Meaning of Durvank



Meaning :
Gifted friend Suggest meaning
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Rashi :
Meena (D, CH, Z, TH)
Nakshatra :
Uttarabhadra (Du, Tha, Jha, Tra)
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Similar names for Durvank

Name Meaning Numerology
dharvan A winner 5
dharvin Blend of Daryl and Marvin 4
dhruvan Star 7
dhruvansh A part of the polar star 7
dhruvanth Name of Star; Lord of Universe; Creator; Gift of God 8
dhruven It is derived from Dhruv meaning constant or polestar 11
dhruvin Great person 6
dhuravan 8
dhuruvan Star 1
dravin 5
druvan Star 8
durvank Gifted friend 1
durvansh One who lives far 8
tarvinder The salvation of God in heaven 7
trivendra The meaning of the name Trivendra is the master of the three super power like Shiv brahma and Lord Vishnu 3

Variant names for name Durvank

Name Numerology
durvank 1