Top 100 Muslim Girl Names - 2014

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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Aasma Sky; Excellent; Precious 8 Girl
Afraa Dust colored; White 9 Girl
Afya Vigor; Good health; Shadows 6 Girl
Afza Most excellent 7 Girl
Aira The beginning; The principle; The breathe of life 2 Girl
Alina Beautiful; Silk of Heaven 1 Girl
Alma Apple 9 Girl
Anya Inexhaustible; Limitless; Resurrection 5 Girl
Aqsa Soul; God's blessing; A mosque 11 Girl
Arfa Greatness 8 Girl
Aria A melody; Pure; Godly 2 Girl
Arwa Female mountain goat 7 Girl
Asfia Great 9 Girl
Azin Brave 5 Girl
Bahia Nice 3 Girl
Delisha Happy & make others happy 4 Girl
Eira Snow 6 Girl
Elma Apple 4 Girl
Emily Eager 1 Girl
Emma Whole; Complete 5 Girl
Erina Beautiful lady 11 Girl
Fadia Savior; Redeemer 3 Girl
Fahima Intelligent 11 Girl
Faiza Victorious; Winner; Gain 7 Girl
Fara Sunset 8 Girl
Faria Beautiful; Kind and loving 8 Girl
Filza Light; Rose from heaven 9 Girl
Fiza Breeze; Nature; Silver; Pure; Developed; Grown 6 Girl
Gohar Diamond; Precious stone 4 Unisex
Grana Dear 5 Girl
Gulnaz Cute like a flower 9 Girl
Hana Happiness 6 Girl
Heba Gift 7 Girl
Hiba Gift 2 Girl
Hifza Protective Angel 5 Girl
Huma Bird of Paradise, Auspicious bird; Phoenix 7 Girl
Ifra Identity 7 Girl
Ifza Protective Angel 6 Girl
Isha Consort of Goddess Radha, Another name of Lord Ganesh, Without a superior; Another name for Lord Vishnu 1 Girl
Isma Charm; Grace; Kindness 6 Girl
Isra Related to God; Travel by night 2 Unisex
Izra Star 9 Girl
Jehan Creative mind; Beautiful flower 2 Girl
Jenna Heaven; Paradise 8 Girl
Juhi A flower, Jasmine; Light 3 Girl
Kaina Leader woman 9 Girl
Kasra A character in shahnameh 5 Boy
Kiah A new beginning 2 Girl
Lazim Fitting; Compulsory; Needed 7 Unisex
Liza Joy; Devoted to God 3 Girl
Mahin The Earth; Fine or thin texture 9 Boy
Maria Beloved; Beautiful; One of the wives of the prophet Muhammad (Pbuh); Purity 6 Girl
Masira Doing good deeds 7 Girl
Maysa Walking with pride; To walk with a swinging gait 5 Girl
Mehr Blessing 8 Girl
Minal A precious gem; Stone 22 Girl
Mirah Provisions; Supply 4 Girl
Nasma Ripple 3 Girl
Nasra Helper 8 Girl
Nasrin Wild rose; Blue scented flower 3 Girl
Natasha Child of Christmas; Born on Christmas 1 Girl
Nazy Safe; Cute 3 Girl
Neha Dewdrop; Admired for a look; Love; Rain; Bright one; Naughty one; Affectionate 1 Girl
Niaz Dependence 5 Unisex
Nigar Beautiful 4 Girl
Noora Light; Illuminate 9 Girl
Nora Light; Flower 3 Girl
Numa Beautiful and pleasant 4 Girl
Ozra Virgin; Virgin Mary 6 Girl
Pariza Fairy 8 Girl
Qaifa Estimator 7 Girl
Rabia Garden; Famous; Godly 22 Girl
Reyah Comfort 3 Girl
Ridah Favored by God; Consent 4 Girl
Ruaa Almost perfect; Invisible 5 Girl
Ruby Red stone; Ruby; Red; Jewel; Precious 3 Girl
Ruhee A music tune; Soul; A flower; Who touches the heart 3 Girl
Ruza Rose 3 Girl
Saara Princess; Noble lady; Precious; Firm; Pure; Excellent; Sweet smelling; Veil 4 Girl
Saba Image; Young; Early morning breeze 5 Girl
Shifa Cure 7 Girl
Simmi Cute Girl 9 Girl
Sufia A person who follows Sufism - a clean heart 2 Girl
Suha Name of a star; Celebration; A musical Raag 4 Girl
Suzain Sweet 9 Girl
Taiba Virtuous; Pious; God-fearing and devoted to God 6 Girl
Tasmin She who fulfills 22 Girl
Yusra Prosperous 3 Girl
Zara In flower; Bright as the dawn; Brilliance; Blossoming flower 1 Girl
Ziva Brightness; Radiant; Splendor 22 Girl
Zoya Life; Rejoicing 22 Girl
Zubi Loving and understanding 22 Girl
Zuha Morning star; 93rd Sura of Quran 2 Unisex
Showing 1 - 93 of 93