Modern Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With D

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Dyutit Illuminated 9 Boy-E
Dyutir Radiance 7 Boy-E
Dyumani Lord Shiva; Sky Jewel; Another name for Shiva and Sun 6 Boy-E
Dyanesh Meditative 4 Boy-E
Dyan Divine 8 Boy-E
Dwijesh River 6 Boy-E
Dwijendra King of Brahmins; The Moon 7 Boy-E
Dwijaraj King of Brahmins; The Moon 4 Boy-E
Dwijain The Moon 7 Boy-E
Dwij Saint 1 Boy-E
Dwarika The capital of Lord Krishna's kingdom 4 Boy-E
Dwarakesh Lord Krishna 9 Boy-E
Dwaraka The capital of Lord Krishna's kingdom 5 Boy-E
Dwan Voice 6 Boy-E
Dwaipayan The sage Vyasa 4 Boy-E
Dvimidha One who knows present as well as future 7 Boy-E
Dushyanta A king from the epic Mahabharata 5 Boy-E
Dushyant A king from the epic Mahabharata 4 Boy-E
Dushtar Irresistible; Inpenetrable; Unconquerable; Excellent 1 Boy-E
Dushasana One of the Kauravas 7 Boy-E
Dushal Resolute; Funs 2 Boy-E
Duryab Finder of good things 8 Boy-E
Durwank Gifted friend 11 Boy-E
Durvish Who cannot be affected by poison 11 Boy-E
Durvesh Shehnai (Clarinet) 7 Boy-E
Durvasha A powerful rishi famous for his quick temper 4 Boy-E
Durvansh One who lives far 8 Boy-E
Durvank Gifted friend 1 Boy-E
Dursanth 6 Boy-E
Durkesh From Goddess Durga 5 Boy-E
Durjaya Difficult to conquer; Unvanquished 8 Boy-E
Durjay Jiska koi prabhav nahi kar sakta (One who cannot be influenced) 7 Boy-E
Durja The invincible 9 Boy-E
Durijesh The Moon 4 Boy-E
Durgesh Lord of forts 1 Boy-E
Dulal Lovable; Young; Dear one 5 Boy-E
Duhr Noon 6 Boy-E
Duhat Intelligent 9 Boy-E
Dugant Direction; Endless; Horizon end of sky 22 Boy-E
Druvil Patient 5 Boy-E
Druvik Star 4 Boy-E
Druvan Star 8 Boy-E
Druvam The enduring sound; Heaven; Certainly; Eternally 7 Boy-E
Druva The polar star; Constant; Faithful; Firm 3 Boy-E
Druv Pole star; Immovable; Eternal; Firm; Steady 2 Boy-E
Drupad A king; Firm footed 1 Boy-E
Droupath 4 Boy-E
Droon Respectable 3 Boy-E
Dron Prominent Mahabharata character; Guide; Saviour; Learned sage and teacher from the Mahabharata 6 Boy-E
Dritik 8 Boy-E
Drishtee Eye sight 7 Boy-E
Drishnu Bold; Courageous 3 Boy-E
Drishit Signs 6 Boy-E
Drishaan One who fulfils all dreams 11 Boy-E
Drish Sight 4 Boy-E
Dreshal Son of Lord 4 Boy-E
Dravya Liquid 8 Boy-E
Dravin Wealth; Any Valuable Possession; Strength; Name of a Mountain 5 Boy-E
Dravid Wealthy; Landlord 4 Boy-E
Dousik Intelligent 7 Boy-E
Dost Friend 4 Boy-E
Dnyanesh King; Person Having power of knowledge 9 Boy-E
Dnyandeep A lamp of knowledge 7 Boy-E
Dnyanal 8 Boy-E
Diyari A gift; A present 3 Boy-E
Diyanat Religion 11 Boy-E
Diyana Giver of gifts 9 Boy-E
Diyan Bright light 8 Boy-E
Dixit Full of joy; Mountain strength; Ireland; Peace; Sun Ray; Celebrity Name: Madhuri Dixit 3 Boy-E
Dix 1 Boy-E
Diwankar Sun 9 Boy-E
Diwan The royal court; Tribunal of justice 6 Boy-E
Diwaker The Sun; Lord of light 8 Boy-E
Diwakar The Sun; Lord of light 4 Boy-E
Divyesh The Sun 11 Boy-E
Divyendu Light of Moon 5 Boy-E
Divyatha Divine lights; White 9 Boy-E
Divyaraj Brilliant; Extraordinary 9 Boy-E
Divyanth Handsome 4 Boy-E
Divyant Handsome 5 Boy-E
Divyanshu Divine light; The Sun 6 Boy-E
Divyansh Part of the God; Part of the divine light; God's own divine 3 Boy-E
Divyank Pant of light (Path of light) 5 Boy-E
Divyanga Divine body 11 Boy-E
Divyang Divine body 1 Boy-E
Divyam Divine; Spiritual; Superhuman; Unique; Pure 11 Boy-E
Divyajot 7 Boy-E
Divyaansh Part of the God; Part of the divine light; God's own divine 4 Boy-E
Divya Deep Divine; Divine luster; Heavenly 1 Boy-E
Divot 7 Boy-E
Divnesh The Sun 9 Boy-E
Divjot Divine light 8 Boy-E
Diviyansh Peace of God and divine light 3 Boy-E
Divit Immortal 1 Boy-E
Divish Part of divine 8 Boy-E
Divij Name of Lord Datta; Born in heaven; Came from heaven; Divine 9 Boy-E
Divesh Lord of Gods 4 Boy-E
Divaym Divine; Spiritual; Superhuman; Unique; Pure 11 Boy-E
Divansh Sun's particle; Similar to Diwakar - Sun's Ansh 5 Boy-E
Divam Pure 22 Boy-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 559
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Popular Indian Boy names beginning with D

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Indian Boy names beginning with D will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Indian names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Boy child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.