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Similar names for Rafey

Name Meaning Numerology
raafe A companion 22
rafay The exalter; To elevate the rank 6
rafee Kind friend; Noble; Eminent 8
rafey Pioneer 1
rafi Kind friend; Noble; Eminent 7
rafie Kind friend 3
raif Merciful; Gentle 7
rauf Who is every one's friend; Merciful; Kind 1
ravee The Sun; Expert or skilled 6
ravi Delighted; Satisfied; Hope; Expectation; Wish; The Sun; Expert or skilled; Fire 5
rev The sacred Narmada river; Moving 9
rhivu Manasputra of Lord Brahma; One who is begotten through a boon 6
rifaah Name of twenty three companions; Greatness 7
rifah Name of twenty three companions; Greatness 6
rifai 7
roofah Tender hearted 9
ruwayfe High superior exalted 9
ruwayfi Exalted 4