdom 5 Girl-E
Soniya () Golden; Lovely; wisdom 11 Girl-E
Sonia () Golden; Lovely; wisdom 22 Girl-E
Somaya () Meek; Soft; Calm 2 Girl-E
Sohana () Graceful; Beautiful 22 Girl-E
Soha () Name of a star; Celebration; A musical Raag 7 Girl-E
Sofiana () 11 Girl-E
Sofia (صوفیا) Beautiful 5 Girl-E
Sobiya () Nurse of Prophet PBUH 8 Girl-E
Sobia (سوبیا) The good and noble girl 1 Girl-E
Siyana (سییانا) Protection 6 Girl-E
Siyaam () Fasting 5 Girl-E
Sitwat (سیٹوات) Someone with fame and respect 2 Girl-E
Sireen (سيرين) A narrator of Hadith from the prophet (Saw), Another narrator of Hadith by the same name was the sister of Mariah al-Qabtiyah; al-Maqooqus of Egypt 7 Girl-E
Simmi (سیممی) Cute Girl 9 Girl-E
Simin (سیمین) Silvery; Made of silver 1 Girl-E
Siham (سیہام) Arrow of Love 5 Girl-E
Sihaam (سیحام) Arrow of love; Intelligent 6 Girl-E
Sidrah (سیڈراہ) Name of a tree 5 Girl-E
Sidra (سیدرا) Name of a tree 6 Girl-E
Siddra (سیدڈرا) Like a star 1 Girl-E
Shuzan () Tree 8 Girl-E
Shunah (شوناہ) tradition or way. 8 Girl-E
Shuja (شوجا) Calmness; Quietness; Brave; Bold; Valor 5 Girl-E
Shuha (شوہا) Star 3 Girl-E
Shuba (شوعبا) Morning; Beautiful 6 Girl-E
Shremy () 7 Girl-E
Sholeh (سہولیہ) Flame 4 Girl-E
Shiza (شیزا) A gift; A present 9 Girl-E
Shiya () Snow at dawn 8 Girl-E
Shinat (شینت) Beautiful lady 8 Girl-E
Shimna (شیمنا) Scared 1 Girl-E
Shimaz (شیماز) Beloved 4 Girl-E
Shima (شیما) Sister of prophet Mohammed 5 Girl-E
Shifana (شیفانا) Curing Girl 4 Girl-E
Shifa (شیفا) Cure 7 Girl-E
Shideh (شیدیہ) Bright; Luminous; The Sun 8 Girl-E
Shezan (شعزان) Beautiful 1 Girl-E
Sheza (شیزا) Good religious girl 5 Girl-E
Sheyda (سہییدا) Lovesick 8 Girl-E
Shermy (شیرمی) Shyness Woman 7 Girl-E
Shenaz (شیناز) A bride; Glory of a King; Beauty 1 Girl-E
Shehna (شیہنا) Beautiful 1 Girl-E
Shehla (شیہلا) Kind of a flower 8 Girl-E
Sheen () Brightness 6 Girl-E
Sheema (شیما) Island japanese 6 Girl-E
Sheeba (شیبا) Promise; Oath; Queen 22 Girl-E
Shazia (شازیا) Fragrance 1 Girl-E
Shazfa (شازفا) Success 7 Girl-E
Shaza (شاذا) Fragrance 1 Girl-E
Shatha (شاتھا) Aromatic; A narrator of Hadith 3 Girl-E
Shanze (شانزع) Rose 1 Girl-E
Shanum (شانوم) Allah's blessing; Dignity 22 Girl-E
Shanaz (شاناز) Pride of king; Full of grace; Flower 6 Girl-E
Shamsa (شمسا) Sunshine 7 Girl-E
Shamna (شامنا) Ghee 2 Girl-E
Shamla (شاملا) Air; Breeze 9 Girl-E
Shamika () Loving and kind; Love attention but can be shy; Very beautiful; Peaceful; Peaceful 8 Girl-E
Shamia (شامیا) Blessings; One who listens; Exalted; Noble; Much praised 6 Girl-E
Shamal () Garland of Rudraksh 9 Girl-E
Shama (شما) Flame; Peaceful; Lamp; An Apsara or celestial nymph 6 Girl-E
Shakeela (شاکیلا) Beautiful; Pretty 8 Girl-E
Shaira () Poetess; Princess; Traveler 11 Girl-E
Shaina () Beautiful 7 Girl-E
Shaima (شایما) Good natured; Fasting 6 Girl-E
Shahla (شاہلا) Dark flower; Dark grey eyes; Smooth; Soft ground; Fluent; Flowing style 22 Girl-E
Shahin (شاهين) Falcon; Hawk (Garuda) 5 Girl-E
Shaheena (شاحینا) Gentle; Tender; Falcon 7 Girl-E
Shahed (شاہعد) Honey; Witness; Patriot 9 Girl-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 260
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Popular Muslim Girl names beginning with S

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Muslim Girl names beginning with S will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Muslim names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Girl child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.