Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With G

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Gyanveer Brave and divine in knowledge 7 Boy-E
Gyansingh Knowledge; One having exalted divine knowledge 5 Boy-E
Gyanroop An embodiment of divine light; Embodiment of divine knowledge 3 Boy-E
Gyanprem Love of knowledge 9 Boy-E
Gyanpreet One who loves the divine knowledge 3 Boy-E
Gyanjot Flame of knowledge 11 Boy-E
Gyanjeet Victory of knowledge 6 Boy-E
Gyaneshwar God of wisdom 4 Boy-E
Gyanesh The God of knowledge 7 Boy-E
Gyanendra Knowledge 8 Boy-E
Gyanender Lord of knowledge 3 Boy-E
Gyandev Lord of knowledge 6 Boy-E
Gyandeep The lamp of divine knowledge 5 Boy-E
Gyanav Wise; Learned; Knowledgeable 7 Boy-E
Gyanadeep Lamp of knowledge 6 Boy-E
Gyan Karthik Lord Shiva; Lamp of knowledge 8 Boy-E
Gyan Knowledge 2 Boy-E
Gyaanav Wise; Learned; Knowledgeable 8 Boy-E
Gyaan One having exalted divine knowledge; Wisdom 3 Boy-E
Guvid Rich 9 Boy-E
Gutaif Well to do 1 Boy-E
Gurzail Gurus province 4 Boy-E
Gurwinder Part of Guru 11 Boy-E
Gurvinder Part of Guru 1 Boy-E
Gurvichaar Reflections on Gurbani 9 Boy-E
Gurveer Warrior of the Guru 6 Boy-E
Gurveen Gurus grace 11 Boy-E
Gurvaid Divine knowledge 1 Boy-E
Guruttam The greatest teacher 4 Boy-E
Gurutej Shine of God 3 Boy-E
Gurusimran Remembrance of the enlightener 6 Boy-E
Gurusharan Refuge at the Guru 11 Boy-E
Gurushan Gurus Shan 1 Boy-E
Gurusaran Refuge at the Guru 3 Boy-E
Gururaja Shri Raghavendra Prabhu; Mantralaya 7 Boy-E
Gururaj Master of teacher 6 Boy-E
Guruprem Beloved of the enlightener 11 Boy-E
Guruprasad Gift of the teacher 9 Boy-E
Gurupada Servant of the Guru 8 Boy-E
Gurunath Teacher 11 Boy-E
Gurunaamsimran Remembrance of the enlightener's name 8 Boy-E
Gurunaam Name of the enlightener 6 Boy-E
Gurumurthy Lord Shiva 1 Boy-E
Gurumandir Temple of the enlightener 9 Boy-E
Gurukar Creative enlightener 7 Boy-E
Gurugun Virtuous enlightener 1 Boy-E
Gurugulzar Garden of the enlightener 8 Boy-E
Gurudutt Gift of the Guru 6 Boy-E
Gurudeva Master of all; God of Guru 9 Boy-E
Gurudev Lord Shiva 8 Boy-E
Gurudeep The lamp of the Guru 7 Boy-E
Gurudatta Gift of he enlightener 5 Boy-E
Gurudatt Gift of the Guru 4 Boy-E
Gurudas Servant to the enlightener; Servant of the Guru 1 Boy-E
Gurudarshan The vision of the enlightener 6 Boy-E
Gurudaas Servant to the enlightener; Servant of the Guru 11 Boy-E
Gurucharan The feet of the Guru 4 Boy-E
Gurubir Heroic enlightener 6 Boy-E
Gurubachan The voice of the Guru 6 Boy-E
Guru Gugan Master of tribes 9 Boy-E
Guru Teacher; Master; Priest 22 Boy-E
Gurtej Grandeur of Guru 9 Boy-E
Gurteerath One for whom Guru is the holy place 6 Boy-E
Gurtaran One who is saved through the Guru 1 Boy-E
Gurswroop Portrait of Guru 8 Boy-E
Gursurat Remaining aware of Guru 8 Boy-E
Gurson Agree in anything 4 Boy-E
Gursimrah Remembering the Guru 6 Boy-E
Gursimar Remembrance of Guru 7 Boy-E
Gursharan Refuge at the Guru 8 Boy-E
Gurshant Attaining peace through the word Guru 9 Boy-E
Gurshan Guru's splendor; His banishment; The change of pilgrimage 7 Boy-E
Gurshabad Absorbed in Guru's word 9 Boy-E
Gurshaan Guru's splendor; His banishment; The change of pilgrimage 8 Boy-E
Gursewak Servant of Guru 6 Boy-E
Gursevak Servant of Guru 5 Boy-E
Gursev Gurus service 11 Boy-E
Gursees Head of Guru 4 Boy-E
Gurseerat Soul of God 6 Boy-E
Gursandeep The Guru's shining lamp 11 Boy-E
Gursaheb Pure 9 Boy-E
Gurprem Love of Guru; Gurus beloved 8 Boy-E
Gurpreeti Love of Guru 11 Boy-E
Gurpreetam Beloved Guru 7 Boy-E
Gurpartap Blesing of God 1 Boy-E
Gurpal Protected by the Guru 3 Boy-E
Gurnyam Gurus justice 9 Boy-E
Gurniwaaz Gifted by God 3 Boy-E
Gurnishaan Sign of Guru 4 Boy-E
Gurnirmal Holy like Guru 5 Boy-E
Gurniranjan Immaculate like Guru 1 Boy-E
Gurnidh Gurus treasure 9 Boy-E
Gurnek A noble servant of God 4 Boy-E
Gurnandish Guru Nandisha (Guru ragavendra+nandi+eeshwara) 7 Boy-E
Gurnam Name of a Guru 11 Boy-E
Gurnaad Celestial music from Guru 3 Boy-E
Gurmustak Gurus forehead 5 Boy-E
Gurmukhnihal Full of loyalty 8 Boy-E
Gurmukh Pious Man 9 Boy-E
Gurmohinder Lord Guru 6 Boy-E
Showing 1 - 100 of 629
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Popular Indian Boy names beginning with G

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Indian Boy names beginning with G will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Indian names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Boy child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.