Top Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With L

98 Indian Boy Names Starting With 'L' Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Lohith Red; Made of Copper; Mars; Lord; Battle; Sandalwood; Saffron 9 Boy-E
Lokesh King of world 7 Boy-E
Lalit Beautiful; Desirable; Voluptuous; Gentle; Graceful; Charming; Sporting gentle 9 Boy-E
Lavesh God of Love 22 Boy-E
Lukesh King of the empire 22 Boy-E
Lokit The enlightened one 22 Boy-E
Latish Happiness 6 Boy-E
Lovish Famous battle 4 Boy-E
Lavit Lord Shiva; Lovely; Small 1 Boy-E
Lavin Fragrance; Lord Ganesh 22 Boy-E
Likith Written; Drawn 6 Boy-E
Luvya Lovable 9 Boy-E
Lakshin One with auspicious marks; Propitious; Distinguished 11 Boy-E
Labeeb Sensible; Intelligent 9 Boy-E
Lavnya Beauty; Grace 3 Boy-E
Lopesh God Shiva 3 Boy-E
Lavish Rich 8 Boy-E
Layeeq Proper; Worthy; Capable; Clever 11 Boy-E
Lekhit Written 11 Boy-E
Liban Successful; Charmed 2 Boy-E
Lakshan The aim; One with auspicious signs; Propitious; Distinguished; Mark; The half- brother of God Raam 3 Boy-E
Lidin Special 3 Boy-E
Lisan Tongue; Language; Defender of humanity 1 Boy-E
Linu A cry of grief 2 Boy-E
Laran The Psychic powers and abilities of the Comyn Caste 1 Boy-E
Luham Great 1 Boy-E
Labid A companion 1 Boy-E
Lijesh Bright feature; Light 9 Boy-E
Laiq Able; Fit; Deserving 3 Boy-E
Layam Rhythm 7 Boy-E
Laeeq Able; Fit; Deserving 22 Boy-E
Labib Sensible; Intelligent 8 Boy-E
Laham Intuition; Conjecture; Wisdom 8 Boy-E
Lovepal Love to God 11 Boy-E
Likesh Name of lord Shiva 1 Boy-E
Lahan Little bright headed one 9 Boy-E
Lahiq White-colored 11 Boy-E
Laqeet Well known companion of the prophet 6 Boy-E
Lateef Kind; Elegant 22 Boy-E
Latif Kind; Elegant 3 Boy-E
Lazimah Sought after 7 Boy-E
Luft Leniecy 5 Boy-E
Lut A prophet's name; 8 Boy-E
Lutfan Kindness 2 Boy-E
Lutfi Kind and friendly 5 Boy-E
Lovey Very cold as Moon 7 Boy-E
Luhit Name of a river 7 Boy-E
Lais A famous jurist had this name 5 Boy-E
Lalip Prophet 5 Boy-E
Lameek One whose eyelids are attratively dark 2 Boy-E
Layth Lion; Famous 3 Boy-E
Lodhi A famous afghan tribe 3 Boy-E
Lutah Judicious 8 Boy-E
Lutaifah Kind 6 Boy-E
Lutfah Gentleness 5 Boy-E
Lohit Red; Made of Copper; Mars; Lord; Battle; Sandalwood; Saffron 1 Boy-E
Latesh New; Warrior 2 Boy-E
Lishan Tongue; Language; Defender of humanity 9 Boy-E
Lalam Jewel 3 Boy-E
Lutaif Gentle 6 Boy-E
Logesh Name of a God 3 Boy-E
Lakhan Brother of Lord Rama; Successful; Achiever; Distinguished; With auspicious marks 2 Boy-E
Laith Lion; Famous 5 Boy-E
Layiq Proper; Worthy; Capable; Clever 1 Boy-E
Lekh Document; Writing; Signature; Deity 9 Boy-E
Logithan Leek garden 5 Boy-E
Love One of the one 9 Boy-E
Lekhan Writing; Article 6 Boy-E
Lavith Lord Shiva; Lovely; Small 9 Boy-E
Lomesh Name of Rishi 9 Boy-E
Laghun Quick 9 Boy-E
Lamaan Glimmer 6 Boy-E
Lukesha King of the empire 5 Boy-E
Lamihah Glances 7 Boy-E
Luv First of Lord Rama's twin son 1 Boy-E
Lakshanya One who achieves; Successful; Distinguished; Objective 11 Boy-E
Labh Profit 5 Boy-E
Lal Pearl; Ruby; Name of a precious stone; Red; Heart; Child; Beloved 7 Boy-E
Lovesh Love 9 Boy-E
Lemar Talented one 22 Boy-E
Laven Fragrance; Lord Ganesh 9 Boy-E
Lekith Written 11 Boy-E
Lenin Lover 9 Boy-E
Layak Fit; Clever; Capable 5 Boy-E
Lagan Appropriate time; Devotion; Love; The rising of the Sun or planets 8 Boy-E
Laksh Aim; Target; Goal; Sign 6 Boy-E
Lehan One who refuses 22 Boy-E
Lakshith Distinguished 7 Boy-E
Likhil Goddess Saraswati 7 Boy-E
Likhit Written; Drawn 6 Boy-E
Lalan Nurturing 4 Boy-E
Lakshay Destination 5 Boy-E
Lakshit Distinguished; Regarded 8 Boy-E
Loakhan 8 Boy-E
Langith 8 Boy-E
Lupesh 9 Boy-E
Libeesh 6 Boy-E
Linay 7 Boy-E