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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Maahi River; Great Earth; Heaven and Earth conjoined; The number one 5 Girl-E
Maaya Goddess Lakshmi; Wealth; Unreality; Compassion; Sympathy; An unreal or illusory image; Name of mother of Buddha; Prakriti; Affection; An epithet of Lakshmi; Art; Wisdom; One of the nine Shaktis of Vishnu 5 Girl-E
Madanika Aroused; Excited 9 Girl-E
Madhuri Sweet girl 11 Girl-E
Madhurya She who has voice sweeter 1 Girl-E
Madira Nectar; Intoxicating; Wine 1 Girl-E
Maghna River gangas 8 Girl-E
Mahalya who is like God 7 Girl-E
Mahasri Goddess Lakshmi; Name of a Buddhist Goddess; An epithet of Lakshmi 6 Girl-E
Mahati Name of Naradudu Veena; Great 7 Girl-E
Mahek Sweet odor; Sweet smell; Aura; Fragrance 2 Girl-E
Mahi River; Great Earth; Heaven and Earth conjoined; The number one 22 Girl-E
Mahika The Earth; Dew; Mist; Frost 7 Girl-E
Mahima Greatness; Splendour; Majesty; Dignity; Power 9 Girl-E
Mahita Greatness; River; Respected; Excellent; Revered 7 Girl-E
Mahiya Happiness; Exultation 3 Girl-E
Maina A bird 2 Girl-E
Maitra Friendly; Kind 8 Girl-E
Maitreyi A learned woman of the past; Friendly 1 Girl-E
Maitri Goodwill; Friendship; Kindness 7 Girl-E
Maitry Good will; Friendship; Kindness 5 Girl-E
Makshi Honeybee 7 Girl-E
Malati A creeper with fragrant flowers 2 Girl-E
Malika Daughter; Queen; Owner; A garland; Jasmine; Intoxicating drink 2 Girl-E
Malina Dark 5 Girl-E
Malini Fragrant; Jasmine; Gardener; Another name for Goddess Durga's and the Ganges; A garland maker; Wearing a garland 4 Girl-E
Malu The short name of Malavika 11 Girl-E
Manal Attainment; Achievement; A bird 5 Girl-E
Manali A bird 5 Girl-E
Manana Meditation 8 Girl-E
Manasa Conceived in the mind; Intellect; Mind; Heart; Born in the mind 4 Girl-E
Manasavi Good-minded; Intelligent 8 Girl-E
Manashvi Intelligent; Wise; Sensible; Self-respecting; Self-controlled 6 Girl-E
Manavi Girl with humanity; One who poses all the best qualities 6 Girl-E
Mandara Large; Firm; Slow; Heavenly 7 Girl-E
Mandavi Consort of Bharat 1 Girl-E
Mandeepa Light of heart 5 Girl-E
Mandira Cymbals; Home; A dwelling; Sacred; Temple; Sea; Melodious; The musical sound produced by cymbals 6 Girl-E
Mandvi Consort of Bharat in Ramayan; Fit; Competent; Administrator 9 Girl-E
Manika Of Jewels; Ruby 22 Girl-E
Manisi Wise; A learned person; Knowledgeable person; Desired 11 Girl-E
Manita Together; Conversation with God; Honored 22 Girl-E
Manovika 5 Girl-E
Mansi Woman 2 Girl-E
Manvi Girl with humanity, One who possesses all the best qualities 5 Girl-E
Manvita Most respectable 8 Girl-E
Manya The quiet one; Worthy of honor; Respected; Honourable 9 Girl-E
Margi Traveler 3 Girl-E
Margshi 3 Girl-E
Marisa Of the sea; Bitterness 7 Girl-E
Marvi Beauty redefined 9 Girl-E
Masum Innocent; Sinless 4 Girl-E
Maulika The original; Love 5 Girl-E
Maulisha Very Talented 3 Girl-E
Mausam Season 5 Girl-E
Maushmi Beauty; Monsoon wind 3 Girl-E
Meenakshi A woman with beautiful eyes; Fish-eyed 4 Girl-E
Meenal A precious gem; Stone 5 Girl-E
Meenu Fish which moves with ease everywhere bestowing love and peace over her surroundings getting pride to all; Paradise; A gem; Precious stone 22 Girl-E
Meera A devotee of Lord Krishna; Ocean; Boundary; Poetess 6 Girl-E
Megha Cloud 7 Girl-E
Mehak Sweet odor; Sweet smell; Aura; Fragrance 2 Girl-E
Meshva Goddess of desire, Goddess Parvati 5 Girl-E
Minal A precious gem; Stone 22 Girl-E
Minaxi Have eyes as fish 7 Girl-E
Minoti A plea to the Lord asking, seeking something 8 Girl-E
Miral Shining sea; Independent 8 Girl-E
Mirthika Mother of lands 8 Girl-E
Misha Happy for the entire life 5 Girl-E
Mishri Sweet 4 Girl-E
Mishti Sweet person; Sweet; Surgery 6 Girl-E
Mita A friend 7 Girl-E
Mitakshi Goddess Durga; Derived from Mit, Mit - fixed in the Earth; Founded; Established; Measured; A friend; Defined; Moderate; Concise; Known; Understood 9 Girl-E
Mitalee A bond between friendship and love 11 Girl-E
Mitali A bond between friendship and Love 1 Girl-E
Mohana Attractive; Charming; Infatuating; Beautiful 7 Girl-E
Mohini Enchantress; Charming; Fascinating; Jasmine; An Apsara or celestial 5 Girl-E
Mohisha Intellect 1 Girl-E
Moksha Salvation 22 Girl-E
Mokshita Liberated; Free 6 Girl-E
Mona A little noble one; Solitary; Single; Wish 7 Girl-E
Monalisa Noble 3 Girl-E
Monisha Intelligent; Lord Krishna; Beautiful; Solitary 7 Girl-E
Mousami Seasonal 1 Girl-E
Mridhula Soft or tender; Gentle; Sweet 5 Girl-E
Mridini Goddess Parvati 4 Girl-E
Mridu Gentle 11 Girl-E
Mridula Soft or tender; Gentle; Sweet 6 Girl-E
Mrinali Lotus stalk; Lotus stem; Lotus 4 Girl-E
Mrudani Another name of Goddess Parvati 8 Girl-E
Mrudula Soft natured 9 Girl-E
Mrunali Lotus 7 Girl-E
Mudra Expression 3 Girl-E
Mudrika Ring 5 Girl-E
Mythili Goddess Sita, An epithet of Seeta, Daughter of Janak, The king of Mithila 6 Girl-E
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