Modern Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With R

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Raafe A companion 22 Boy-E
Raag The musical; To bring to life; Love; Beauty; Vigour; Passion; Desire vigour; Melody; King Sun; Moon; A form of Indian classical music 9 Boy-E
Raazi Thankful for anybody; Satisfied; Content; Pleased 1 Boy-E
Rab Lord; Master 3 Boy-E
Rabee Spring; Breeze 22 Boy-E
Rabi Spring; Breeze 3 Boy-E
Radi Satisfied 5 Boy-E
Raees Rich; Wealthy; Chief; Captain 3 Boy-E
Raem One who has a desire and sea 1 Boy-E
Rafee Kind friend; Noble; Eminent 8 Boy-E
Rafi Kind friend; Noble; Eminent 7 Boy-E
Raghu The family of Lord Rama 1 Boy-E
Ragu Centre of Attraction 2 Boy-E
Rahi Traveler 9 Boy-E
Raid Leader 5 Boy-E
Raif Merciful; Gentle 7 Boy-E
Raiq Pure; Clear; Tranquil; Serene 9 Boy-E
Rais Rich; Wealthy; Chief; Captain 2 Boy-E
Raiya Property; Treasure; Fragrance; Breeze; Blessed by the supreme 9 Boy-E
Raj King 11 Boy-E
Raja King; Hope 3 Boy-E
Rajaa King; Hope 4 Boy-E
Raju Prosperity 5 Boy-E
Raksh Reducer of the number of demons 3 Boy-E
Ram Lord Rama; God; Supreme spirit 5 Boy-E
Rami Marksman 5 Boy-E
Rana Of elegant; Statue; Soft; Joy; Jewel; To gaze; Look 7 Boy-E
Ransh Aparajit, Another name of Ram 6 Boy-E
Rashu Loyalty 22 Boy-E
Rauf Who is every one's friend; Merciful; Kind 1 Boy-E
Raul Versatile 7 Boy-E
Ravee The Sun; Expert or skilled 6 Boy-E
Ravi Delighted; Satisfied; Hope; Expectation; Wish; The Sun; Expert or skilled; Fire 5 Boy-E
Ray Beam of light 8 Boy-E
Raza Handsome 1 Boy-E
Razi Thankful for anybody; Satisfied; Content; Pleased 9 Boy-E
Redu Elf counsel 3 Boy-E
Reet Jasmine; Soothing; Purifying; Hymn; Prosperous; Universal plentiful 3 Boy-E
Resu Pure soul 9 Boy-E
Reza Fairy; Pleasure; Wish 5 Boy-E
Ridha Respect; Cover; Contentment 4 Boy-E
Ripu Enemy 1 Boy-E
Rish Brave & dominant ruler 9 Boy-E
Rishi Pleasure; Sage; Ray of light; Wise; Pious; Light 9 Boy-E
Risi Pleasure; Sage; Ray of light; Wise; Pious; Light 1 Boy-E
Romi Wealth; Money 1 Boy-E
Ronny Rules with counsel; A form of Ronald from Reynold 5 Boy-E
Rooh Spirit; Soul; Good behaviour; Purity 11 Boy-E
Ruhu Spiritual 5 Boy-E
Rushi Sag 3 Boy-E
Ryna King 22 Boy-E
Rafq Patience; Tolerance; Endurance 6 Boy-E
Rakta One who has a red colored body 6 Boy-E
Rawh Refreshment; Rest 5 Boy-E
Reddy Leader 11 Boy-E
Rehza English; Hindi 4 Boy-E
Ridh Krishna 3 Boy-E
Rishta Relation 3 Boy-E
Robbie Abbreviation of Robert; famed; bright; shining 6 Boy-E
Rudr Fearsome; Name of Lord Shiva; The terrible; God of storms; Thunder and lightning 7 Boy-E
Rudro Shiv 4 Boy-E
Rukm Gold 9 Boy-E
Rushd On the right path 7 Boy-E
Rushdi Good news 7 Boy-E
Raagav Lord of God, Lord Ram, Ragavender God 5 Boy-E
Raaghav Lord Rama; A descendant of Raghu; A patronymic of Ramachandra 4 Boy-E
Raahil One who shows the way; Traveler; Path guider 4 Boy-E
Raahul Son of Buddha; Conqueror of all miseries; Competent; Efficient 7 Boy-E
Raamesh Lord Vishnu; Preserver or the one who saves from danger 11 Boy-E
Raamis The good looking one 7 Boy-E
Raamiz Symbol; Prince; Honored; Respected 5 Boy-E
Raatib Arranger 6 Boy-E
Rabah Gainer 3 Boy-E
Rabar A loving and caring person to all 22 Boy-E
Rabees Powerful; Fearless; Dauntless 5 Boy-E
Raben Sunny; A bird 22 Boy-E
Rabih Winner; Gainer 11 Boy-E
Rabit Binding; Fastening 5 Boy-E
Rachet Lord Varun; Wise 1 Boy-E
Rachit Invention 5 Boy-E
Radesh God 1 Boy-E
Radhak Generous; Liberal 7 Boy-E
Radhav Lord Krishna, Beloved of Radha 9 Boy-E
Radhesh A name of Lord Krishna 9 Boy-E
Radhey Karna 7 Boy-E
Radheya Karna 8 Boy-E
Radin Young man 1 Boy-E
Rafan Beautiful; Graceful 22 Boy-E
Rafat Elevation 1 Boy-E
Rafay The exalter; To elevate the rank 6 Boy-E
Rafaz Ways; Paths; Pieces; Parts 7 Boy-E
Rafeek Kind; Friend 1 Boy-E
Rafey Pioneer 1 Boy-E
Rafid Support 11 Boy-E
Rafie Kind friend 3 Boy-E
Rafik Kind; Friend 9 Boy-E
Rafiq Kind; Friend 6 Boy-E
Ragab Lord of God, Lord Ram, Ragavender God 2 Boy-E
Ragav Lord of God, Lord Ram, Ragavender God 22 Boy-E
Ragesh Master of melodic modes; The Man who sings sweet ragas 4 Boy-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 642
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Popular Indian Boy names beginning with R

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Indian Boy names beginning with R will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Indian names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Boy child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.